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 Infinite Sacrifice

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PostSubject: Infinite Sacrifice    Tue Oct 01, 2013 4:57 pm

Alias : Kyros lygari [Kyros means 'Master' in Greek:  Ilygari is Icelandic for ‘Liar’]
Previous Alias Malik Tanaki
Full  Real Name: Yuri Knatsu
True Name: Nightmare Infinite
Partner's Name:  Slven Haijima Fighter Shivani lygari [BLANK Fighter] ;  Shimizu, SUmiInfinite Fighter
Age: 27
Birth Date: October 31
Occupation/Grade: Headmaster Of Septimal Moon [Japan Seven Moon District School]

Hair: Natural : Dirty Blonde
                     Alias Appearance: Golden Blonde
Ears & Tail: N/A
Eyes:  Natural : Amethyst
                         Alias Appearance : Hazel with Amethyst Tint
Build: Slightly muscular, but with a thin frame appearance
Name location:On the back shell of his right ear Left Ear

    Yuri has noticeable female appearance in his face and body structure, it makes him appear to look almost identically similar to his ‘sister’ Shivani [who is his body double]
    Tattooed ‘Nightmare’ back onto the back shell of his right ear, along with ‘Chaos’ between his shoulder blades, ‘Bloodlust’ on his right collarbone and ‘Deathless’ in the same matter that it appears on Shivani’s [which includes the ‘self-harm’ scarring]

As a result of his childhood upbring, Yuri can be seen by some to be a very calculative and perhaps slightly manipulative [when it suits his needs] to those who come into contact with him. Sometimes a man of very few words  [or perhaps to many at times] to get his point across as seen in his own view to others in order to make progress in what is being spoken of or the action that must take place. He is an individual who is rather a born Leader, and acts in accord to such even though at times in the reality he has created must learn instead to be a follower in the rules of a society he can no longer control.

To those who may, by chance, ever had observed him with his past fighter [or even current fighter in personal moments], Yuri would have held the underlying traits of an over controlling sacrifice with a sadistic icing of torment to smooth it all out. The upbringing of a overly traditional ‘Slave and Master’ relationship has, no matter what, been imbedded into his mind. Though it has definitely been perverted into something far different as a slight OCD compulsion to maintain something of a person he is rather than he pretends to be become blended together. This unfortunate trait tends to bleed into his retrospect on Fighters who become too close to him. But he is not a man without compassion though it is a hard [and yet learning] trait that has been a slowly making itself more forward in repercussion for his ‘poor choice’ in words.

Yuri is, and will always be, an individual of self-sacrifice to gain the over standing goal that has been his drive since his ‘becoming’. He is a man of pride, of honor, a self-righteous ass at times but in a split second if it serves his goal to drag himself through mud and blood on hands and knees to do so even if it is uncharacteristic of him

For this, it can be said Yuri has a bit of a split personality disorder.

From the ashe I have risen, from my own blood, pain, and suffering  to claim a bloody crown of thorns by my own hands’ making.

Towards the end of  the prosperous and yet shaky age in  peace of the Aristocratic Families, stood above the seven families a leading strength of a single family that had headed such a long truces in the shadow battles for territory and numbers. They severed the purpose of controlling the power of the countries politics. Wars in the ‘normal’ world could be waged by the whispering lips of their fighters to rise profits if so deemed. The ‘Normal’ politician Leader of Japan could have very well be hand picked by them for the purpose of keeping the world around them all under control even though they took ‘less important’ roles in the politician standing to keep from suspsiesians. The wealth of the other Aristocratic families were strengthened by their doings as well, government contracted awarded with just a simple request.

Power, money, prosperity and the allegiances for those who kepted the silents in the shadows was at its highest.

If the age of Kings and Queens still existed in this new dawning era, this family above the other seven would have worn one of the golden crowns unchallenged. And perhaps if certain events had not happened this peace would still exist in the current era. But all things must come back down not matter how high they had become and how the great family line of the Knatsu’s would come crumbling back down from their high set golden throne.

In the closing chapter of this era, greed would be its unmaking as Knatsu Gen ] Chaos Sacrifice] put his sights at not longer sharing the ‘King ‘n’ Queen’s crown with the Hizaki family. He desired for a single Empire that would crumble the function of the Aristocrats to yield down the divided stands into a single being. A single family which all the others had to respect loyalties to and do his will. And in the future from that, well it would be as simple as demolition the ‘shadows’. Words could make people do things, make people forget things.

All of Japan was a pearl waiting to be cradled tightly in his hands.

But now, no one knew anything about this. It only seemed that things after the latest ‘World War’ was demolishing the prosperity of some of the families over others. That those who ‘followed’ the will of the Knatsu still flourished and those who followed the Hizaki from themselves struggling. But Gen was not a fool of a man, he was cunning, twisting, and willing to wait to make this empire for his Family name grown with the right moves at the right times.

Though his actions would be the bringing of the end to the unit world’s internal truce. Division created holes quickly filled by those who fail through the cracks. The once joint families that kept the world a secret soon became too engrossed with their own problems that they simply forgot their purpose. Their power kept the Unit world a secret.  When the Families fought amongst themselves the unwanted things are created.

If the little butterflies were not watched well, they turned into horrid spiders.

Spiders that have such horrible bites.

Gen would learned this in his frailing old age, as he looked at a time in stepping down as the Head of the Knatsu clan to leave his much more younger, better suited only son to continue his dream for the family.  His visions secured tightly in the close bloodline he had created. And would all come literally come crashing back down.  Some days not short of this change, this retirement, his son [who was well in his forties] would die in what would be called an ‘accidental’ plane crash on a return from a visit in the south Japan on a campaign trip. His only child?

Would die not a day later, heavy with child, on the way to the hospital in a horrendous  car pile up. The public of Japan would see the cracks in the Knatsu form in what would just be called simple tragedies.

Gen would see an all out assault in the darkest of shadows against his family. The lace of spells and battles marked the streets of his Clan’s territories, the waging struggle to maintain his families supremacy would force him back into the seat of control. As quickly as tragedy stuck, had matters been calmed enough to mourn the passing. Though Gen could say he knew the assaults had been caused by certain families through the use of Rogues without solid evidence to conveniences the families that held legacies to his own against those who had caused such a reckless display. Driven to a slight madness was all that would follow into the ending of the year, inner family turmoil made it impossible to see retribution for actions taken place against his own bloodline. Gen was far too old in the eyes of others to still be the head of the Family, he was unable to run for any office in the Japanese government, and the Family had suffered its longest lost without a seat to hold.

It brought the risk of the family in falling from the power that they had once held over the other families and there was no longer an heir to take Gen place. In inner family turmoil bleed out into all of its branches as many seemed to think themselves fit to take Gen place, and not for the reasons of his dream. The backlash that would follow would leave Gen with, in his mind, the only option.

Purify the blood line.

As New Year’s Eve celebrations fell on the rest of Japan, in the warm hearts of others, the Knatsu Family of all branches returned to the winter estate outside of Kibo for the first time in generations. All for the announcement of what line would carry on the Knatsu name into the coming generations. Unknown to them all as the estate was locked down by several individual’s belong to another Aristocrat Family by Gen’s request, for to them this was nothing more than a celebration for the New Year and the new era to come. As the evening came to the heights, Gen would call for silence as he made the announcement that was not to anyone's’ expectation.

”Tonight it will be decided who will become my Heir, the next leader of this family and its legacy…. By spell battle to the death.

It was not in his attempt to state that anyone wishing to take the place of his fallen bloodline would battle; no, the entirely of the Knatsu house in all it’s branches would be force to fight on the exception of the elder few that shared his dreams. They would remain should perhaps Gen pass before his heir was ready to take his place to educated and groom the individual in the new era to come. The idea of such a crude intention  would not dawn well on those present until  many tried to leave only to be face with death by those waiting outside.

Leave and die.

Fight and perhaps survive.

Mothers, Fathers, sisters, brothers, even children who had not come into their names slaughter in this gruesome single night of horror on the New Years and by morning a single person was left standing above the blood, gore, and bodies. Knatsu Kora,F]Bloodlust ], a very distant relative in the family who had married her own fighter to displease her parents, would spit into the man’s face cursing him for this fight of survival. Promising him she would never carry a single child to birth. That his selfishness choosing his heir in such a way would be the undoing of the Knatsu family, and would be the death of them all. Perhaps it would have been this way had her fighter not had been so easily bought. Not a year after the ‘Fire’ that killed so many of their family Kora would unfortunately find herself pregnant, and imprisoned. Driving to insanity by the break of her own fighter’s betrayal, she had tried about anything to rid herself of the unborn child as far as trying to order her fighter to rip it from her very womb, and even trying to kill herself. At the moment he was born, Yuri had been taken from her into his ‘Grandfather’’s custody, claiming the infant as his very heir.

In his early years of childhood, life was an ignorant bliss as it should be. Though it could not be well said he was anything like normal children at his age; ‘playtime’ was used as a device to teach him importances of many things. Toys used as strategy games for political affairs, the rights and wrongs in the society he belong to and so much more. The young surviving was an intelligent thing, a dream that Gen could have only wished for to replace him in his ailing age in a world that had turned crudely against the fallen family. In his years to follow, in what he can remember of them, Yuri will see these as his better years for not everything could be so sweet in bliss. Though Gen had incarnated Kora, so that she could not influence Yuri or do any damage to the name, the unfortunate incident would come to pass at his young age of five while playing Hide and Seek with one of his elder Aunties. As a crafty child he had become getting into rooms he shouldn’t have came to be an expertise of his, and Yuri would find himself face to the woman had given him life. Driven to the ends of her own mind in madness  having been locked away from any other had not weakened Kora desire to hold true to her promise to Gen.

You were born just for his selfish wants, born to wear a crown made of your families bones and blood.. A curse upon this child, I will rid this world of his bloody legacy!

Where the first and only tender words his mother would give him as she tightened her hands around his neck. It truth, had he never had this unfortunate crossing with her, Yuri would have grown up ignorant of the hidden bloody history to his birth. The fantasy his loving mother died in childbirth and his father sometime later in grief. He would have taken the reins of the Knatsi Empire at a tender age of 15 so his elder Grandfather could finally have a deserved rest and yet still have his elder Aunties and Uncle to give him guidance. Married his betrothed wealthy bride by the time he was eighteen, and in due time entered the Political games for a outstanding place of office in the Japanese government to continue the strive for a single crown over the separating  empires of the Aristocratic. But this idea future would only fall away when the time was right, for the ignorant child was not such anymore. With the gaining knowledge of his true name at the youngest age of any Knatsu before him, the destiny path would be set as Kora’s fighter ripped her hands from around her son’s throat. The struggle would be the end of Kora’s own life, a memory that would haunt young Yuri even into his adult years, and the beginning pages of another part of his life. Awarding his maternal parent’s Fighter with the right of caretaker, the man would become address as “Father’ no matter how much Yuri would come to loathe his very existence in passing time. Under the hard hands of the family head, his ‘Grandfather’, Yuri suffered though most things children of high aristocratic families must for their parents, society events, and gathers that required the presences of child heirs; where he learned quickly the need of ‘friendly’ connections with families of power. He came to understand the influence his family had held over the structure of the Septimal Moons at some point, as his family’s business (Weapons development) was part of several Sacrifice aristocratically family’s supplied funding for it.

It was also a time, around his seventh year, Yuri would began interactions in training with fighters. To uphold his Family's traditional views of a Unit’s structure, and the views that would come with his young betrothed family,  it was saw best he learn at a young age. It was at this time Yuri was introduced to what would be his ‘young sister’, Shimizu Sumi, the daughter of his ‘Father’ to be his plaything fighter to experiment on.

Sumi age 2

Though in turn, in his years with his younger sibling it would have been far from that. Already shaky from the killing his own sacrifice, their “Father” become more unstable with Sumi addition into the household. Not only did Yuri learn ways to imprinting his desires on a young fighter who would not be his own, but the young Knatsu also learned manipulation on his so called ‘Father’ figure. In turn, Yuri also was the driving force for his younger sister well care as for the most part the both were neglected outside of the Aunties that over saw his training. Perhaps the leading reason he would later come to love the worship that followed from of the Fighters that he would come to interact with. Sumi followed him with admiration and loving affection that he did not receive from elsewhere. As required by his family views of the structures of units, he received harsh training in order to meet the approval of the man he was to follow in the footsteps. Though it wasn't until Yuri was given some leave to  attended Seven Moons did he start to take an interest in his own future. One that did not include the idea fantasy of a frail aging Grandfather, and left him’s hands clean of the legacy that had produced him. Even though it would require leaving behind his young sibling, and would become the first of many sacrifices Yuri would be willing to make to free himself. It was a daring proposal a young thirteen year old Yuri  come up but a proposal it seemed Ritsu, the past headmaster, just couldn't seem to resist.

Sold my soul to the darkness, if you may..

At the very chance at getting rid some of the power  the Aristocratic held which made the movement  for Ritsu desire to come about, difficult. The Headmaster would except the young Knatsu heirs offer. It would intitle Ritsu a  written living Will in the case of anything coming to pass with Gen death and Yuri being unable to take over ownership of the Knatsu Empire. It would give authority to the ‘current standing’ Headmaster of the school holdings of the Estates and Cooperation until a time in which Yuri could reclaim it or if a certain amount of time passing allow the Estate and Corp to be sold.   A Will that would remain unused of a long time,  left hidden in the Septimal Moon’s vault stating if anything was to happen to himself, all of the funds and wealth of the Knatsu family would be handle by the Septimal Moon’s Headmaster until he could be found upon the death of his Grandfather. If he remained missing for over ten years, everything then would be given to existing headmaster without a single dispute.. Power wealth and the endless influence, how could Ritsu resist and all he had to do was make Yuri would ‘disappear’ one day.


And How.

Were details that Yuri himself would not know of until the moment the opportunity presented itself. It would be half the year before Ritsu made good on their deal, during a break in the Academy's terms on the way home. And the prodigy of the Knatsu Clan would vanish without so much a trace, into a more living hell then the one he was living in. In the wake of his disappearance friction among the other families would leave the Unit would in a high strug tension. Already having dealt with one act of such kind, Gen was quick to turn the blame on  Aristocrat families that had turned their backs on the once powerful Clan.

And mostly the Hizaki’s.

The world was falling into cracks the aging sacrifice could not keep together for his ideal future of the unit world in Japan

But for Yuri, his trade for freedom would be nothing more than sheep’s wool being put of his eyes. Blind, gagged and sold away in the dark underworld that existed in no matter the place of Unit or non, Ritsu’s idea of helping Yuri would be to get rid of him altogether even if was indirectly, breaking down a child of a man in ways most people might not understand. From Sex slavery and darker things, Yuri found a new meaning to the words nightmare  in a world that didn’t care for age, or what you were, or what faction of secrets you belonged to. A play thing for someone else’s pleasure beaten down to be a broken glass shell with no other desire but to fade away and die.

That was what Ritsu had thought would become of the young Knatsu Yuri.

What would greet him in time however was something far from mind; bound, beat, and physically torn apparent, Yuri never lost his mind and would never be broken. Having used the hidden trade of his bloodbirth, Yuri found his own way of escaping the hell Ritsu had seen him sent into and to return on his own feet. Gone to the world would be the prodigy of the Knatsu clan, and in his wake a man called Malik Tanaki. An assumed name that would be used for the greater part of his life, having returned to the Academy on the pretense of being ‘allowed’ to live as any other normal person of the until world. Ritsu, see the greater threat if exposed, saw a different means in this. Somewhere in the agreement to have his identity concealed continue, Malik would agree to becoming part of a ‘Unit Killer’ program, which in his right as the top sacrifice, would later become called Bloodhounds. Harsh training for the units that undergone with little rise of success in exchange, the program existed for the use of the Aristocrats to craft fighters to care of rogues in their territories and none remaining for the Academies use.

Having no fighter of his own, Malik went through this training furthering his own ability to grasp the control on namesake fighters that were not his own in a great deal of success. Though to the displeasure of Ritsu, he also excelled in the academy as an outstanding overall student drawing some unneeded attention from the Families at some point after graduation he would have to choose which to live under.

But Yuri had no interest in being stuck in his new found freedom into another exchange form of imprisonment at the bottom of the food chain.

If I am to wear a bloody crown made of the flesh and bones of others, then it will be one of my own making, by my own choice. I won’t be some commoner in this game of crowns and thrones.

A cross chance would lead him to the man Malik would call his fighter by pure incident with the help of fighter called Leia [ namesake Shattered , that had been going through the same training as him as a unit Killer. A guitarist for a rising pop culture band named SLIPout, Slven Haijima would receive training alongside his new found sacrifice extensively before Malik’s own graduation shortly before his 18th birthday. But Malik would not leave the Academy to serve under one of the Aristocratic houses, instead he would remain as the first ‘Bloodhound’ for the facility. Hunting down units the Academy’s across the world had lable ‘gone astray’, risking the exposure of the hidden society of the Units to the whole world without the restraining met created by the Aristocrats that would elect to leave rogues once out of their territories.  During his time traveling, Yuri would began to use his position to make an extensive database of the Units’ worldwide through connections he made.

On one such assignment, Malik would spend three years in Europe infiltrating and eliminating a gathering rebellion there called Seven Suns. This, however, was not the easy task in might have sounded to be. Malik would have to look turncoat to the Academy, and lose himself in a darkness that was hidden behind the what many would think the darkness of the world ended. Having gone to the Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany during his debriefing of the situation he was to take control of as the Europe branches had gathered, he would oversee a training exercise of what would be the starting stages of Germany’s building of Bloodhounds. A Fighter teamed unit called ‘Death Squad’,  Malik saw an opportunity that would give him more movability that ruining his own Fighter’s high life.

[Raiden and Shivani]

And, a body double.

After some turning of words, Malik was granted the use of the German’s branch first successfully created Doll fighter, a girl called Shivani. Even though the man who was responsible for her making would not allow Malik simple use of the subject who had yet to have any interaction outside of the Castle without a compensation she would not go wild. Siam would require the Doll’s counterpart to be assigned as a Kill Switch in such a case, Raiden Grantz. A two for one pricing Malik was more than will to accept. Using Raiden’s namesake as his own and Shivani as his ‘second’ fighter the three of them would fall into the darkness together making their way into Seven Suns group by making the name for themselves against the Aristocratic families across Europe.  And though Slven’s band used the time as an on and off tours of Europe his namesake fighter would be the go between for Malik as he careful hunted down and marked out targets for others to take care of as he found his way to the head of the Seven Sun’s.

However, during this Malik would be face with the risk of losing his Namesake Fighter as he would cross a young woman bearing the same name as his own.

And yet a better fit for the man he had claimed for his own.

In the Unit world namesakes are not as unique as many would like to believe Being part of this secret world is something in its own right, but names across the world can be as common as names one call themselves. Many carry a name, and can meet another with the same but yet can not make a complete unit.

Names can be in the wrong place.

The meaning of the name can be different.

Or simple the ‘rings’ just don’t match.

And this was the simple truth between Malik and Slven.

Malik inflected fear in others, making them see the nightmares they sweat in their sleep to become a reality.

Slven could take that away from someone and take it into himself to make him stronger.

This woman would amplify and complement Slven’s, and would break the bond Malik had forged with the fighter. It would have happened, a chance meeting would have happened with the woman holding tickets to a show for SLIPout and backstage passes. Fate had its funny way of making things happen like that, units coming together.

Shivani had been the one to find the woman by chance while looking for targets to use as means into the deepest parts of Seven Suns.

This woman would give it to him.....

And give the Doll her damning uses against him so much later.

Blood stained hands with innocents would be what lead Malik to Italy finding the finally peaces of Seven Suns after losing Raiden, having been called back to German. It would be half a year before the key figures in  the rogue unit group would fall to their deaths. However, at a cost.

The Doll unit had been lost into a Wild State when Malik chose to finish two birds with the same stone. Going himself with Slven to battle down Immortal [the head of Seven Suns] while Shivani along took care of the last other leading units, Void. The first time Malik himself would see the destructive powers of a Fighter that had no restraint, no regard for themselves.

Or the mind to control.

Without an answer from her Kill Switch, Malik was forced to reveal himself to the Italian Branch of Septimal Moons to gather fighters to sudo.

Or kill the German Doll.

In the longest battle record by any, seven days, five units against one fighter and thirty-one bounds would be what it took to contain the Doll fighter. In which Malik would return to Neuschwanstein Castle for Siam to assess the trapped wild fighter could be returned to her normal ‘Doll’ stage. With Malik unique ability to sudo the Doll fighter into control, German released her back into his care on the assignment of finding why her Kill Switch did not answer his call by the Academy as he had gone dark since his Sacrifice being found.

And what he would find in the depths of woman’s home would leave a disgusting impression of slave master traditions in units that Malik would use as a drive to change things for Fighters in this regard. This ‘rescue’ would not go without issue as the opposing pair member would return as Raiden was released from his chains. With the unconscious fighter in his arms and a fighter unable to use her voice [a result from the long battle some weeks before that still remained] a struggle would resolve in a physical fight between Elkie and Shivani as Raiden become more aware and away from the border lined Wild Stage he was slowly following into.

And in its end, Malik would see a truth in units.

A link between two souls had no meaning.

Forever is nothing.

Betrayal is everything.

As Raiden became the second living proof of such a thing in his life as he took the life of his other half in his own hands and survive the breaking.  Taking the battered fighter back to the German branch and seeing over his recovery Malik would encourage an outline for Raiden for his trauma rather than risking a mental unbalance strong fighter to follow a similar path as his counterpart, Shivani. They would split ways as Raiden would continue their work in Russia and Malik, with Shivani in tow, would return to Japan with his namesake fighter. It was time to cut the strings from his puppet master. Three years was long enough, for Yuri didn’t waste his time in just eliminating Seven Suns.No, he reconfirmed its structure into a more useful outlet, issues that were arising between the factions of Sacrifice and Fighter was the rising cause in the unit worlds rogues. And the Aristocrat families had lost their sights in their duties.  Yuri wanted a reform in the structure, and what better way....

Then changing its foundation?

Upon his return to Japan, Malik wasted no time in his preparations of removing Ritsu from his power seat, as he had been secretly himself changing the school structure to make a backbone for claim of power  in Gen Knatsu recent failing health. For Yuri’s living will would have to strength to it without an army of units to protect Ritsu power seat claim.  And on the night of unfortunate attacks against the households of all the Aristocrat simultaneously and the school itself, Ritsu would find himself in a trap long created in his blind sight.  During which, Malik had made sure he was there in  a ‘meeting’ with Ritsu when it all started, himself and Slven in his office, while Shivani waited outside. Demanding the Yuri put down this ‘issue’ as the school come under attack was put out the window when Ritsu find himself ‘strung up’ by the silence German Fighter. Here the child who had sold his soul to gave the man his only ultimatum.

Die, or become his puppet.

As soon as it started, the attacks fell into silence without a found case. The uproar of failure to take control would rack the Aristocrats families to wake to the spreading neglect in their territories without anyone but themselves to blame. And the while, Septimal Moons had been taken over by the hidden Knatsu heir. For the next two years Malik would be presented as Ritsu ‘assistant’ as the ‘aging headmaster’ was considering his own retirement in being the caretaker of the Academy due to ‘failing health’. Malik became a very familiar face to many of the Heads as the face of communicating, and by some well liked.

Towards the end of the second year, on New Year’s eve, Yuri  returned home to the Knatsu estate for the first time in eleven years in the dead of the night. By morning in break news across the nation, a mystery fire took place  burning the Knatsu residency, killing the remaining family members in their sleep. A fire blamed on a gas leak, but that was to the rest of the world. TO the Unit society the remembrance of but a few years still bleed and could be the only reasonably reasoning. Someone, or one of the Families themselves were to blame for the final fall of the old power driven Knatsu Clan.  And well before his living will could be revealed during the morning of the family and Gen’s passing could be honored by the other Aristocratic families in their dues.

Tragedy would strike the Septimal Moons. A car accident would take the life of Ritsu Minami during a time that it was less than convenient for the Aristocrats to deal with the structure of the school when such a vacancy had already been created in what was once the families of Seven.

But not all the less subtle with the news to come from Ritsu well-known assitant Malik Tanaki.

 With his predecessor barely cold, Malik would stand before one of the very few meetings of the Aristocrat Heads in the years to come with the evidence against Ritsu Minami that could explain the unfortunate events that had been following since the disappearance of the Knatsu Clan’s Heir.

Yuri’s Living Will.

Documentations of Ritsu recent rogue activity, the cause of the attacks that happened against the Families two years ago, the burning at the Knatsu estate, and all tied ever so nicely together with a another shocking reveal of Ritsu’s purpose of himself. He would tell the family heads, that as a child Ritsu had brought him to Japan sometime before the young Yuri’s disappearance. That he met him in the days that followed his disappearance, but the standing importances of it all?

Well, that’s just as simple as saying there is more than one person with the same true name. In the world, there is always someone somewhere that might look just like you. And he, he was the child that match Yuri Knatsu... even could pass a possible blood test if need be. But that wasn’t, all. O no. He knew things that no one outside of the Knatsu Family could know with the exceptions of those that had help.

The massacre years before the young heir’s birth.

The young Knatsu heir’s biological parentage.

A secretly arranged marriage done during the time that such secret agreements should have long since been stopped.

O, but that wasn’t all, spoke privately with each head. He even know dark family secrets keep within each family and not told to any other. He spoke to them all how Ritsu plan had been to use him as a false heir when Gen died to gain a power seat, to make himself a power figure by puppeting his false heir in the Knatsu house. In these moments it could be said he was foolish to present himself as a possible threat during such a delicate time.

But all these years, and planning he was far from a dumb man.

He told the Head’s his real name was Kyros lygari, and though he could do as his predecessor had wanted he had no interest in such things. That he was a devoted man to the cause of the Bloodhound project that in the changing time their secret world was already enough at risk then dealing with such false pretenses that could rock their world even more then the vacancy already had. That if the Head’s allowed him, he would lead the search for the missing Heir, if he was still living, while being the caretaker of the Knatsu corp until the ten year mark. That the School itself become the identity of the Seventh Family seat of the Japan Aristocrat with only power allowed to the next Headmaster to be the tie breaker. It would give the need time to ‘peacefully’ decide to Promote a newly coming bloodline into the Knatsu place or in the bloody shadows eliminate another...

If such an unfortunate thing was to come to pass.  

Together the remaining Six families would control the Knatsu Corp, the lands would be in the school’s caretaking, and this would allow a peaceful resolve in a long time then the eminent for the problem they all head. As for who should be the next headmaster?

Well, the Six head unanimously decided what better place to keep an eye on an individual of possible threat to them all?

And so would come the passing of the man called Malik Tanaki with the blood trail rien of being Ritsu’s puppet. Kyros lygari would be named the new Headmaster, parts of the living will of Yuri Knatsu would become slightly public to the ‘normal world’ as an in depth long kidnapping was revealed. Along with a public search for him by the Knatsu families closest friends. And all the while ‘normal’ life return to the structure of the Unit world.

Sort of.

His first order of business was to strip those who help Ritsu in his ‘army building’ a feat easily done with the help of the over enraged Families. THe Septimal Moons of the Japan branch would also go through an in depth reform since Ritsu had left such a bad taste to the name among the young [which had created many rogues]. Forced living on campus would change to a student allowance for low cost apartment living until another off area could be found. Certain teachers changed, the School was granted the private use of its own Bloodhounds to police all territory to help easy the issues caused by Ritsu. The WWR was put in effect, oddly world wide as other branches found it useful. It took a great deal of effort and time in a year or so to follow to change the image of Septimal Moons .

But it was work, Yuri found well worth the time.

For all the history of his life, what he was suppose to be... Beside the occasional issue with Aristocrat families, he found himself slowly losing the interest in finding a way to ‘forge his own crown’ and more about teaching those that would take the reins of the coming generations to broaden their minds. That perhaps it was time to let old ways die.

Give or take.

He also found, in the years before, the lacking information given to ‘student’s about the structure of their society and the rights they allowed the Families to take from them. While he held the seventh ‘vote’ power, it didn’t not keep the silent territory war from raging in the vacancy the lost Knatsu clan had left. The idea that perhaps the one coming generation could influence another resolve to the war that was slowly brewing could change the structure of the Japanese Aristocrats, leaving a transition with less bloody than it had been known long in the past.

Like their Western branch of American had.... following its form of ‘normal government’ with the use of non bloodline and bloodline representatives in a  council steading or something of the likes.   If his free time permitted, Kyros would hold open lecture class with near graduating and some under grad students that held interest in such things. Along with few other interest topics. These were the few years he would enjoy, after the fast pace dangerous life he had been leaving as his lie held firm in giving a freedom he would never have had as a Knatsu Heir.

But all good things come to an end.

In its own reform, the German branch would send out a calling recall for Shivani to return home for them to try to undo what Siam had done. Finding the project as a fail since not many other Blank Dolls could function quite as well as hoped. Having gone wild or died during too many breakings to change unit partners.  SInce their last visit to Europe had been only for the business, Slven took the opportunity to say that he and Kyros should take Shivani back [though his namesake fighter was more than happy with the idea of his sacrifice fighter double going away for good] and at the same time take a very well deserved and long vacation to do some real sight seeing in Europe. Two months, was the agreed allowance of time held during the normal school summer break so not to interfere with his work. Leaving Raiden [who had come from Russia in his first year as headmaster]  take the reins in any matter in his absence the three of them left.

In what would become the undoing of the Nightmare Unit.

It would be an eerie thing to return to Neuschwanstein Castle as the man he was becoming. Long since left behind the angry drive he had once had, the conquest that had long gone silent since he had yet a use for it but that was only to him. Slven in his great way of seeing things, thought it would be ‘interesting’ to see what remained deep in the shell of the Doll Fighter, and well, to be freedom of fighting to be the soul fighter for his sacrifice.

After no one knew really what effects would remain from what Siam had done to the mind of Shivani. Had it been left intack and locked away, or was she really just empty? When it was said in done [how Kyros was not apart of], it seemed the later would be the answer as the ‘non-Doll’ Shivani would be return into his care once more. With no outward appearance of having anything left but what he had trained her into. It was the believe Siam had distorted the BLANK’s mind, which be the reason Shivani was the only glimmer of success in the program. A regrettable insight, but with Raiden being one of the few who had known her apparently before hand it was a belief perhaps in some way she could be restored. Not wanting to end his planned vacation to Europe anytime soon, Slven pushed for the trio to still do some touring, with some side work around Italy for his band.

All for great fun after all....

Unknown at the time, the destructive creature hiding behind the mask of the Doll. THings were ever so subtle in the changes over the few weeks. After all, Shivani had ‘free will’ in some ways, that perhaps she was just remembering who she  was or something along those lines. It would not been until sometime in Italy towards the end of their trip did it really come to light the monster Siam had put a collar on that Kyros allowed Germany to remove.

And it would cost him so much all at once.

What took place during that week, what truths he might have revealed to someone of his past, and the things that had to been done would be left without a word to anyone. ALl that remained in its wake was the evidence of its happening. Kyros would return to Japan, battered, with a broken arm, and Slven deep in coma THe same old quiet Shivani in tow at his heels.

To the world, Slven Hijami suffered an accident on his vacation while on a motorcycle, and would remain in this deep coma for almost three months without signs of walking. In this time, in his long silence of not really speaking about what had happened Kyros would spend most of his days between the school and sitting long nights bed side to the sleeping fighter. Until the day Slven woke.

With a memory gap of ten years, and no regulation of the unit world, of having a sacrifice.


Kyros never appeared to Slven after his waking, having told those who did continue to interact with him that Slven would not remember because in what had happen [though he still has not told anyone] he broke the leak between them. Their bond, in order to save the others life.

Yuri has not, however, told anyone that he has lost his connection to the name Nightmare al together or what is now his new namesake.

These are optional fields. If there are other fields not listed below, you may add them.
Race/Ethnicity: German/Japanese
Language: Japanese, German, French, English Italian
Weight/Body Structure/Physical Faults: Due to several bad decisions in his teens, he has to wear glasses, mostly only to read. He also has several scars varying in size that riddle his torso only because stubborn pride in taking all damage in spell battles.
Family: :

  • ‘Grandfather’ Gen Knatsu [Chaos] deceased [biological father]
  • ‘Father’ Dyron Shimizu Bloodlust Fighter deceased
  • ‘Mother’ Kora Knatsu Bloodlust Sacrifice deceased
  • Supposed ‘Half Sister’ Sumi Shimiz Infinite Fighter Unknown
  • ‘Adopted Sister’ Shivani Iygeri Universal BLANK Fighter

Career/Past Careers: Headmaster of Septimal Moons /Past Bloodhound/Knatsu Heir
Hobbies: Playing cards, Reading, Drinking, watching old scary movies, teaching, writing music/songs

Likes: Quiet places, sour things, Chess
Loves: Control [i.e. in a personal life bases. or having control in a situation]
Dislikes: Loud crowd places, Salty things, repetitive things or having to repeat himself
Loathes: Boredom, having nothing to do, not having control in situations
Fears: won’t tell
Good qualities: A cool head [almost all the time] in a bad situation. Has the ability to take control and direct others well.
Bad habits: Smoking when angry and very annoyed even though he dislikes the taste. Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol at times,
Turn ons: Get to know him
Turn offs: Get to know him
Fun Facts

  • Yuri suffers from frequent night terrors that deprive him of sleep on a regular basis. The best signs of which to know when this is happening (besides the cold sweats) is that he starts to mumble “Kora’ over and over again.
  • As a child, his family was heavily catholic. Would it surprise when he was young he sang in the children's chorus?


Kyros lygari / Yuri Knastu Infinite Sacrifice l Shivani Iygari Universal BLANK l Yvette Hitsuzen Fighter l
Jenoiu Meiko BLANK unit l Ayane Umizo Isolation Sacrifice
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