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 Hope Fighter

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PostSubject: Hope Fighter   Wed Nov 06, 2013 1:03 am

Full Name: Aodan Erin O'Neill
Nickname: Ao
True Name: Hope
Partner's Name: none, so far
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Orientation: he's not old enough to really worry about answering this yet
Age: 10
Birth Date: October 25
Occupation/Grade: Fifth Year Elementary at Kenshin Academy
Dreams/Life Goals: become a world famous football (aka: soccer) player

Hair: Dark Red
Ears and Tail: match his hair. think "dark red" + "husky puppy" and you're close enough
Eyes: Dark Amber
Height: 4'10"
Build: thin/average
Name location: palm of his left hand, diagonal from thumb to pinkie in a child's scrawling script**


Ao is very extroverted and happy. His life hasn't been touched by more than a handful of mildly depressing (or worse) events, so he can't understand suffering. He has no concept of fearing anything other than heights, and is blissfully ignorant of most of the things that are said within his hearing or done in his sight. He is more likely to "lose" his ball or bunny as an excuse to talk to people than to hang back and wait to be introduced or noticed. A single word to describe him would be "sunny" since he is so happy and bright. He's also a HUGE momma's boy in the best way possible.

"Oh! I can tell, right?"
"No, your Japanese is better but still needs work. Besides, you don't know everything that's happened."
"Do too!"
"No, now let me tell them."

Ao was born to Eric Hayes and Deidra O'Neill (a Fighter) the same year his elder brother's mother died. Hayes went to prison, and Deidra moved to a new village to hide from his reach. As a result, Aodan was kept protected and sheltered, and only occassionally spoiled, but he was never told about his father. At eight months, what looked like the joke of a neighbor's child appeared on the palm of his left hand: a scraggily written HOPE stretching from his thumb to his pinkie. No matter how she cleaned and scrubbed, it simply would not come off. She hadn't wanted him to follow her path into the Unit world, but now she could see that their bloodline would not be denied its Fighters.

Eventually, Diedra found out about Donavon and raised Ao knowing about but never seeing his elder brother. Not even a picture or name; just the knowledge he had a brother. He stayed home until he was five, playing with local children at every opportunity. He started school, but he was lonely without being able to check in on his mother whenever he wanted. He passed on to his second year with no problem, his friends helping him whenever he was struggling, and he returned the favor everytime.

His third year was halfway through when his mother's paranoia got out of hand and they moved again, this time to stay with her Sacrifice. Near the end of his fourth year, Diedra heard that Hayes was out and up to his old tricks. She had always kept Ao protected from his father, to the point that she gave him her own surname. She wrote up a letter and bought a plane ticket and pink bunny for her child; the letter was for his brother she told him. Ao got on the plane alone. Diedra was bound to stay by her Sacrifice, who was in turn obligated to remain by the family business. He has just arrived and has a rolling suitcase, a Japanese phrasebook, and an oversized pink stuffed bunny to his name - and the hope of finally meeting his brother.

These are optional fields. If there are other fields not listed below, you may add them.
Spouse: none
Origin: Ireland
Race/Ethnicity: Irish
Language: Gaelic, English, Japanese [from the phrasebook]
Blood Type: B-
Weight/Body Structure/Physical Faults: 73 lbs, thin/average build
Parents/Elders/Guardians: Deidra O'Neill, Eric Hayes, and his brother is his current guardian
Career/Past Careers: None
Hobbies: playing soccer either with local children or by himself, sleeping in the sun, drawing
Likes: being outside, drawing, girls
Loves: friends, soccer, his mother, chocolate cupcakes, ice cream
Dislikes: school, living without his mom
Loathes: fighting (words, fists, etc.), dogs
Fears: heights
Other: His first name means fire, and his middle name means from Ireland. "Fire from Ireland" I thought it was too cute not to do. Ao knows what Units are in the vague sense that his [maternal] family's a Fighter line and full of complete Units, and that he'll be part of a complete Unit one day (nothing else; his mother deemed him too young to worry about the rest yet).
For my reference (and your curiosity lol):
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Hope Fighter
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