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 Blank Sacrifice

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PostSubject: Blank Sacrifice   Mon Nov 18, 2013 8:37 pm

Full Name: Umizo, Yumeko
Nickname: Will usually only respond to her given name
True Name: Her true name has not appeared, so many are beginning to think she is simply a blank
Partner's Name: N/A she has recently reached the age to receive a proper house trained fighter.
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Age: 14
Birth Date: October 22
Grade: 8th
Dreams: To be who she wishes, and not who others want her to be

Hair: A greyish purple color that can take on blue tones in the right lighting. When she was younger she kept it longer, but has recently taken to getting more pixie style cuts out of convenience more than anything else.
Ears and Tail: The same color as her hair, her ears have white tuffs of fur at both the base and tips and her tail has a splotch of white at the end.
Eyes: A golden topaz in color, they are perhaps her most notable feature and the one thing she likes the most about herself. Years of reading in low lighting have recently forced her to begin wearing glasses, though she only requires them for reading purposes.
Height: 4'11
Build: She has the slender build of a girl who hasn't quite hit her growth spurt, yet is starting to show the future promise of womanly curves.
Name location: N/A

Yumeko is a very quiet and soft spoken girl. She isn't one to raise her voice or make a fuss even if she's angry or upset. Her teachers and peers have long since labeled her things such as 'book worm' - 'meek' - 'shy' but truth be told she is none of those. In reality she is more standoffish, yes she is more often than not found with a book in hand but that is simply because she knows she must study to succeed in life and has completely dedicated herself to achieving such things. As to being meek or shy neither of those are the case. Yumeko is confident in who she is and in her abilities, she just isn't the type to flaunt them. She is the type of person who can easily blend into a crowd and yet still manage to stand out on her own.

Typically she prefers to be on her own, its easier to focus on the things she needs to do that way. She doesn't make friends easily, and has an even harder time letting someone get close to her. Most meeting her for the first time consider her nature to be rather frigid and off putting. For at times her demeanor can so starkly contrast with her innocent features that it often leaves people unsure of how to interact with her. Its a trait she’s acquired as a result of her upbringing, and one that most of the world will be treated with sadly.

"Before I can tell you story of my birth, I must first tell you of the circumstances that led up to it. My parents knew they were to be married when they were still in diapers. It was not so much a marriage as a business contract, at least at first, but I'll get to that later. My father is Hayao Umizo, nephew to the then head of the Umizo Family, Ayane's grandfather. My mother was Kiyomi Nakamura, niece to the then head of the Nakamura Family, Julius' Grandfather. It all fit together wonderfully. Two children born of Sacrifice bloodlines, one boy and the other a girl, it was an opportunity too good to pass up. Though it wasn't simply for the sake of pure blood that spurred the marriage contract, like I said before it was mostly business. The Nakamura's are banking family, the Umizo's wealth built on fabrics and jewels. It was a good investment for both sides. The opinions and wants of my mother and father were not considered.

For the most part, each family raised their child respectively, and the only contact my parents had was during official parties and gatherings. Though as they grew older they were pushed together more often, scheduled 'dates' were how my parents were to get to know one another. While there was no feelings of love back then, they did get along fairly well."

Hayao age 17, Kiyomi age 16

"When my father was twenty and my mother nineteen it was finally decided that they would marry. The wedding, though grand to the outside world, was relatively simple in the eyes of Aristocrats. But the wedding itself isn't of importance. What matters is what happened afterwards. After the wedding, and then honeymoon, it was expected that my mother get pregnant soon. A baby, in the eyes of both families, would solidify the union. Now my mother had never been a very strong woman, and her first pregnancy took its toll on her body. In the end an emergency c-section was required when she was seven months along. My elder brother lasted just three days in NICU before passing away. Both of my parents were devastated.

Unlike most marriages where the loss of a child causes strain, the loss of my brother seemed to bring my parents closer together. As wrong as it may seem this loss, this common pain, brought them closer. While they had cared for one another before, I believe it was this occurrence that made them begin to love one another.

My mother was advised not to attempt to carry another child for a while, the doctors said that her body needed time to recuperate if there was ever to be a chance for another infant to survive. So it was really during this time, after the wedding, after the pregnancy that my parents really began to get to know one another.

Three years trickled by, my parents love for one another grew and blossomed, and life was quiet. Of course things never stay easy for long. The death of my paternal grandfather meant that my father had to step up into his role. Which essentially meant that he became the sort of 'in-between' man for the family, he keeps track of the family's physical assets, oversees the off shore locations and what-not. What he does isn't of importance, what it meant for his marriage is. The new role required him to leave the country for often long trips. My mother went only sometimes, her health was still in a fragile state so travelling was hard on her. The separation was hard for them, but they both took it in stride and tried to make the best of it. It just made the times they were together all the more sweet and they cherished those moments. I feel its safe to assume that during one of these 'sweet and cherished moments' I was conceived."

Hayao age 25, Kiyomi age 24

"The pregnancy came as a surprise to all, but one that was welcomed none the less. This time around all the precautions were taken, my mother was constantly under watch to ensure that both she and I were doing well, and aside from a minor cough my mother developed things went well. The next seven months progressed smoothly, though my mother's cough never subsided and instead seemed to worsen. The doctors never did discover how my mother developed pneumonia with so many precautions in place but it happened none the less. By the time they got it under control her body was severely weakened, but it was still believed she would be able to carry me that last month without further complications. They were wrong.

My mother grew steadily weaker, and as with her first pregnancy an emergency c-section was necessary. I was delivered three weeks early on October 22 at 9:15am. My mother died on October 22 at 10:30am. I'm told she died smiling, because she got to hold me for the first and last time shortly before passing.

People say my father has never been the same since the loss of my mother. I don't really know. To me he has always been the distant figure, loving me from afar, but never getting too close. He has always done well by me, ensuring that I have anything I could want. I had proper governesses growing up, three in total. The first my father fired after it was discovered she was stealing silverware. The second, an older woman, died. I don't really remember the first two anyway. The third and last woman to take care of me was a British Sacrifice by the name of Hanna.

She'd earned a degree in early child development in London, and later decided to study abroad in Tokyo. She'd had previous jobs as nannies to pay for schooling and living expenses before my father hired her as a live in governess for me when I was two. She was to take care of me and all of my needs, as well as teach me to speak English."

Hanna age 25

"I suppose Hanna was the closest thing I ever had to a mother, though I never loved her as such. I knew she wasn't my real mother, and never allowed myself to care for her as if she were. I think this disappointed her, the way I always seemed to keep her at an arm's length even at a young age. When I was five Hanna was let go, her services no longer required, for it was around this time that I was moved to the Umizo families' main household to live, and there would be no shortage of people to look after me there.

My training as both a proper member of the Umizo family and as a Sacrifice began then. I learned the art of making kimonos as well as what it meant to be a Sacrifice, both the good and the bad sides. I won't bore you with the details of my training in either respect however, so let me just say that I progress in both regards as to be expected. I met every goal placed before me as I was supposed to. In the eyes of my elders I'm an obedient child who does as told, though I don't find that to be completely true. I just find it easier to do as I'm told the first time, its less tedious that way. My father expects the best out of me anyway, and I suppose I do want to please him if not make him proud. One less thing for him to worry about at least."

Yumeko age 14

These are optional fields. If there are other fields not listed below, you may add them.
Origin: Tokyo Japan
Race/Ethnicity: 100% Japanese
Language: Japanese, English
Blood Type: AB
-Hayao Umizo, Father
-Kiyomi Umizo, formally Kiyomi Nakamura, Mother, deceased
-Ayane Umizo, cousin
-Julius Nakamura, cousin
Hobbies: Playing the piano or violin, reading, sewing
Likes: listening to classical music, watching old black and white films, stargazing
Loves: Playing the piano or violin, finishing something she worked hard on, achieving her goals, watching the ocean waves crash against the cliffs near her father's home.
Dislikes: Being surrounded by large groups of people especially if she doesn't know them, letting her Father down, failing, school work in general, wearing her glasses
Loathes: Having to study as often as she does, speaking in front of large groups of people
Fears: Not living up to the expectations placed upon her, losing herself to something she's not
Strengths: Can force herself to get through most situations and do the things expected of her no matter how hard it is or how much she doesn't want to. Able to stay level headed in even the most stressful of times. A musical protege of sorts, she can remember melodies and notes and recreate them flawlessly.
Bad habits: Chewing on her bottom lip, reading in low lighting, 'forgetting' her glasses

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Blank Sacrifice
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