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 Isolation Sacriface

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PostSubject: Isolation Sacriface   Sat Nov 23, 2013 11:07 pm

Full Name: Umizo, Ayane
Stage Name: Mizu, Yaana
True Name: Isolation
Partner's Name: Aiko Saito
Age: 24
Birth Date: April 19th
Occupation/Grade: CEO of Umizo Federation [Jewelry, Clothing Lines]; current Umizo Family Head

Chestnut with natural red highlights [Tends to be kept at waist length]
Ears & Tail: N/A
Eyes: Steel Grey
Height: 5’5
Build: Slender with muscle undertone but very little, petite
Misc: Has three piercings in both ears but doesn’t always have earrings in them, belly button.
Name location: On the bottom of her Right Foot, vertically down the center

Ayane [17] on set of one of her better known roles in a popular TV Drama

Ayane is like a bubble, her personality continuously floating around. An endless row of masks that have become so comfortable you can say she’s rather lost herself in the play. She is individual with a strong presence, not needing to be vocally loud to make herself known, its just the air that is carried around with her. For the most part, Ayane is appears to be a kind, understanding person. More than willing to lean a listening ear if someone needs it and give advice for help. She is also very lively, can become the center of attention at about any social gathering very easily, and keep the mood appropriate. Ayane is anything but meek, or shy, and isn’t one to be seen as such.

To her family, Ayane is controlling, demanding, and can be seen rather cruel at times. Rather one for hating secrets, since she has become the head of the family, it is no uncommon for her to be able to tell someone exactly were a certain family member is. With a strong hate towards the family elders, Ayane tends to come off cold to those older than her, but is a lot kinder to the young generation. Though tradition is rather beaten into the family, Ayane is a bit of a person for change.

All sorts of mask worn by a veteran actress. And she knows all the bells and whistles to go along with it, can cry on command, knows how to control the dilation of her eyes when lying, can sweetly insult someone but make it seem like a complement, and like many Aristocrat Heir’s [or Family Heads] can manipulate the hell out of about anyone.

But removing all the fronts, [only to those she is close to], Ayane is a quiet individual who keeps to herself. Laughs very little, and has a tendency to look rather sad though she never vocally says anything thing.

]Photograph of Ayane [13] that was used as her fifth Vocal Album Cover [ having Songs of the previous two years from various TV Dramas, Movies, and Commercials that she did covers for

Aristocrat Family History:
The Umizo name has a well founded history that can be tracked through some sort of history book about Kimonos. Having dated standings all the way back to the Kamakura Era, the Umizo name was once and foremost a well known family for dyes and Kimono making. Though the progress of technology and craftsmanship, during the Momoyama Era the art of jewelry was taken into the family name though the absorption of another aristocratically family becoming the feeding line of wealth. In the current age, Umizo has broaden itself into other things, modern fashion, but still retains being known for making traditional style kimono’s the old way.

Most of the Umizo wealth comes from the several Diamond Mine that has been in the family for quiet sometime, the Umizo Federation has built itself a standing structure without in, investing in the technology for synthesis precious stones, and in small companies.

Though the art is only practice heavily by a few, every Umizo child is taught how to make Kimono’s and dyes.

It is uncertain when Units started to appear within the Umizo family line, but at the current age over the last forty generations it has been a 90% possibility of Sacrifice with a very slight chance of a fighter being born. House fighter’s are put though an extreme training within the main house and are place in rather isolation for the outside world during the training for a long period of time.

Background :

Ayane childhood was rather-

“ Excuse me shouldn’t you start at the beginning beginning?”

….I thought you wouldn’t want to share that…

“ Secrets are point less, and past is done with, nothing of it could cause more harm then there already has been.


As in any Aristocrat family, making sure the head family has an heir is rather important whether or not the individual that is the current had has any caring for marriage at all. Those who are not so affect by this rule of thumb get to live their life’s rather much to their choosing, that is until the unthinkable happens. Hayato was the second son in the head family rather over looked by his older sibling who remained much in the spot light in his parents eyes, and was perfectly fine with it. Not an individual for responsibility he enjoy a carefree life style. Or would have been had an attack upon the family had not go so horrible well for someone else, an attack which killed his older brother and young heir. Leaving Hayato at the age 44 the new Head, scrambling to insure the safety of the head family line he would find himself thrust into running the family’s mass business along with a rather forced marriage that he never wanted.

A marriage that not even his chosen wife cared for.

Suzume had done a lot of things in her life to separate herself from her family, doing about anything to be seen as less favorable to about anyone. Wanting to live her life without the restrictions of the Jeniou family, at a young age she had gotten herself in to a lot of trouble, the major one getting herself knocked up by a foreigner when she was sixteen. Unmarried and having hidden the pregnancy form her family Suzume had given birth to a son, [Naoki]. The one and only child she would ever in her life truly love. Because of this, however, she got what she wanted, to be ignored by the rest of her family, the unwanted black sheep in a second tier family in the Jeniou’s. Or well, would have until she turned twenty. Being the only girl within the family at the time of proper age, Suzume would find herself being pushed into an arranged marriage by her ‘blood’ grandfather to be used as a tie between the Jeniou and Umizo families. No matter the fact she had a bastard son did nothing to discourage the marriage. More for the fact Hayato didn’t really care about the matter wanting to silence the family elders about the lack of his material statues and wanting to procure an heir as soon as possible. One less thing for him to worry about now that he was pushed into controlling the family business, so Naoki presences was just ignored after the marriage.

A year later, Genkei was brought into the world. One could say after that, the marriage was nothing more than a facet for the world around them. Perfectly happy to the outside but behind closed doors the two went their separate ways. Genkei caught unknowing in between, a neglective mother absent father [since Hayato did not care for something that could not carry a decent conversation]. The only close family contact he would receive would have been from the doting older brother Naoki would be come to his sibling, trying to shelter him from the cruel reality of his fated family since Hayato did not adopt him. For the most part, Genkei life would not have been totally empty; he was showered by his family for being the next Umizo Heir. For the most part Suzume was happy with the arrangement she and Hayato had or would have been if it was allowed to continue. But through pressure of both families over the endangerment of only having one possible heir, reluctantly two year’s later Suzume gave birth to another child.

A child she would come to hate with ever fiber in her.

Ayane [3]

Ayane was brought into the world; one could say to be adored like a little princess by her family. And in a sense, treated in the same matter as princess, for once the sex of the very child Suzume was found out Hayato proceed to basically plan out his daughter’s life. Signing away a hidden arrangement with another higher Aristocrat Family that wouldn’t be announced until the son she was arrange to marry was of age. She was doted after by family elders as they all decided in which her life was to take, sense at an early age Ayane was preceded as a beauty, with a wonderful voice. Suzume on the other hand, saw Ayane as a monstrosity that she wanted to see gone. It was about this time in her life, Suzume started to become more involved with her two other childern’s lives, even though at age five, Genkei was starting to be taught the things he needed to know to be the head of family to come, becoming more involved in Aristocrat public life style with little Ayane in tow.

Genkei [5], and Ayane [3] [/i]

That didn’t mean Suzume didn’t develop a habit of going with the two or taking them out somewhere and having a habit of leaving Ayanebehind. Stating things like, ‘O she was just here’ and so on. This would began to cause friction between her and Hayato along with several of the family elders, since in their dirty secret about Ayane future husband made her a very important individual next to her brother. Though Suzume never did anything to harm Genkei she went out of her way to do so to her daughter. As tings progressed, her older son, Naoki, become the common ground between his mother and his ‘step’ family. Making sure to keep the peace by going with his mother were ever she took his younger siblings to and keeping track of both of them. Though it was rather hard, Ayane was an adventures young girl getting herself into trouble at times. But when Naoki awoken to his namesake, it become harder for him to do so as decreed by the elders [even though he was never recognized by either families] that he was to be trained as a fighter… at Seven Moons not by the Umizo House. So playing keeper of his younger siblings was about impossible, though worrying about Genkei would prove pointless as the family appointed an older BLANK Fighter that had finish training to be his body guard. Who in turn would basically shut Suzume out of her second son’s life. It left her only to Ayane, and the bickering voices of the Jeniou’s elders as she would be finding herself being pushed into having another child. About this time started her young daughter’s career as a Vocalist since Ayane did develop a rather beautify and unique singing voice, something the young girl was not shy about showing off. Something Suzume hated, and if didn’t help with her ‘blood’ grandfather’s presents pressuring her into a another physical relationship with her distant husband, who at this time rather ignored Suzume’s total existence. On a drive home from one of the small concerts Ayane was partaking in took a life changing even as the young five year old set in the back of the car while her mother and ‘grandfather’ sat up front arguing about something the young girl didn’t understand.

What was said, and what really happened is unknown for the only witness had been the young five year old. Police records stats Suzume lost control of the vehicle at high speeds, going over the medium and crashing into an oncoming vehicle head on. Killing both her and her grandfather instantly, but leaving little Ayane better worse for wear. It had become a total scandal at the time, slight uproar between the Jeniou and Umizo households that would put the two at odds. Little Ayane would be caught in the middle of the whole thing, though they young girl would not know much or remembers any of the time period since Naoki returned abruptly from school to oversee both his frighten siblings as the head house lay in cause for several weeks after Suzume’s funeral.

Naoki [11] taking Genkei[7] and Ayane [5] out on a walk around to the store during their mother’s funeral to get both siblings out of the house

During the following weeks, Ayane became meek around others hiding behind her older brother, refusing to sing at rehearsals, which now that Hayato took notice of his youngest child, displeased her father. Who took up blaming Naoki for the sudden change in the once out going Ayane, so not two months after Suzume’s death, Naoki was rather ‘removed’ from the household with no one but his little sister to protest since Genkei was away. Though Ayane did not understand why it was happening, she knew when her older brother came to say his short farewell [since the decision and him leaving had very little time lapse] she understood she would not be seeing him again. Which was a very unfortunate, as Ayane has not seen Naoki since then.

From here, it seemed life was put on rather a fast forward button. Growing out of the short meek shy faze Ayane became lively again. Enjoying ‘playing’ with other children her age, learning at a young age about becoming the ‘life of a party’, singing again. She was encouraged into other things as she got older, such as acting at first in short commercials when she was nine later on in small roles in TV shows and movies. At the same time her older brother was being pushed unknown to her into advancing fast in school, and working at bit alongside their father, who wanted to have Genkei take over the company and become the family head rather as soon as possible since Hayato had no caring interest in any of what was forced upon him. Unknown to Ayane around the age of eleven her future was place in a bit of limbo even though her career as a young child actress had been taking off quiet well. Her unknown future husband had mysteriously gone missing creating a bit of an uproar in the Aristocrat families. Though this was totally unknown to Ayane at the time, since she had never been told about it and rarely was told about many things; the most she had around the other children of the Aristocrats was far and few between social events since her young acting life was demanding of her. Even if realistic she was now free of a destined future that had been set before her birth, Ayane was still pushed, private studying being far ahead of most children her age in school and her career she saw very little of her older brother.

Genkei [15] and Ayane [13

So it would come to her as a total surprise a week after turning thirteen when she was abruptly woken by a house servant to be taken to a hospital in the bed of the night. To arrive to a waiting room with several other family members bewildered about what was happening. Things come crashing down rather easily, she had lost an older brother who had cared for both her and Genkei when she was a young child. And as she stood in the waiting room having a family relative that was not her father explain to her that her other brother had basically OD on some sort of drug. Broken in tears, Ayane would spend the night in the hospital crying to herself in a corner alone as what would be her new future was to be planned out. At his age it would have been viewed as unacceptable for Hayato to marry again, so the Umizo family had to prepare for having a woman be their family head. Ayane already had a well known face to the public but it was under a stage name. She was also very behind in learning about the family business and anything about the family itself. Decisions had been made over the following weeks, as the family ‘mourned’ the lost of Genkei about what to do with Ayane; among them was making her a familiar face to associate with the family business, making her a model for clothing lines, jewelry ads. In believe when she became the family head that it would be reveal publicly that Mizo Yaana was really Umizo Ayane to bring her a better backing. Adding on college lessons to her require regiment of school lessons were to be added having her study more languages business and fashion trends.

In all any of this Ayane did not care for, for as soon as all the dust settled Ayane found out about a little secret her so loving adoring family had been hiding from her for the past four years. Her fighter…. An individual Ayane demanded to see since she had become of her presence, but the young meek and quiet girl was not someone the new heritress wanted to see.

Aiko and Ayane[13]

“I do not want her. Send her back to where ever she came from”

The first and what would seem to be the only words Ayane would say to Aiko’s face as her cold grey eyes over looked a traditional trained fighter with the up bring of being nothing more than a servant to her sacrifice. It was not something that would be fitting the head of the Umizo family that was what Ayane was sure of as she became more aware of the situation she was now being placed in. Whispers of apologies from those who were in charge of training the house fighters fail to come to her ears as she turned away from the girl at was her same age. Catching up to her brother, becoming the fitting heir to the Umizo name, keeping up her public life, and learning a dangerous dance with the other families only to add on retraining her namesake fighter? It was not something Ayane could do, nor had the time for. Not allowing herself to become connected to the young fighter, for the following two years Ayane would lose herself in acting, as a three year running drama she took part it became very popular, studying, model for her families company, her Vocal career, and all the way losing her sanity. For a young girl growing into her womanhood, desiring the praise she once had from her family and the carefree life as the ‘Umizo Princess’ Ayane quickly feel into a deep depression, and perhaps a slight understanding of Genkei state of mind in his last years.

When she was fifteen, her depression hit its worse as she tried to find herself in what was becoming the ‘normal’ set of mask she was being forced to wear. A well renown Japanese Actress, Model, becoming a ‘prefect’ heir to her family, the child she had once been was lost. Hiding some of her pay from an off site modeling gig, Ayane convinced a close but distant relative that had very little to do with their family politics to purchase a condo within the city limits for her to have ‘space’ from the family demands. A small single bedroom condo that sat above a regular apartment building that had an open air garden. Something to find herself fin, had been an explanation. A perhaps the few months spend hiding there instead of doing things she was supposed to be made her a lot happier then she had been sine Genkei’s death. She found herself wishing for either of her brothers presences in her life again, would even become the heir before Genkei if it meant her older brother would have been fine with her. As long as if didn’t feel like she was alone in all this. Rather funny concept given the namesake she had since she was five. Half way through her fifteenth year, however, Ayane would up a disappear after a shooting of a new TV drama she was starring in. No one in her family knew were or with who she had disappeared with. Ayane was sure of the eternal chaos the Umizo house had fallen in, but at the time she really could not care a single bit. She had told the only family member that knew about the condo she only wanted a few days for herself. She needed to relax and clear her mind was all she said, but in reality Ayane had fallen at this point into the deepest part of her depression and compilation of her own suicide.

What she remembered besides down several pain killers, breaking a the glass to the mirror in the bathroom and cutting her wrists was about as far as her memory would go. She had no reconciliation of the young fighter, Aiko, who over the past two years had been trying to be the appropriate fighter without any help from her sacrifice coming into the condo. Nor being brought to the hospital, when she came to though a day or so later her fighter was there in the hospital room waiting for her to give her quiet the ear full. Not something she had been expecting for a young girl who two years before had been a meek mouse. Strange how some things change, but it had brought about a different outlook for Ayane when she had fallen into the last two years of depression; an out turn that for the better of it would help her over the coming years. Using what skills she already had learned as an actress, and oddly help from what would be the young woman becoming her fighter. Ayane found a way to play the game her life would require her without losing her sanity.

Around her eighteenth year, Hayato suffered from a sever stroke that left him in a vegetated state, in which as his sole heir, Ayane decided to pull the cord sustaining her father’s life. As a good, loving daughter, Ayane mourned him publicly as did her family a wreck of tears until his body was placed in the ground. However, the moment she was named the new Family Head the wonderful obedient little girl her family elders were trying to turn into fell away. The concept had been to make her just a figure head until she could be replaced by a proper male heir. Ayane however had other plans.

A year later, the actress Mizo Yaana would announce her real name to the public and that she would be retiring out of the ‘show’ business to better focus on running the Umizo Federation. For the next several years Ayane would become the very face of her families long line empire.

These are optional fields. If there are other fields not listed below, you may add them.
Race/Ethnicity: Japanese, Taiwanese
Language: Japanese, Chinese, English, French
Blood Type: AB-
Weight/Body Structure/Physical Faults: Has matching faint scars on her wrist [horizontal]

  • Umizo, Hayato [Father, Former Family Head: Deceased][age 65]
  • Umizo [Jeniou], Suzume [Mother, Deceased][age 27]


  • Umizo, Genkei [Older Brother, Previous Heir: Deceased] [Age 15]
  • Jeniou, Naoki [Oldest Half Brother] [Age 31]

Education: Bachelors in Business, Minor in Fashion; Training in Metal crafting, Vocalism, and Acting
Career/Past Careers: Vocalist[ age 4-19]; Actress [ age 9-19], Model [age13-19]
Hobbies: Drawing, Tending to her garden, Lecturing Aiko
Likes: Tea, cats, semi sweet things
Loves: Plants, being able to hide away in her apartment
Dislikes: Silence, people’s inability to follow directions, dogs
Loathes: Stuck up individuals; Self-centered people; and self absorbed, Closed Doors
Fears: [color:5503=000066]“Rather personal of you to ask.”
Strengths: She has the uncanny ability to make other’s feel at easy around her, but Ayane is also an individual for control and makes sure those around her respect her, even if she is a woman.
Bad habits: Hiding the fact she is overly stress out, tends to fall back into her horrible habit of bulimia.
Turn Ons & Offs: “This isn’t the proper type of topic to be discussed so openly.”

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Isolation Sacriface
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