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 Blank Sacrifice

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PostSubject: Blank Sacrifice    Thu Dec 05, 2013 11:14 pm

Current Legal Name: Satou Dié
Nickname: Kitten, Chou-chan
True Name: N/A
Partner's Name: N/A
Gender:  Female
Marital Status: Single
Orientation: unsure
Age: 15
Birth Date: January 24
Occupation/Grade: first year senior high school student at Yume Academy
Dreams/Life Goals: She wants to become a famous singer or clothing designer.

Hair: black, roughly shoulder length with long bangs
Ears and Tail: cat ears and extra long cat tail that match the hair color
Eyes: blue-gray
Height: 5'2" when she's able to stand
Build: skinny
Name location: N/A


Dié is mild mannered, but her mind is in constant chaos. She loses interest in people quickly, but can concentrate on some project for hours on end. She has no patience with shy people, but she doesn't like loud people either - despite how excitable she can get. She adores every kind of music she can find to listen to. Over all, Dié is a sweet girl filled with contradictions. Her energy seems to simply bubble out of her and create a shiny/joyous aura. She's very protective of her brother and more likely to cheer someone up than bring them down. She comes across as maybe a little too naive or childishly optimistic for her own good, but inside is hidden a deep hole of sorrow carved out of her heart from her losses. She wants to feel useful, so she'll try to help as much as she can - often more than she should, ending up with her worn out from giving too much. She has learned some hard lessons in a short span of time and has decided that she never wants to feel as weak as she did ever again.

History She Knows:
Dié was born to a Chinese mother and a Japanese father. Her family was fairly poor, but they were mostly happy. Her brother came along five years later, and the family's lives became that much harder. Her father nick named her Cho-chan, "Because you're my butterfly." Dié was jealous of the attention her brother got, but this mollified her. Time passed, and they grew up and started school. She excelled in her lessons and made a lot of friends. Everyday, it seemed, she was over at a friend's house. This kept up with different friends through the years. Her parents were killed by a drunk driver when she was seven; thankfully she and her brother were at school and unharmed. After the funeral, different relatives offered to take them in, but only one really understood their pain. She and Sheng Li moved in with their paternal grandfather.

The Real History:

Slightly More Recent Events:
As they grew up, they discovered that the family felt guilty over the rift; they weren't really wanted because their mother had been a "damn Chinese whore" in the family's eyes. Sympathy chaffed at her, so she started avoiding both her brother and grandfather. Eventually, he enrolled them in local schools. They attended the new classes, and while their grades were nearly impeccable, neither of them made many friends. The pressure was on to make up for their time off, and they pushed each other hard. It became a competition to see who was better, but all things end. Eventually her brother went back to the loving child he'd been, while she  gradually became more withdrawn. There was an ache in her soul that refused to heal, and she hated for anyone to know about it and worry. She began to learn guitar to keep her grandfather out of her hair, but she never plays for anyone but those important to her. She's entered her first year of senior high school, and it looks like she's not going to go any further toward making friends. She maintains an emotional distance when she actually attends class. A word appeared circling her ankle at the start of a vacation trip she took to visit Sheng Li and her grandfather, who had to retire to the country for his health. There was a terrible fight, and she returned two days early. On her way back from Kyoto, she rode the train as normal, but there was a feeling, a sort of bubbling of energy and joy within her as she boarded, but she couldn't figure out why. She sat beside a foreigner and the feeling grew stronger. Finally, to release some of her building energy, Dié began to swing her legs, and the most peculiar thing happened. The girl began to talk to her about the word on her ankle. She showed Dié her own matching word - in the same place! Dié couldn't believe her eyes, and invited the girl to her favorite cafe to discuss these strange markings at length. Neither of them knew what was going on and made their way around the city talking. The girl, Dice, was invited to sleep over at the apartment since she had no where else to go. Dié couldn't miss attending cram school, but when she returned from her day, the apartment was empty. Dice had vanished.
School started back and Dié had to attend despite her despondance over losing someone who had felt like her first friend since her parents' deaths. She sank deeper into the apathy that marked her attempts to fight through sorrow. Then came the night that she got the call: Sheng Li and she were on their own, and she had a week to prepare.
That night was a turning point in her life, a switch.

After the funeral, she brought her brother to the tiny motel she'd managed to find as temporary housing for them. Outside of the motel on her way home from looking for work (yet again) she came across a Unit bent on causing trouble - with her as the only unfortunate victim to pass by. She got the crap kicked out of her in a spell battle, words coming to her lips but refusing to leave them (and when they came out, the words were powerless), and then to top it off they derided her and gave her a physical beating to match the battle one. She was saved by a stranger named Morrigan, and now she and Sheng Li reside at the Kobayashi Family's Estate while Dié recovers from her injuries, learns her new limits and how to deal with her disability, and learns how to protect them both.

These are optional fields. If there are other fields not listed below, you may add them.
Spouse: none
Origin: Japan as far as anyone knows
Race/Ethnicity: Chinese/Japanese
Language: English, Japanese, Chinese
Blood Type: O-
Weight/Body Structure/Physical Faults: 101 lbs. with naturally translucent skin. She's under-developed for her age and is often mistaken for a middle school student. Due to recent events, she's unable to walk more than short distances and must rely on a wheelchair most of the time.

Parents/Elders/Guardians: Raised by her [as far as she knows] paternal grandfather [deceased]. Takes care of her little brother, Sheng Li.
Career/Past Careers: None (yet!)
Hobbies: Listens to all the latest songs and sings along with them. She sews her own outfits.
Likes: Dié likes/d to dance in the rain, eat chocolate covered fruit, and try on her latest outfits. She also adores dressing others up.
Loves: She loves to sing for people. She plays guitar for the ones that are important to her as well. Rainstorms.
Dislikes: She dislikes being mistaken for younger than she is. She doesn't like strangers being "overly friendly."
Loathes: School. Vanilla flavored anything.
Fears: Being abandoned, losing her voice, and forgetting her family.
Strengths: She uses her innocent appearance to her advantage, but she prefers to surprise with her mental capabilities.
Weaknesses: She is easily confused and distracted. She's quick to get mad over nothing, but turns to ice rather than fire.
Good qualities: She fights to protect others. She enjoys bringing a smile to people's faces.
Bad habits: Jumping to conclusions. Laughing at bad times.
Turn ons: Bright smile, and great sense of humor.
Turn offs: smell of coffee, dandruff, pet hair
Other: Dié has learned a little from encounters with others of the Unit world, but really nothing more than the bare basics.

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Blank Sacrifice
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