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 I don't wanna hear you talk about it anymore {private}

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PostSubject: I don't wanna hear you talk about it anymore {private}   Sat Feb 01, 2014 12:18 pm

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Against his will, despite having struggled relentlessly against his own body, Kyler found himself standing in the park as requested. No, not request, ordered. Just a few simple words and Kyler no longer had control. He was shackled to Julius in the strongest meaning of the word. He was a puppet with his Sacrifice pulling the strings, strings he couldn’t cut no matter how hard he tried or how badly he wished. All the blonde could do was stand there with his hands stuffed into the pockets of his jeans and wait, wait till Julius arrived. If he even planned to show up. Kyler didn’t rule out the possibility that Julius might have ordered the fighter to meet him here only to let the blonde spend the entire night waiting. No, he certainly wouldn’t put it past his Sacrifice to do something like that to teach him a lesson. Just thinking about it made Kyler’s fingers clench into tight fists, but not so tight as to make his nails pierce the skin of his palms. Julius had made hurting himself impossible now, not that Kyler would ever do anything so reckless as to harm his self. But the order still stood and it made even biting his own lip impossible.

The Fighter shifted his weight from one foot then to the other, already he was tired of waiting and it hadn’t been more than fifteen minutes since he’d arrived. He was anxious to get this meeting over with, and a small part of him was curious as to why Julius would want to meet him here in a park of all places. Mostly though he just wanted this to be over with so he could go home. Lola was probably getting off the school bus about now, and normally either Illenna or himself would be back by then to make sure she didn’t come home to an empty house. Thankfully Jules was back for a few days visiting, so even if this meeting with his Sacrifice went on for long (or worse if Julius just didn’t show up at all) there would be someone to keep an eye on Lola till Hanna got off work. Despite all that though, Kyler felt anger boil under his skin again at the fact that Julius used his power over him so callously, as if Kyler had nothing better to do than wait on the dark haired teen all the time. Gritting his teeth he shifted again, growing more irritated with each passing minute.

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PostSubject: Re: I don't wanna hear you talk about it anymore {private}   Wed Mar 05, 2014 2:33 pm

It had taken him a little bit longer than he would have liked to arrive at the park. Cancel a meeting, find the nearest convenience store (that wouldn't get him attacked for being the Nakamura heir - convenience stores tended to be not exactly the safest of places for the younger aristocrats) and then make his way over to the park, where he knew his fighter would be waiting. After all, the reluctant young man had no other choice.

Staring at the bag in his hands, Julius wondered how his family would take this. How many red beams would be pointed at Kyler's head? How many invisible targets painted on that unruly blond hair... Of course there would be a few - the cousins that refused to be stomped into submission, the enemies they had made in the underground, the more powerful of the rogue units, and even those not affiliated with the unit world. The person who had taken out his father, possibly. Julius sighed to himself in the back seat of the car that drove him. It was a sleek black Lexus LS600h L - the top of line in domestic cars, and it had just been detailed to shining. The leather smelled wonderful, and was easy to slide onto and off of; the floors were immaculate; the paint shone like moonlight on water. It screamed aristocrat. It was... extravagant. Excessive. It was no less than one would expect from the Nakamura family.

What type of car did Kyler like? It was a thought that came randomly, and a question that he did not have an answer to. The fighter walked to school, from the direction of the not so nice area of town. But if he had to think about what type of automobile he could picture Kyler in... well, it was nothing like this. No buttons and screens and heated seats everywhere. Something simple, something... classic. An older car. He could picture that - if Kyler even knew how to drive. Something told Julius he did. Staring at the colorful bag of gummy candies he so carefully held, Julius decided he would have to find answers for those questions he didn't already have.

Upon halting, the younger of the Toxic unit watched the chauffeur leave the car, and waited for the man to open his door. Really, this wasn't a limousine or anything, he could have opened the door by himself. But where would be the fun in that?

The sun was bright and warm as he stepped out, ignoring the driver as the man looked straight ahead. They were trained never to directly look at the family member they were chauffeuring. They were trained with the best of the best, actually, and knew that even one slip up could end with them in the underground. It was usually enough to keep everyone who worked under them in line. Still, there was occasionally a problem to be dealt with, and it was taken care of efficiently, silently, and swiftly.

Still, the sun was warm and Julius quickly slid from his coat, hanging it neatly over his arm as he headed toward where he could see his fighter's yellow hair shining blindingly bright. Kyler's back was to him, which he didn't mind, and he still had his coat on. Of course, he wasn't wearing a blazer, as Julius was, and the day was still fairly chilly, so it was understandable.

Coming to a halt to his fighter's right (and feeling that buzz within their ring of completeness), Julius looked straight out, not bothering to meet Kyler's eyes. No words were spoken. In his left hand were the gummies, held up between them and waiting to be taken, like a peace offering of sorts.

Julius knew there would never be peace between them.
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I don't wanna hear you talk about it anymore {private}
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