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 Blank Sacrifice

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PostSubject: Blank Sacrifice    Sat Feb 08, 2014 6:52 pm

Full Name: Lucasta Mistunobu
Nickname: Luc or Cas
True Name: Blank
Partner's Name:
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Orientation: Unknown
Age: 19
Birth Date: 10/10
Occupation: Helps out at his parent’s grocery store.
Dreams/Life Goals: He doesn’t have any.

Hair: Brown
Ears and Tail: He has brown fur covered ears and a unusually long cat like tail that often wraps itself around his legs.
Eyes: Dark Green (#1ba309)
Height: 5’8
Build: Slim
Name location: N/A

(Just pretend he has cat ears.)

One could describe Lucasta as a happy go lucky guy that sees the world through kid like eyes. His sheltered life led him to becoming quite naive and innocent. He is almost pure in a way. Luc is basically a child in a man’s body. Well, more of a preteen. He in theory can funtion in a real world situation, but he would react to in in a way a 10 or 11 year old might. But, while his personality is that of a preteen, his intelligence is that of a person his age.

He tends to be excited by the smallest things and is very easily amused. However, along with his easily amused self, he also cries very easily. The smallest paper cut or bump upon the head will cause him to burst out into tears. Having been practically babied by his parents his entire life, he doesn’t understand how hard it is to live on one’s own and thinks that everyone has it as easy as he does. This has led to him becoming quite spoiled. If not given what he wants, the guy will quickly begin to pout or become angry (but in a child like way).

One of the downsides of his child like ways is that he is afraid of quite a few things. The main thing is the dark. Leave him in a dark place and he will freak out. It almost always leads to panic attacks. The severity of the panic attack depends on whether or not there is any light at all being filtered in.

Luc suffers from narcolepsy and is prone to fall asleep anywhere and anytime. Depending on whether he remembers to take him medicine decides on how long and how many times he falls asleep during the day. He doesn’t particularly see anything wrong with falling asleep during conversations and doesn’t understand why people get mad at him when he does it. He isn’t all that bright and it takes a bit for him to catch on to stuff he learns.

While he is quite friendly, he can tend to ask things that may be inappropriate or rude. Having never gone to school with other kids due to being homeschooled and never being taught what was rude and is not; Luc isn’t particularly good at reading a situation or being polite and quiet when he should be. He often ends up speaking before he thinks.

He has no clue about the Unit World

His parents met when his father was 22 and his mother was 20 in Tokyo. They were drawn together by fate due to the fact they shared a the same True Name. They became a powerhouse Unit and quickly dominated every Unit who dared to challenge them. They became proud and arrogant about their supposed power. That was until it all came crashing down as such things often do. His mother, Kuki, became pregnant a year after his parents married. His father, Saji, was ecstatic at the news. This should have been a wonderful thing if it wasn’t for the fact they were challenged by an extremely powerful Unit from America and she ended up miscarrying from her injuries. Ashamed and beat, they secluded themselves from the rest of the unit world. Kuki was devastated at losing their unborn child and the fact the doctor had informed her that it would be nearly impossible for her to have another child.

They beat those odds though.

At the age of 24, Kuki became pregnant once more and the couple decided to move away from Tokyo and to Kibo in hopes of severing any ties with their previous life. They used their savings and bought out a failing grocery store. They managed to make it somewhat successful and continued to stay under the radar of the nearby Units. It was exhausting and lonely to do so, but it ended up paying off in the end.

Kuki gave birth to a beautiful baby boy that they named Lucasta. Saji had studied Latin during the brief time he was at college and had came across the name. He became entranced by it and figured it would be a great name for a child that would make them unique.

They decided that they would not let him experience the harshness of the world.

Once he became old enough, they began homeschooling him to keep him from any harm or bullying that would come from public or private school. They gave him everything he wanted and made sure he was happy enough not to question why he wasn’t allowed every go outside without his parents and at that not beyond their front yard.

They began to notice that Luc started falling asleep at random times that made no sense right around the time he turned 11. They figured it was just part of him growing up, but it quickly escalated to him falling asleep during simple conversations and always appearing tired; no matter how long he slept. They took him to a doctors about a year after the symptoms started showing up and they were told to allow the doctors to do a sleep study.

Why they were nervous about letting their child in the hands of someone else; they knew that he had to be helped, so they allowed it. He was diagnosed with narcolepsy. The doctors prescribed medicine that would help manage it, but not cure it or even completely control the symptoms.

One day, Luc was allowed outside while his parents made dinner. He was 14 at the time, so they figured it would be alright. They were wrong. They didn’t realize his sheltered life would lead him to being so naive. They had given him the “Don’t talk to strangers” talk, but he didn’t seem to get it.

While Luc was playing with a basketball, a man came walking up and asked Luc if he would help him find his lost dog. Luc saw absolutely nothing wrong this and began to follow the man. His mother happened to walk out just in time to see him walking towards a car parked down the street a ways. She managed to run after him and catch him before he got in the car. The man got managed to get away though.

After that, he was never allowed outside. They managed to keep their son entertained with various things like video games and workout machines inside.

They kept him like that until he was 17 and they decided that he could help out at the store. When he turned 18, they decided to loosen his leash and allowed him to go to the movies and such. However, he was accustomed to his life at home, so he didn’t really go out that much.

Now he is the age of 19, and his parents are realizing that his name hasn’t appeared and they fear that he is a Blank which is nothing good. They haven't informed him of the unit world, but were planning to when his name appeared, but since his name hasn't appeared yet... Well, he is completely clueless about what is truly out there.

Origin: Japan
Race/Ethnicity: Japanese
Language: Japanese and a bit of English
Blood Type: A+
Physical Faults: He has a birthmark that looks like a scar right along his right cheekbone.
Parents: He lives with his mother and father.
Hobbies: He enjoys drawing and painting.
Loves: Art, food, books, running, and napping.
Loathes: Darkness
Fears: He is afraid of the dark and of what monsters lay waiting in it.
Strengths: He is a dedicated person
Weaknesses: If a room goes dark or he finds himself outside with no streetlights to light his path; he has tends to have a panic attack and the strength of the panic attack depends on how dark it is.
Good qualities: He is a sweet and child like.
Bad habits: He has a habit of falling asleep at the most inconvenient times. He also will pout and get angry when things don’t go his way.
Turn ons: Unknown
Turn offs: Unknown
Other: He is also a narcoleptic
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Blank Sacrifice
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