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 Club Vanity Sign-ins

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PostSubject: Club Vanity Sign-ins   Wed Feb 26, 2014 2:39 pm

If you are here for the Sacrifice Challenge then please sign your name below and ring the bell located right next to the signing sheet. The Teller will assist you in just a few moments. While you wait to enter the fitting Rooms to be suited up we ask that you please read the rules below and familiarize yourself with them. They are posted in every section as well and once you sign in you are responsible for upholding the rules as stated:

(You can only use the Topics that are provided to you. Please keep in mind this is a no holds barred and if you test your brain power against another you are only at 50% brain capacity. Your fighter can not feel nor hear you due to the damper system around the area. Fight at your own risk!)

Please do not damage your suit. This is a rental you are borrowing for your session and you causing chip damage will cause the suit to be dysfunctional and can harm you and other players. If you have harmed it you will be paying a massive fee to not only replace the chip but the suit itself. You have been warned.

Do not come here if you have serious medical issues. We have an alternative for you which will not disrupt your natural flow of energy nor cause any harm to you. We are not liable for you if you have lied to us on your information card at sign up. If you are unsure about your medical history and potential dangers please see your Doctor beforehand.

Do not damage anything in the rooms. Although they are replicas everything still costs money. Please be aware that whatever you break you will be charged to replace it.

The Solaris system is tailored for this specific cause. Do not try to open the system or cause any damage to the controller. It is shatter resistant so it will not break and we check every controller after use as well as clean it. However if you feel your controller is not functioning properly press the S button in the middle of your controller and choose controller. It will give you set options and the attendant will assist you.

You have to win 5 fights in this Section in order to move to the next color. Due to size we only have a few colors available so your higher levels will have you coming back here again at a later time.

If you lose you do have to start the match over after a week of rest. The AI is a Smart Sensory generator. So based on the fighters personality they may become a tad bit upset with you the next battle. If you win they will have a different reaction. The AI is simulated to do different things during battle and say different things as well. Virtual and still life like in responses and actions on the battlefield.

If you practice in a different language and it is not there please inform the Attendant by pressing the S button in the middle of your controller and choose Language option. They will assist you and send a request to Solaris to update the system overnight so you can feel more comfortable to fight.

When you receive your card please do not bend the card. Treat it like a credit card and refrain from damaging it. If your card is damaged you must bring it in to get a replacement which costs 500 Yen. The higher your level is the more expensive your replacement card will be so be careful.

Thank you for choosing Club Vanity!
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Club Vanity Sign-ins
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