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 Fight Club Booth

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PostSubject: Fight Club Booth   Wed Feb 26, 2014 6:12 pm

Welcome to the Fight Club booth where you can register for your next match and see the board of other fights underway. We ask that you check here before every match even if you are participating. Sign in and you will be escorted to your location. If you are purchasing your ticket and food please do so before the park closes. You will only see all location matches on the boards here as well as who is in the lead for the prize listed. We ask that while you wait here for the park to close and for the fight rings to open please do not fight in the lines nor cause any trouble. Once the Event Staff come to escort you to your rings please file into the next available space. If you have anymore questions please ask the Teller who is available. We will do our best to ensure everything is in order and cleaned before the match gets underway. Thank you for your patience and Understanding. If you do not see the Teller at the window please ring the bell on the side.
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Fight Club Booth
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