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 Dragon's Bay Overview

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PostSubject: Dragon's Bay Overview   Wed Feb 26, 2014 11:15 pm

Dragon's Bay Teaser

It is said that Dragons once ruled land, sea and sky until man challenged them. Lore speaks of them hiding among the shadows and within the elements veiled off from our normal senses. It is what we believed until now: Aoi Ryu the Sea Dragon of the waves 7 seas rose with the waves and called his siblings to return to reclaim their former lands. Here at Dragon's Bay we find their twisted spines formed into rides and foods so spicy some may just burn your lips. Can you conquer being in the land of the Dragons?

~~~Rides located in Dragon's Bay~~~

Aoi Ryu's: Waves of Change


Dragon King: Watatsumi

Dragon Princess: Toyotama-hime's  Fury


Mizuchi's Wrath


Kiyohime's Descent


Nure-onna's Feast

Lair's of dining

General Information about Dragon's Bay
*Most rides here have medium to high intensity levels which can cause sickness and/or seizures. We ask that anyone with medical conditions to refrain from riding the rides within this section.

*Please do not toss trash on the ground as you wait in the lines. there are bins throughout the lines where you can dump your trash.

*Those walking through this area please do not stop and block pathways. Those walking with small children please continue on through to the Boardwalk area.

*For emergencies and injuries please head to the First Aide Building located Next to the Icee Mix Up Maker. If needed we will call to have the person taken to the Hospital for treatment.

*There is to be no fighting within the lines as you wait. Security will remove both parties from the park.
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Dragon's Bay Overview
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