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 Dream World Overview

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PostSubject: Dream World Overview   Sun Mar 02, 2014 11:15 pm

Dream World Teaser

Kids want to play and run free from their parents even if it is just for a little while. Take them here where they can experience being a kid and live in a world of fantasy to bring out the kid in you. You may just never want to leave~

~~~Rides Located in Dream World~~~

Slithering Sivir

Baby Ferris Wheel

The Frog Hopper

Sailors aboard

Spin Party

The Run Away Dragon

Princess storybook


ImaginLand Restaurant

The Skillet

Icee Mix Up

[center]General Information about Dream World

*Most rides here meant for kids Babies-10 years of age. Adults must be present with their kids in order to ride.

*Please do not toss trash on the ground as you wait in the lines. There are bins throughout the lines where you can dump your trash.

*Those walking through this area please do not stop and block pathways. Those walking without small children please continue on through to the General area or Dragon's Bay.

*For emergencies and injuries please head to the First Aide Building located Next to the Icee Mix Up Maker. If needed we will call to have the person taken to the Hospital for treatment.

*There is a place for mother's to tend to their childs' needs in the building next to the First Aide. If you are a Father tending to your child please use the left hand side. Mothers use the Right hand side.

*No smoking unless in the designated areas. We want to protect everyone in the park and ensure most guests are happy. Smoking is kept at a distance and please use the trays in the area. Do not dump ashes in the plant life.
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Dream World Overview
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