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 Absolute Sacrifice

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PostSubject: Absolute Sacrifice    Wed Mar 05, 2014 2:38 pm

Full Name: Atsushi Koizumi
Nickname: Bla Bla, Chit-Chat, SASSY BITCH
True Name: Absolute
Partner's Name: Ren Mireha
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Orientation: Pansexual
Age: 18
Birth Date: 5/6
Occupation: Acts as a runner for a gang
Dreams/Life Goals: To live life to the fullest.

Hair: Blond
Ears and Tail: None
Eyes: Yellow
Height: 5’9
Build: Slim but with muscle definition
Name location: Horizontally along the left inside crease of his elbow.
Tattoos: The sign of his gang
Piercing: His left eyebrow (hoop), snake bites (pointed studs) his tongue (stud), his nipples (hoops), the bridge of his nose, an industrial bar across his right cartilage of his ears, 3 regular on his right ear (hoops), the lowest one on both ears being stretched to 00 (plug), the web of his right hand (bar bells)  and a jacob's ladder (bar bells).

Atsushi is known for being a sarcastic asshole to everyone. He is also known for being extremely laid back. He doesn’t like leading the pack, but following it instead. He likes to just go with the flow and let life take him where it wants.

He is a massive nymphomaniac and loves to have sex with everyone he sees. He could list them all, but it might take a couple weeks or even a month. He never learned restraint since no one actually “properly” raised him. He figures that since he enjoys it and he isn’t hurting anyone that it isn’t a bad thing.

He will do anything to get what he wants. He needs some food? He can get the store manager to cut him a good deal for a “price”. Needs to get out of trouble with a cop? A little “flirting” goes a long way. He is even willing to do the dirty work of the gang if it means he will benefit from it.  

Atsushi does not believe in love. He is convinced that it is a false concept made up so people can just take advantage of other people.

He is very persuasive and can talk his way out of any situation. He has to be when his first type of persuasion doesn’t work. The guy is also very good at figuring out what makes people tick. He has caused quite a few fights with just a couple words because of this.

While he is very laid back, he does know how to defend himself. If some bitch decides that she wants to shove him then he has no problem ripping her a new one.

He grew up with his older brother (parents both dead) who was runs a small time gang. They weren't anything too terrible, but he can remember his older brother coming home covered in blood (some not his) and cuts and bruises. As time went on and he grew up living in a small excuse of an apartment with barely enough food to last them, he began to resort to other measures to get by. Suck the owner down the street off for some beer? Sure.

One night his brother was killed in some stupid fight for the top spot of the gang. He wasn't too torn up about it considering his brother wasn't much of a caretaker. After all, he was often home alone and never was forced to go to school or anything. He basically raised himself.

The new boss liked him, so he let him do as he pleased and even let him leave the dingy apartment and move into a slightly cleaner one in the same complex as the boss. When the boss wants to make deals or fuck with someone, he has a habit of bringing him along so he "can learn the ropes" cause apparently he should be next in line.

He doesn't really care to run the gang though. It requires effort and he doesn't have time for that.

Atsushi never knew his parents considering they died when he was young. Well, that’s what his older brother said. He never really cared to find out if it was the truth either. By the time he was old enough to understand, it didn’t matter; he had a family. His brother’s gang provided him with all the attention and affection he needed. Sure, it wasn’t all roses and smiles, but he wasn’t alone in life. They made sure he grew up prepared for the life he was no doubt destined to live.

Growing up in a gang taught the boy that people got hurt. They got a hurt alot. He couldn’t count the number of times he was instructed to stitch up one member’s stab wound or help put bandages on another’s gunshot wound.

Atsushi was twelve when his older brother died. It didn’t really affect him much considering the guy didn’t take very good care of him. If anything, his gang were the ones who raise Atsushi. He found out a couple days later that his brother had died from some power struggle and that his second in command was now the boss.

He was completely fine with this.

The new boss was nice to him and even gave him a new place to live which was definite step up from the dingy apartment he shared with his brother.

When he turned 16, he lost his ears to the boss during a party the gang was having after a successful deal with one of the neighboring gangs. It was then he had his first taste of sex and his life basically changed. Forever.

It was soon after that he earned the title nympho.

He was 17 when the word Absolute appeared. He couldn’t figure out where it had came from, but he didn’t really care either. It was just another tattoo. He probably got it when he was drunk or something.

Now 18, he spends most of his time having sex and running errands for the boss.

Origin: Japan
Race/Ethnicity: Japanese
Language: Japanese
Blood Type: B-
Physical Faults: He has a few scars here and there from gang life.
Parents: That’s funny.  
Hobbies: He likes to have sex and run around with his gang. Also, he likes to get various piercing.
Loves: Loves are for the foolish.  
Loathes: Love.
Fears: He claims he has no fears.
Strengths: He is good at first aid.
Weaknesses: He is easily seduced.
Good qualities: He will go lengths to do what he needs to do.
Bad habits:  Smoking, drinking, and making people mad.
Turn ons: It’d take a long time to list all of them.
Turn offs: Very little.
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Absolute Sacrifice
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