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 Let the Games Begin! A little deviation from normal? (private and rp plot related)

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PostSubject: Let the Games Begin! A little deviation from normal? (private and rp plot related)   Sat Mar 08, 2014 12:19 am

Talma smiled as he walked out of the school building and into the midday traffic of the busy sidewalk. Finally, it looked like his game pieces had finally come together and now the fun could begin. Oh, he couldn’t wait to tell Ran. He’d be so excited. His face might even move a little! That particular thought made him giggle since there was an extremely small chance of that happening. He had yet to see his partner’s face make any sort of movement like that and he had known the guy for quite a while now. He didn’t bother to remember how long. Such information was completely unnecessary of the maintenance of their Unit relationship. Only information that kept them working well together was relevant in his eyes. The rest was all just window dressing.

He ran through all of the lovely thoughts of all the fun they would have while he watched a certain head of blue hair make its way down the sidewalk. Such a cute little thing. From what he had seen of Fubuki’s little partner, he didn’t quite remember her name at the moment but no matter, she was way too “sweet” for him. Fu-kun would eat the “sweet” little thing up and spit her out. He grinned at the thought but it didn’t sit quite right on his face and the few individuals who caught his expression couldn’t help but shiver. Not that he really seemed to notice their discomfort and if he had, it certainly wouldn’t have bothered him in the least. It would have been just another little bit of enjoyment that he could squeeze from other people and really that was best feeling in the world. People were just so interesting after all.

Fu-kun’s sweet little Sacrifice then took a turn down another street and he almost lost her for a moment before he realized that she was headed towards the bus stop. Good thing too. It would make it so much easier for him to track her movements. She usually followed her schedule to a T, he had noticed that much during his recent observations of the girl. But today, however, she had made a change. The first she had ever made in the few months that he had started following her. All he could think was it was about time she did something different. It was starting to get boring following her around when she followed the same pattern every single day. So it was nice when Tsukiyoko, (oh yeah, that was her name, how nice that he could remember it after all), made a little change in the schedule.

His smile grew, which would normally be a good thing. However, as the young man’s smile grew, so did the sense of unease that it created in others. The other people on the slightly busy street seemed to clear an even wider berth for him if that was even possible but what was funny about it was they thought they were being subtle. Oh no, the intent behind the actions were as glaring obvious as an air raid siren and didn’t that just make it all the more fun? It certainly did in his view.
Tsukiyoko quickly made her way to the bus stop as fast as she was able. Her chest ached and burned from the stress of her chance meeting with her Fighter earlier that day but she couldn’t help but be optimistic that it had turned out well. She hoped that they would be able to get along and maybe be friends. Such an idea had appeared a lot in her dreams for her future once she had found out what the Name emblazoned across her chest, just underneath her collarbone, had meant. It meant that someone would be a part of her life, a bond that might shape just who she became in the future. To some, such a thing might seem scary but to Tsu it seemed like an interesting addition and just who knew where it would take her? She smiled as she finally allowed herself to think of all the different possibilities. She hadn’t allowed herself to do that since she wasn’t sure just what kind of person her “other half” was but she thinks this Fubuki Kanzai might just turn out to be an important person in her life. She hoped that would be the case at any rate.

But there was something that threatened to spoil her good mood, the general pain that was currently being generated by her illness was annoying yes, but she had dealt with worse. Oh no, there was something else that was slightly more alarming.  She could have sworn that someone was following her lately. But she couldn’t be sure. It was just one of those funny little feelings that you get like you just know someone is watching you but you just can’t figure out who’s doing it. It was really starting to bother her but she just couldn’t be certain if it was real or just her imagination.

She did know one thing, however. She wasn’t going to mention it until she was either certain or if she had some proof. There was no sense in worrying everyone after all, especially if it turned out to be nothing. Then she would just feel foolish for getting everyone worked up over nothing and that was the last thing that she wanted to do.
So she put it out of her mind and got onto the bus. A young man got on a couple of minutes after she did but the only reason she really noticed him was the she could have sworn she had seen him smile at her and then give her this strange little knowing wink.

What in the world could that mean?

[Tsukiyoko has left and is going to Delaine Household]

"I searched and I tried but he never stayed true. I was always left behind in the end. But perhaps, you'll be the one who stays."
-- Kukaku Delaine (Valour Fighter)
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Let the Games Begin! A little deviation from normal? (private and rp plot related)
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