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 Tsukiyoko's Character Story Developement

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PostSubject: Tsukiyoko's Character Story Developement    Thu Apr 03, 2014 12:56 am

Tsukiyoko Delaine
Devoted Sacrifice // Age: 19 // Very talented seemstress // Very loyal and kind

Unit Partner: Fubuki Kanzai

Friends: It actually isn't all that hard to become friends with her. Being a overall decent person is really the only requirement. Once you befriend her, you will have a loyal friend for as long as you want her around as she's not one to overstay her welcome. Though a bit shy, she loves to make new friends, so please don't hesitate to say hello.
Friends: Tenchi Jenoiu through her hospital stays; will eventually become good friends with Lucasta Mitsunobu via her brother

Loyalty: Her family and those she cares for but she will step in if she feels that someone is being picked on or taken advantage of.

Acquaintances: Dokaku Masamune (though she only knows him via an alias); Lucasta Mitsunobu

Lovers: Tsu is very much a romantic who believes in True Love and Happily Ever After. However, she believes that only time and effort can make those two things a reality so it isn't exactly easy to get her to fall in love with someone despite her more naïve nature. However, once you do manage to woo her, she will pour her heart and soul into making that individual happy and feel loved.
Lover: Fubuki Kanzai (after some time, strife, and effort, these two will eventually fall in love)

Foes: Talma Darvis and Ran Katsuragi (plotted but has not yet reached this point as of yet)


Kukaku Delaine
Valour Fighter // Age:21  // Is a very gentle man who dislikes violence but won't hesitate to fight if needed// Longs to find a partner who won't leave him behind

Unit Partner: Lucasta Mitsunobu (plotted but it hasn't reached that point in the plot yet)

Friends: Kukaku is very gentle and kind hearted young man. He loves to make new friends just as his sister does but he is much more outgoing than she is. He would be much more likely to start up a conversation even if it is with complete strangers. Though his ability to trust has been a little damaged due to recent events, he is still willing to meet new people and hopefully become friends. It just might be a little difficult at first depending on his mood.
Friends:Lucasta Mitsunobu both before and after they become lovers

Loyalty: He is very loyal to both his family and friends.

Acquaintances: Tenchi Jenoiu through his sister's hospital stays

Lover: Lucasta Mitsunobu (after some time and a bonding, these two will become lovers)

Foes: Talma Darvis, Ran Katsuragi, and Lucasta's deteriorating mental state ( more on these things later as he and his sister's plots develop)


[center]Irene Delaine

Dauntless Fighter // Age: 41 // is a comically awful cook // A loving mother who only wants the best for her family

Unit Partner: N/A at that this point in time. (I don't really have any requirement to be her partner other than there won't be any sort of a romantic attachment unless its one-sided on the partner's end and that it doesn't interfere with any plots that I have going. The plots do have an element of flexibility, however, so it shouldn't be too hard to alter anything so that it doesn't interfere. Other than that, we can plan out something else should whoever decides to partner with her wish to.)

Friends: Irene is a mother and family woman first so anyone she befriends with have to understand that her children and husband come first but if they can get past that, then you would have a wonderful friend in Irene. She is a kind and motherly woman who always has time to listen to a friends' woes or give them support. She always has a kind or wise word to help out so don't be shy about befriending her. Irene loves to meet new people seeing it as a way to both increase her knowledge about the world by learning about different viewpoints and gain new bonds with people.
Friends:[ None at the moment but if you would to meet Irene and befriend her, please don't hesitate to ask.


Haru Matsumoto
Harmony Fighter // Age: 14 // Wishes to find her cousins who have gone missing and protect them // A sweet girl, though she can be a tad mean unless you have earned her trust

Unit Partner: N/A at this point in time (I don't really have any requirements for her partner other than I would prefer her partner to be a girl around her age and that it doesn't interfere with the Matsumoto plot that Ace is currently in the process of making/setting into motion. If you are serious about partnering with her then I can and would happily give the information on all this, so there shouldn't be any problems should you choose to partner with her. Other than that, whomever wishes to partner with her and I can plan out something that we both would like.)


Tenchi Jenoiu
Enigma Fighter // Age: 26 // Live his life freely by his own choices // Has no idea who to interact with others but is overall a very kind man

Unit Partner: Mama Kobayashi(plotted, hasn't reached that point in the plot yet)

~Under construction at the moment but stay tuned~

"I searched and I tried but he never stayed true. I was always left behind in the end. But perhaps, you'll be the one who stays."
-- Kukaku Delaine (Valour Fighter)
Tsukiyoko Delaine (Devoted) / Irene Delaine (Dauntless) / Kukaku Delaine (Valour) / Haru Matsumoto (Harmony) / Tenchi Jenoiu (Enigma)
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Tsukiyoko's Character Story Developement
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