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 Support Character for Yaso Yukimora

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PostSubject: Support Character for Yaso Yukimora   Sun Dec 23, 2012 12:52 pm

wasted.reality wrote:

Full Name: Reiji Shimura
Nickname: Rei, jiji
True Name: Undesired
Partner's Name: Yaso Yukimora
Gender: Male
Marital Status:
Age: 22
Birth Date: 19/6
Occupation/Grade: Free lance photographer, has a couple of magazines he usually sends photos in to and these days is every sought after.
Dreams/Life Goals: To maybe one day have a peacful life.


Hair: A rusty red brown colour that most people would just call a dirty red.
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6"2
Build: Tall and thin a little muscle on his body
Name location: Vertical, from just under his collar bone on the left side, down to just under his pectoral muscle

Character Personality

Over the past two years Reiji's personality has calmed down a little. He still is a bit headstrong and can still has a tendancy to lash out violently at others. He is a liittle more trusting of peple and thinks a little more before he does some thing. He still loves to have fun and piss Yaso off, but he does it no were near as much as he used to. In a way he has grown up a little.

Now that he lives with Yaso the two have become a little closer, they still bicker like an old married couple but that is just their way of doing things.

Character Background

His relationship with his parents has worked out relatively fine. It’s a ‘You keep out of my way; I’ll keep out of yours’ relationship. This had been brought about because Reiji’s father is much the same as Reiji. He is a large, stubborn and silent man, who only says things once and never goes back on anything he has said. His mother is a normal woman, who is rather shy and a fairly academic woman who works as a librarian.
Reiji doesn’t see much of his younger brother, because he is at a private school for a music scholarship.

When Reiji was younger he attended Seven Moons where is father (a sacrifice) personally requested that Reiji needed to be a 'proper' fighter. So Ritsu took it as a challenge and whiped Reiji every day until the boy learnt to be quiet. This went on till Ritsu was satified that the boy was up to his standards, then he sent Reiji on his way.

Reiji promptly moved out of home and started making his life as a photographer for car mags. These days he is very well known for his work and is very sought after.


Race/Ethnicity: Japanese
Language: Japanese and a little broken english.
Blood Type: O pos
Hobbies: Riding his motor bike. And taking random photos.
Likes: Photography, he see’s photography as a window, viewing other people lives and the world around him. Being alone
Loves: His motorbike, sleeping in.
Dislikes: People, Useless people, people who just mill around doing nothing with their lives. Religion, thinks it’s a load of bull crap
Loathes: Dogs, fish and being told what to do. (is ok if its Yaso.)
Fears: Loosing Yaso (would never admit it.)
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Support Character for Yaso Yukimora
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