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 Lawless Fighter

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PostSubject: Lawless Fighter   Wed Apr 09, 2014 11:49 pm

Full Name: Zakeriah Mitchell Stone
Nickname: Zak
True Name: Lawless
Partner's Name: unknown
Gender:  Male
Marital Status: Single
Orientation: unsure
Age: 22
Birth Date: September 17
Occupation/Grade: Baker, former farm-worker
Dreams/Life Goals: Goal is to get very rich and save his brother and sister from his father; dream is to become a well-known painter

Hair: golden blonde
Ears and Tail: Nope!
Eyes: golden-amber
Height: 6'3"
Build: lanky with the muscles you'd expect from a baker/farmer
Name location: arched between and across the shoulder blades like a tattoo using an ornate 'gangster' or 'gothic' font


Zak is energetic, to put it mildly. He tends to be labeled "hyper" and "sweet" on his good days, and "demonic" on his worst ones. He's flamboyant and over-the-top most of the time, but it's partly an image he cultivates to make others underestimate him. Zak tends to do things simply for the shock factor, and he does delight in crossdresing - usually to rub noses in the fact, but sometimes just for fun. He's a law unto himself, but if it suits his mood, he can follow someone else's lead. Over all, he tries to do the best he can, and do the right thing whenever reasonably possible. He also adores the bakery he works at, though the owner's habit of teasing him (like a big brother or parent would) makes it awkward sometimes. He's never had the urge to protect anyone but the twins, nor has he ever been emotionally close to anyone since he left home.


His parents met while Margaret was a tourist exploring Germany; they got along so well they decided to meet again. One date turned into one more and one more, until they'd been together for a year before realizing it. She'd decided to live in Germany instead of returning to America. They were in love, and two years to the day they met, he proposed to her, though despite the wedding never materializing, she stayed with him. They lived in his cottage in Wörden, both working in the local bakery. Unknown to Margaret, Kasch's family was known to occasionally give rise to a Fighter or Sacrifice, though it didn't happen with any regularity. The only living Fighter was a niece, Emily, three years old at that time.

Born ten years into his parent's partnership, Zak joined the world on September 17. He was average size, and quiet; a joyous burden to his parents, he grew fast as the years passed. He was joined by a younger brother and sister (twins) seven years after his own birth. His mother died of complications after a week of suffering, on March 23. That day marked the beginning of Zak's suffering; the boy's father never laid a hand on the twins, but he was vicious to his oldest child. As long as he could protect the twins from his father, Zak took each beating in something as close to silence as he could get. His father worked even harder at the bakery to support the children alone; he eventually married a local widow, Matilda.

Zak was thirteen years old when the wedding took place; as the best man, he couldn't just ignore the ceremony or its importance in his life, and his siblings' lives as well. He was put to work on a local farm shortly after, to help lighten his father's burden. That didn't work out so well; the enormous amount of energy that'd been a boon taking care of himself and younger siblings had now become a hindrance, and a danger, on the farm. After almost a year, and his fourteenth birthday coming and going unremarked, he lost his job, and nearly his life, after an accident with a plow. His father found him out behind the farmer's barn, cursing the farmer and his own clumsiness. They quarreled, and as the child turned to leave, his father stabbed Zak in the back, and after beating him until he was barely recognizable, went back to his wife. Left to either crawl for help or die, the young man decided his own fate in that moment.

He refused to bleed to death on the ground like a dog. He stood and started walking until his mind was numb and blank, until he simply fell over in exhaustion. He woke up in a strange house with his torso wrapped in bandages. The knot of anxiety in his stomach tightened then released when he saw his cousin Emily. She already knew his questions, and answered him calmly, handing him her husband's clothing while she spoke. He'd been in their care for a long time, healing - no hospital, only her stitches. He'd fought off infection and blood loss, and the incredible fever that held him near death for weeks - at the end of which his Name appeared. She gave him the basics she'd been taught by the last family member, a Sacrifice, but it wasn't much and had to be done when her husband wasn't around. As soon as he was strong enough to leave, they'd see to it he would. Among the clothing was a coat with a plane ticket, and the necessary papers, in the pocket. The date seemed impossibly close for him to be well enough to make it, but the ticket would take him to Tokyo, where he could find work and peace away from his family, and no one who knew could prove he still lived to his father. It was enough incentive to make sure he got on the plane.

He lived and worked in the city for 7 years, four of those with a Japanese/German room mate, who slowly taught him Japanese. Drunken experimentation one night led to him losing his ears, and them deciding to be "just friends." That was the first time he'd ever heard what his True Name was; his room mate asked why he'd gotten a tattoo of the word lawless. He'd murmured something about memory and it was left at that as they moved on to more interesting things.
Zak arrived in Kibō a year ago with little to his name but a duffel of belongings. He currently holds a job in one of Baumkuchen Sector's many shops and resides in a cheap (shitty) motel.


These are optional fields. If there are other fields not listed below, you may add them.
Spouse: none
Origin: Germany
Race/Ethnicity: German/American
Language: English (from mother), German (from father), Japanese (from room mate)
Blood Type: B-
Weight/Body Structure/Physical Faults: The scar from his father's attack starts at the base of his name and goes to the approximate bottom of his ribs in a sharp curve; it's jagged and shows signs of inexpert healing and stitching. It starts fairly centered and shifts left along its curve. Oh, and two more words: Jacob's Ladder.
Parents/Elders/Guardians: Margaret Reese-Stone (mother), Kasch Stone (father), Matilda Bauer Stone (step mother)
Siblings: Helene and Garren Stone (twins)
Career/Past Careers: baker, farm-worker
Hobbies: eating sweets and painting
Likes: cake, sunsets, teddy bears
Loves: sunrises, ice cream, pancakes, cuddling
Dislikes: ties, the color blue
Loathes: reptiles, his father
Fears: his siblings enduring the pain his father caused him. losing anyone else he becomes attached to.
Strengths: he's able to make almost anyone smile
Weaknesses: he's secretly a sucker for playing card games of any type, even if he has to learn them. he can be very easily distracted by that.
Good qualities: he's got a big brotherly way with kids and he's always willing to help out with them. he's got a kind word to say to everyone when the mood's upon him (doesn't happen often)
Bad habits: he's pretty much clueless when it comes to directions, and doesn't really care. he's a law unto himself. calling him slightly tactless is like saying the ocean's only a little damp.
Turn ons: bare shoulders and abdomens, water, wet hair
Turn offs: sand, alcohol
Other: He's got a very basic knowledge of the unit world but no training or knowledge about Seven Moons.
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Lawless Fighter
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