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 Kai Varia

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PostSubject: Kai Varia   Wed Apr 23, 2014 8:10 pm

Full Name: Kai Varia
Nickname: Some call him young master, he dislikes it.
True Name: Clandestine
Partner's Name: Jasper
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Age: 24
Birth Date: September 12th
Occupation/Grade: Heir
Dreams/Life Goals: The word ‘dream’ is too frivolous for Kai. He does have goals though. Most of them are easy enough to perceive: inherit his family’s ‘business’, become an ideal sacrifice, break down Jasper in any way possible (for the good of their unit, of course). You know, the usual. Any goals more profound than this are his business and not yours. You can try and ask him if you’d like, but good luck.


Kai and Jasper

Kai is rather tall with a build that leans towards slender, but still sturdy. He stands a little taller than his fighter at just over six feet tall, which he points out often. (“What if they aim for my head, how is a shorty like you going to stop them!). His face has been described as ‘Severe’. His features seem to be no more severe than average, so it must be the facial expressions he chooses to wear on those features that have made people comment on it. His hair is short, dark and unkempt. His eyes are red. His father used to tell him that his eyes were the colour of blood so that every time he looked in a mirror it would remind him of what he really way. Like any good sacrifice, his body is covered in scars.

Character Personality
Kai prides himself in his logical and emotionless evaluation of situations. His survival instinct is his main motivator. His childhood has led him to know firsthand that the world he was born into is one in which you can’t afford to let your guard down. Any weakness can lead to not only your own suffering, but the suffering of those around you.

Character Background
Kai was born into a family with power, and with that birthright came heavy responsibilities.

The head of the Varia family knew that their heir would not be able to succeed properly unless he understood what it meant to feel total loss. Kai was raised as any normal young master for first 5 years of his life. Rarely seeing his actual family, he was put in private school and spoiled by a kindly nanny. If things had continued this way, perhaps Kai would have grown to be a kind person himself, but kindness was a luxury that a family such as Kai’s could not afford. The Varia family was known for cruelly disposing of any fighters that outlived their sacrifices. Kai could never have known, but his young nanny was one of those lone fighters. She had been granted 5 years of life, in exchange for complete servitude to the Varia heir.

One day, after school, Kai’s father came into his study to fetch him. This was unusual— Kai couldn’t remember the last time he has seen his father outside of the occasional meal in their large and foreboding dining hall. He was taken to a tiny dark room, one he didn’t know existed. Inside the room were two people bound and gagged. It looked as if they had just begun to regain some form of consciousness. As his eyes adjusted to the darkness he realized that one of those people was his nanny. The other was a stranger. Not knowing what to do, Kai did what any 5 year old would and began to cry. “You have to be strong.” His father spoke emotionlessly as he nodded to a corner of the room, where two men seemed to appear out of nowhere, each pointing a firearm at the gagged victims. Kai continued to cry. “Do you love her, Kai?” the child nodded through the tears. “If you stop crying and tell them to kill that other man we’ll let her go.” The tears kept streaming and Kai watched, held down by one of his father’s large hands, screaming and begging for them to not kill anyone as a gun was carefully aimed and fired at the boy’s nanny. “See Kai, you could have saved someone you loved.” The boy’s eyes were wide with shock, without hesitation his father gave another slight nod, another shot was fired and the stranger’s head fell limp as well. “You have to be strong. You have to do what needs to be done.”

The next two years Kai was taught the full extent of what it was meant to be a sacrifice. His body was beaten down, his mind numbed. The ‘normal’ life he had been leading until that point was taken from him to be replaced with the truth of the Varia family.

When he was seven, Kai was put on a plane with no knowledge of where he was going or what was going to happen. He had gotten used to this. From the plane, he was ushered into a car. Inconspicuous, but with one way windows so that no one could see in. Kai imagined his family owned more of those sorts of cars than he could imagine. Eventually the driver slowed to a near stop. “Look at that door.” He pointed. The door to a nearby house. Out of the door burst a hysterical child, ushered by a group of adults into another nearby vehicle. “He’s yours Kai, do you love him?” A shiver ran down Kai’s spine. He hadn’t heard those words since that day. He knew what was to come. The driver waited until Kai was blocked form the other child’s view. “Follow me.” Kai obeyed those orders. He headed into the house. Upon entering, he saw a man and a woman unconscious on the floor. “What should we do Kai?” the driver asked. The seven year old nodded his head slightly. With that nod, two clear shots rang out and the man and the woman would never open their eyes again.

Empty mind, Kai was whisked away again into the car. “That man was a fighter. He had a weak sacrifice. That is what happens when you are weak Kai. When you get home, prepare yourself. Very soon we will introduce you to your new pet. “

From that day forward Kai’s training as sacrifice was intensified. He understood his place. His duty was to be strong. He had seen far too often what happened to the weak. To those who were unwilling to do what was needed. They would become strong together. He would rely on no one but his pet. And the only reason he could even have that reliance was because that dog belonged to him. Completely. Mind, body and soul. As much as Jasper would try to fight it, Kai knew. Jasper was his. This is the knowledge that Kai bases his relationship with Jasper on. Nothing more. Or so he tried his hardest to believe.

When he was younger, Kai’s family inflicted injuries on him to train his body. As he grew he began to understand more clearly his responsibility to not only his family, but to Jasper as well. Though his fighter had to be trained more extensively in certain aspects, Kai made sure, away from the eyes of his fighter, that any physical punishment Jasper received, Kai was also to have inflicted upon himself. It was one of the secrets he kept about the true nature of their relationship. Despite everything the Varias put Jasper through, he had yet to be shown what it truly meant to be someone’s fighter. He had never been witness to a spell battle and, as far as Kai knew, has never seen the results of losing.

On Kai’s 13th birthday his father took him on some family business, forcing him to leave his pet behind. The sacrifice knew that this was a sign of things to come. That their true training was about to begin. That nothing would be as easy as it had been up until that point. Jasper was to learn of the world Kai had been immersed in for as long as he could remember. When he returned and saw his fighter’s face for the first time, his father’s words echoed in his head. “Remember, Jasper is just a dog. It’s your job to train him well. And if you can’t… well dogs are replaceable.”

That night, despite his cold eyes, Kai let Jasper sleep in his bed. When the fighter went to take his normal place at the foot of the bed, Kai shook his head. The best way to train a dog is to make him completely yours, Kai. No one will take you seriously with those ears of yours anyway. “Not there, dog.” He roughly grabbed the neck of the fighter’s night shirt, pushing him down into the bed. Their lips met. “You are mine.”

Hobbies: Studying western philosophers
Likes: Order above all else
Loves: Obedience, strength, assurance
Dislikes: Insincerity,
Loathes: Unearned cockiness, being underestimated
Fears: His fighter finding out the truth, Those who he cares about being destroyed because of him
Strengths: Calmness, Intense training
Weaknesses: Emotionally underdeveloped in many ways, insecure
Good qualities: Logical mind, deep
Bad habits: Stubborn, Egocentric, Shallow
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Kai Varia
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