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 World of Fun Plaza Overview

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PostSubject: World of Fun Plaza Overview   Sun May 11, 2014 11:49 pm

Kibo World of Fun Plaza
Were your adventures begin!

After paying your ticket and entering into the park you walk into a beautiful forest trimmed front and are greeted by endless areas for fun. When you cross through this thresh hold you are ready to leave the school and work force behind and enter into play. So come to enjoy everything this place has to offer and leave happy~

Prices for the park vary based on the season and the festivals going on during that time. Unlike most amusement parks ours has the lowest price in the land due to this being a family owned park. They hold most of the cost within their businesses and others contribute to keep the park running. Sometimes the Park is shut down to host private events if the fare is paid. We ask that all guests call ahead of time before coming to the park so you know when the park reopens to the general public.

Welcome to Kibō's World of Fun Plaza! This is the main entrance of the park when you enter. You will find your vending machines, gift shop, ATM's Lockers and General Information Booth here before walking around the area. If you wish you can rent a stroller/wheelchair here as well. On the Right will be Dream Land an area for kids. As you turn the bend to head to the next area there is a special Arcade building meant only for Gamers and a hidden secret for training in Club Vanity Arcade. In the back on the Lake is Dragon's Bay. Please take the time to visit the Visiting Carnival on Fortune's Hold located to the far Right End of the park. Their Performance admission is not included in your Amusement Park Fare. On the left you will come to Destiny's Ridge and in the back you will see the Boardwalk. On the Far Left side of the park there are Homes and we ask that you do not walk within that area. Guards will stop you if you do not have a pass or proof of residency there. We hope you enjoy your day here with us at Kibō's World of Fun!

These are the types of vending machines you will find all throughout the park. You have the drink machines and some are privately owned by specific companies. The ice cream machines and the Hot Meal machines for those quick bites as you wait in line. Please use the bins and do not toss trash on our grounds. Thank You!

Gift Shops

There are many gift shops around but this small one has caught the eyes of many and the hearts of all. The Mitsu Shop is tucked in a corner and contains souvenirs from many places across Kibo. Including the Academy's Logo and the famous Akita Stuffed Plushies~ Although small it is your one stop shop for everything Kibo!

Of course if you want the theme park souvenirs you have to stop at World of Fun. From Accessories to T-shirts you can't help want something from the store. "I survived a Dragon's Nest" - "Fair is me" ride and are designed shirts. If you missed the other giftshops in the park don't miss this one before leaving. There is something for all ages~

ATM's found throughout the Park.

Lockers are only in the front.

Information Maps are in each section of the park.

Stroller and wheelchair rentals are only in the front. You must return your rentals before leaving the park.
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World of Fun Plaza Overview
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