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 The Boardwalk Overview

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PostSubject: The Boardwalk Overview   Tue May 13, 2014 1:38 pm

Boardwalk Teaser
They say when you think of a beach, in this case a lake imitation, you think of endless ocean an fun in the sun. Ask a locale that and they will give you a list of things you missed or didn't even notice. Regardless what beach you go to ask for the boardwalk. You will be glad you did!

Welcome to the Boardwalk! Come play classic games, ride the smaller rides or tackle the Mega Wheel behind the Pagoda! So many things here that will take you back when you were a kid and something all ages can enjoy. This does connect to Dragon's Bay so please watch your little ones while here. This area is transformed during the Lunar Festival and we shut down at 7pm to set up across the lake for the Firework show which starts at 9:15pm. So come grab the best seats in the house and relive your childhood!

The Mega Wheel was added once the park was open for a month. An Aristocrat family paid for it's renovation so that it could not just be a rideable attraction but insync with the fireworks show for the park. With the latest technology available for rides and special programs this family outdid the owners expectations and have a plaque in front thanking the family that donated such an amazing ride. The cars are umbrella's so you can not see above nor below no matter the rotation.

Standing nearly as tall as the Mega wheel is the replica of Shiro's Pagoda. It is a story book you walk into the pagoda and learn about the very first Aristocrat who paved his way and became an emperor known as Shiro the Wise. We ask that the headset you use please return it. If you have a damaged headset please give it to the attendee so they can replace it.

Dragon's bay look a little too tough for you? Then try the RipCurrent. The only coaster weaving throughout the Boardwalk. If you ever wanted to see the boardwalk in a flash this would be the place to go.

Everyone loves to ride a childhood ride~ So why not try the Carousel! Some more horses and mystical creatures were added like the Capricorn and the Pegasus! Turn around and look at all the venues and people as you enjoy a childhood splendor~

The Boardwalk is really known for their games also known as the Midway and for their eateries. Test your luck at a skeeball booth or Balloon popping. Can always try your luck at racing other in the motorized horse races or shoot'em up to rack up the most points. Win small to super prizes. Each Booth varies from sweets to plushies.

You have to come and try out the food. It is a staple of the Boardwalk in every part of the world. Delicious seafood and even some specialty shops. Funnel cakes and hand spun cotton candy. The biggest burgers you have ever seen and a lobster dish you could smell from a mile away. Hungry yet?

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The Boardwalk Overview
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