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 Pull Me Into Your Arms

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PostSubject: Pull Me Into Your Arms   Fri May 16, 2014 6:51 pm

Aldair glanced around as he headed towards his usual club. His friend owned it, so he had the privilege of being able to skip the line and get in right away. It was usually where he started his nights when he went out. He walked towards the door and nodded at the usual guy that stood at the front door keeping those who weren’t allowed out and allowing those who were in. He gave him a smirk and a slap on the ass as he made his way into the club. He was assaulted with the intense glare of colorful strobe lights. He winced for a moment before his eyes adjusted and he ventured farther into the club.

He stopped by the bar and signaled for a shot of the vodka. When the bartender slid it across the bar, he grabbed it and downed it without before gestured for another one. The lady that was serving snorted, but complied and handed him another. He downed it easily just like the previous one.

Two shots later and he was ready to hit the floor. His world tilted ever so slightly and he grinned as he slid into the crowd of dancing bodies. He let himself dance with whoever crossed his path, but kept an eye out for any particularly interesting people that he could spend some quality time with.
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Pull Me Into Your Arms
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