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 2nd Floor Overview

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PostSubject: 2nd Floor Overview   Tue Jul 22, 2014 2:01 pm

2nd Floor of Miracle Hospital
Patients Rooms and Rehab Center

Welcome to the 2nd Floor. If this is your floor it means you are a Rehab patient of ours and you are on your recovery to being back home and living life to the fullest once more. We take special care with all our patients and tend to every need they have in order to help them recover and in time return home! Here we ask that you come only during visitor hours. You are not allowed to bring outside objects here except food. Please see the Front Desk on the restrictions of food based on the floor. Please be on time for your Rehab appointments unless you are told otherwise.

Patient Rooms

Full High Tech Bed

New Modern Advanced Bed

High Tech Bed

Shower/Tub Hybrid

**All beds are designed to monitor all patients. Thanks to the special made sheets and bed frames any issue can be discovered so our response to aide you is much faster**

Rehab Center
No images are available due to Owners Request

Welcome to the Rehab Center in Miracle Hospital. We covered as many aspects of rehab as we can. We will ensure you are covered and well taken care of as you progress on getting well and going home when you are ready. We even help take care of you once you go home as well. We will have updates with you and your doctor until you are 100% recovered. If however you need a special Doctor or Therapist we will do our best and look for the best one to come and help you recover. Please be on time for all your appointments unless other is stated by your Doctor.

Leads on this Floor
Lead Doctor
Lead Caretaker
Lead Nurse
Lead Rehab Center Official

**All Lead Information will be provided once it is Discussed by the Family**
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2nd Floor Overview
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