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 Enteryway and Living Room.

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PostSubject: Enteryway and Living Room.    Thu Sep 16, 2010 2:02 pm

Once you walk through the sliding front doors, there is a small space of black tile that makes up the Genkan where youre shoes must be left. Stocking or barefeet is perfectly fine upon these floors but absolutely no shoes unless you must have slippers.

The hallways are all traditional Paper sliding doors, however some of them lead off into other rooms which remain locked at all times. The hallway leads directly into the living room.

The couch is perpindicular to the hallway, the Entertainment center is directly across from the couch. The floors are made of cherry wood, and the walls are made of the same.

The 72" flat screen plasma hangs on the wall and is surrounded by long rows of DVDs and CDs both to the sides and above the TV. A complete sound system is located to the left of the TV (where the cds are hanging), sitting on little shelves that are actually cut into the wall. The door that leads out into the garden is to the left of the couch along the same wall as the sound system.

The door leading to the staircase and the rest of the house is located behind the couch.
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PostSubject: Re: Enteryway and Living Room.    Tue Jul 12, 2011 10:46 pm

The door swung closed behind him as he stepped into the house. Tucking his keys into his pocket, mind still wondering around in something or another all the things he had yet to get finished for the day. There was a lot more to running the school then he had thought there was at the beginning along with a lot egos to keep under wraps and please it felt more like a dancing of masks then it had when he was a child. But this was after all a game of his own choosing. A hand ran through his blond bangs as he started to take his shoes off, one foot against the heel of the other, no matter how hard he had tried to clean his thoughts out from Jin however, Yuri was finding that to be a failing mission. So many questions left unanswered and yet, more so seemed evident.

I’m Back” The words left his lips in an automatic tone as if preprogrammed into his mind for him to say when he slipped on his slippers and stepped onto the hard wood flooring. Even though he knew no one else was here, no one else was home he still said those words to the empty house. Leaving his briefcase by the step the blonde sacrifice walked down hall past the living room. There were other things he should be thinking about right now, like the guest his fighter was bring home, the dilemma of Shivani not returning to set up dinner for them to dine on. The only thing that sucked about having a house servant that did fifteen other things for you, and they were the only one you could trust to do them right.

Yuri has walked through the Enteryway/ Living Room and is headed into The Kitchen ]
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PostSubject: Re: Enteryway and Living Room.    Tue Mar 06, 2012 1:38 am

”Nope.” He stated as he lead them out of the garage, hitting the code into the key pad beside the door to close it before leaving them further up the path. The path itself wound all the way around the grounds. The path to the front door however was just short of ¼ of a mile long. He savored the silence while he could, knowing that the blonde would start complaining sooner or-

”Damn, how far away is the door?” Later….Slven resisted the urge to spell her mouth shut. Really, he didn’t understand how she had managed to get herself to come along anyway. She didn’t seem too particularly bright. Or talented, or much of anything really. Except for her inept talent of making him wish he was deaf. Fortunately she didn’t say anything else before he reached the door and pushed it open without knocking.

“I’m home.” He announced in a dead pan voice. Syra looked at the blue haired man with narrowed eyes. The tone had been so emotionless and flat that it sounded as if he was being sarcastic.

Syra noticed the one other set of shoes by the door. The entryway was tiled with stones and the wood that made up the floor of the hallway was polished cherry wood that Syra could see her face in. It made her almost afraid to walk on it, in-case she would slip.

Slven left the three at the door and proceeded to the kitchen where he heard small clanking of dishes.

{{Slven has left the Entry way and Living Room and is headed for The Kitchen}}
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PostSubject: Re: Enteryway and Living Room.    Thu Mar 15, 2012 4:46 pm

As Rhys walked out of the garage his lavender eyes noticed just how massive this property really was. For a man to live out here with only a handful of people was still sort of scary in a way. But Rhys knew the 2 men here were probably well prepared. Even though their house looked like something straight from a horror film. Rhys followed everyone down the winding path to the house and right to the door.

He stretched as they walked inside and he removed his shoes in the front. Being neat as always while he placed his shoes together and a little bit away from the others. They are his favorite Italian Loafers and he didn't even a speck of dust on them. A neat freak to the highest degree thanks to his training. Rhys stepped up onto the platform and waited with the others as his eyes scanned the house.
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PostSubject: Re: Enteryway and Living Room.    Sat Mar 31, 2012 11:49 pm

His mixed colored eyes had taken in the scenry of the surround area as they walked up the rather long path to the house that was above. It was a bit different from what he had been use to over the past few years. But being trapped within a Spanish Unit prison was very much different then this. You could see the world outside, though bars and open windows. No glass, which meant the winter was colder than anything else in the world. It was a survive or die which in itself was the sort of mind set of the European Unit world. People who risk their exposure to everyone else was better off dead.

Because that was what would happen if the world knew.

Aleksander looked down at the rocks for a while as he lagged behind the rest of the ground. He was ‘young’ that was the excuse given so many times he was tried of hearing it. The young ‘child’ serving an adult sentences was what Malik used to get him out of that hell or well Aleksander knew it was Malik even if his name was never once mention, never once spoken of at all. After all the other had to have the right of denial. Couldn’t let the King be caught in his game of treason that’s what the pawns were for. The young teen snorted to himself as he stop short of running into the older man that Slven had had with him as they stepped inside the house.

From the outside it did look like the run down Mansion of a haunted house, which the young teen had thought had just been a joke in the coded letter he had received months ago…

One the inside however….

Leave it to Malik to have that annoying saying run in his mind. “Never judge a book by its cover, everything is design to deceive the mind.”

I’m home” Slven empty tone voice broke his train of scowling though as he looked at the other slipping off his shoes and slippers on before leaving the entryway and walking down the hall.

Welcome back

Just about the same empty toned sound echoed back from somewhere down the hall. Aleksander skin and mind just went cold. Not from a sign of fear or some ridicules thought of such. It was just the thing about that man’s voice that always did that to him. He didn’t even think about the customs that were part of this place as he just pushed pass his annoying blonde keeper and walked on the hard wood flooring with his shoes still one.

{Aleksander has walked through the Enteryway/ Living Room and is headed into The Kitchen }
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PostSubject: Re: Enteryway and Living Room.    

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Enteryway and Living Room.
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