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 Slven's Bedroom

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PostSubject: Slven's Bedroom   Thu Sep 16, 2010 3:30 pm

Unlike the rest of the house, Slven likes his room to be simple, and only decorates it enough so that it's not plain or empty. The key pad is located over by the door (not shown on the right side of the picture) and the bathroom is perpendicular to the bed. (not shown, to the left of the picture). The floors are made of the same Cherry wood that is down stairs, however the walls of this room are plaster, and painted as shown in the picture.

The bathroom does not have a door. Instead Slven usually closes and locks his bedroom door until he is finished and decent again. The shower (shown in the mirror) is across from the sink and next to the bathtub. It comes with a detachable shower head that has three message settings. There is a clear glass wall that surrounds the bath and the shower, making sure that the water doesn't go where it is not supposed to. The floor is made up of the same grey tile that lines the shower and the bathtub.
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Slven's Bedroom
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