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 Zeal's Room

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PostSubject: Zeal's Room   Thu Sep 16, 2010 5:15 pm

Zeal comes by every now and again since the main Bloodhounds have become family to him in a way. Slven gave him a room when the two became friends and overcame their differences and minor trials. His room is at the end of the hall and it is also a slide. It is usually locked since he doesn't stay there often. The floors are a dark cherry color and the doors that open to the garden are also sliding. He usually leaves it open while he is there.

The bathroom doesn't have a door but a curtain. Slven installed the low tub as a gift to Zeal on his birthday and Yuri had the garden window installed which has a baby sakura tree growing in it now. (not shown) He has a waterfall shower next to the sink and toilet (not shown).
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Zeal's Room
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