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LR can join the forum at Launch
Thu Sep 03, 2015 1:08 pm by Kyo
Launch for joining the Forum is at 12am PST. Yes everyone you have heard right. The forum opens at Midnight my time. That is 3am for some of you. But here is what I will allow you guys to do. If you are joining you must PM me the name you have chosen so that I can accept you. If you do not do this you will not be allowed in. Again you have to PM me the name you choose to have on the forum so that I can accept you otherwise your process will not go through. See you then~

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Let the count down begin!
Thu Jul 09, 2015 1:21 pm by Kyo
It's coming and it is coming in a big way. What everyone has been waiting for~

So as many have been patiently waiting since Early march the fruits of your labor of patience is now paying off in a very massive way. Those who have been with us since day one will have first dibs to join in the new location. So what will make this different compared to this one? Well here is a break down on what to expect on the new site!

*Brand New Site on a different Host!
*Currency system to buy special items
*Spells for spell battles and an ever growing system
*Titles you can wear on your profile!
*Detailed Information for play
*Special character profile templets
*A physical map
*Better Role playing areas
*Special Spell Battles
*Aristocrat Spell Battles
*Territory Wars
*Special timed Events with special giveaways
and the site will grow due to participation. So much more to come all because of you wonderful people!

Update your Profiles, get your units ready, plot out your territory and get ready to …

[ Full reading ]
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Loveless Current Storyline
"Kibo...Heh….A place of Hope surely fits the name of this city quite well. You see our area was once owned by the Tokyo officials and council. This was nothing more but extra farmland and poverty in a normal life state. That is until the first Unit was discovered here. Yes before we knew it the world was changing and at the time division was what would become the end result. It has always been known since the people here were different. As the saying goes ‘Sticks and Stones may break my bones but words may never hurt me.’ Heh well that was a twisted lie because our words actually can kill you.

Now...before you go raising panic and chaos within my zone let me give you a brief description of what makes us different. That is why you are here right? You were drawn here but the answers or reasoning is unclear. Your thoughts are muddled and you feel this vibration as you walk along the streets yet a sigh of relief always escapes your lips as if in blissful dream? Yes I know you very well and yet you know nothing about me~ Lets just say I am one of the many important figures you will meet when the time comes. But are one of us! You are the fragment of society many call a defected or enhanced gene pool which has the world tipping on the pin of a needle.

You have a connection of sorts here and it is tied to a person. A very special person who you will be with for the rest of your life. Don’t like it? Don’t care. This person may become your lover your biggest ally or your greatest downfall. You don’t choose this person unless you seek an empty shell. Most are tied by the string of fate. The webbing as complex as a spider’s web waiting to catch the most delicate of butterflies. Don’t believe me? Then explain to me the twinge in your heart.

It’s alright. I can wait~ You have no answer do you? Maybe this will explain a few things if you are familiar with what and who you are. Does the name Ritsu ring a bell? It should since he was the man with the silver tongue and the torture mastermind for the Japan Branch of the Unit world. Heh the look on your face tells me that these names, although a bit vague, you do recall. Well that academy is here but that man was...overthrown of sorts. Do I feel bad? No. One must learn how to survive. Even if it is against one’s students~ But I want you to understand some important keys that run this city. You would do well to keep all in mind for your own survival here in this new world. Whether you choose to accept it or not you are a part of this special shadow world which you play a part.

Kibo was named by the people who decided to break away from the hate all those years ago. The Wealthy citizens who are part of this unique world are the ones who helped build this place and contribute to the Academy to this day. Heirs and their names would be well to keep in mind. For instance The Nakamura Household who is the Bank Empire of Japan. They own a section of Kibo and financially rule all of the country. You best stay on their good side if you wish to ever gain Great Financial Fortune. Then you have our Media Empire the Matsumotos. If you are a business owner you may want to see this family and get known not only here in Japan but across the globe. Sounds too good to be true? You never know there may be a package for that~ Ah who can forget the Medical Geniuses of the Jenoiu Empire. Technology was never even perceived on such levels until you needed the medical aide from them. Trust me you will be in good hands at all times. Then you have the Wate family the greatest Security Empire known to man. You may not want to have someone call you to court because being ill prepared will cost you dearly. Lastly we have the Umizo Household or the Treasure House of Riches. Weaving intricate Silkenwares of many of wealth adorn with and Gold to make even the wealthiest man look like a middle class man. You should never go without one of their traditional garments if you plan to be the talk of society.

But alas there are some who have come and gone leaving Kibo to fend for itself and others...well lets just say they crumbled from the inside out~ Get to know these empires well and remain on your toes because again some will be your greatest asset or your most damaging downfall. Each thus far owns a section of Kibo and have their own rules but at the end of the day they come to me since I am the face of this place. The Academy and Government officials are all neutral zones. Elected into office or overthrown when it is seen fit. None will fight for these positions but they will all agree on having these safe zones so no one is hurt or reputations being damaged. So there will be no biased people in these areas. All members are neutral. You need not worry about who I am nor any of my Government Officials as we handle the everyday affairs that seem normal by Japan’s standards without showing the signs of being different.

Who you should get to know is the Academy and its staff. They are key to helping you become great or so I was told. They train everyone who is just like you and I. But know this and always remember the Academy Grounds are a neutral zone. Regardless no Name can hold it and no damage may come of it. If something happens I will send my best officials to handle the matter and you will be sitting here facing me in the dark like you are now. You don’t want to know what I am capable of without lifting a finger~ Now then let me give you a little breakdown of everything thus far:

Ritsu is gone and no mention of his name is to be brought up. He is a dark stain in the past which these families are trying so hard to wipe away and continue moving forward. Now then One Man you should know about is Kyros. He is the Academy headmaster currently and he keeps all Neutral Zones at Peace. All families are mostly quiet with a few squabbles here and there which have nothing to do with me until city damages are done. But again every family has its fair share of problems, right? Anyways we have a few….ticks within the system right now. Unclaimed Blanks who are damaging this city and costing everyone millions of Yen. You will come to learn who they are as you live here. Another growing problem are these Rogue Units my officials have been telling me about. Many are under the radar and they are of minor concern but still a threat if word gets out. Oh yes that’s right the word. Here is the deal~ You live here under any name, on any family territory and you my good citizen will be a shadow in common society. No one would know about your unique abilities but us who live here. Your job is to maintain that silence. No word about your abilities is to murmured or even whispered to anyone not like us. We do have normal people living here and tourists that visit us but to them this is a normal place with great features. This is to be our haven away from the hatred the world set upon us because we are different. Our world is never to be exposed. Never! For if it does all of the citizens here will be in jeopardy. You do not want to know what becomes of everyone if said word is leaked. For then you will not be answering to me. But to a much Higher Council I serve under. Do I make myself clear?

Good. Now then….keep in mind you will not be seeing me at all. I am just the Prime Minister of this unique city which is constantly growing. Keep your wit about you and please don’t upset the Wealthy ones. They do fund this entire City and can easily remove you without me having to do anything. This is their city they have built. Now I feel that you are all set so please Enjoy Kibo City this is the first Chapter of your new Life. Lets just call it ‘A Webbed Connection’ for now. Heh Welcome home Newcomer~"

Kibo’s Prime Minister

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