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PostSubject: Hachisu    Tue Nov 09, 2010 2:12 pm

Welcome to Hachisu

This hard to find Underground club is the place for to be, that is if you have an invitation. Hidden within another night club [unnamed sillies you have to know how to get hereXD] Hachisu really is an underground club, located in the basement of its mother club. Known mostly by the higher class Fighters, well known families of the city, this is the hot spot for lots of things.

Legal or not.

The back empty’s out into an abandoned second floor of an underground parking lot. It was closed off because the business it belongs to was shut down. On the outside, its locked out from the public boarded up. The only entrance to this now is in the back of Hachisu.

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PostSubject: Re: Hachisu    Thu May 12, 2011 8:49 pm

There are some things every individual will come to regret in their life, at some point or another regardless who they think they are. She knew this probably as well as others her age that grew up in a situation where one did not have a choice. Family came first, pride over personal preservation, in her life one was supposed to choice death over shame. She had to become the idol her line could follow in the footsteps in the time that was going to come to pass. And yet still, even as she let the Umizo Corporation building in the back of some countless limo avoiding paparazzi, flash photography she had regardless had become accustom to in her life since she had spent the majority of it in front of one. The once adored princess of the acting and model sense now Queen of a wealthy family. She in a way had everything she could every want at the tips of her fingers and yet….

It didn’t mean she couldn’t resist that secret urge to forget for a short time who she was.

In the eye of the public she was a famous Actress, a world class model, proper without an ill tongue in her body.. however to her Family she was the tyrant that sat upon a ‘throne’ that should never had been rightfully hers. SO much for the planning of marrying her off to an individual ‘suitable’ to play the figure head role until a child of hers could take upon being the real figure. All again in a find a perfect world that she had made sure to resolve the moment she came into play. This however had nothing to do with giving up things one regretted. She was supposed to stay at home in the condo little apartment for the night. Regardless how her family ‘elders’ felt about their Family head living in such a places besides the main estate that had always in her childhood felt like a prison. But the change call from an old group of ‘friends’ gave her just the excuse to slip out away from the every so trying watchful eyes of her fighter.

One of the first ‘music’ parts of her really acting career had been doing a teen drama about an all girl band group and all its follow ‘drama’ that followed young teens in school and said disapproval of their parents so on and so on. Cliché yes, but at the time she was fourteen and one would be amazed at the types of shows individuals of the same age watched. None the less after the ending of the show several of the girl did actually go on to keep the little ‘band’ running however, replacing the main singer since she herself went on to other things. But then again ‘Kairia’ was just a character all one had to do was dress up and sing to be her, though it was hard to control the ecstatic feeling at times one gets when they are doing something they know their ‘family’ would disapprove of.
Just like ma-ma-ma-ma-magic
Just like ma-ma-ma-ma-magic

And right now Ayane could care the latter about it, as the sound of live drums and the music of the guitars filled her ears as her voice blasted over the clubs speaker system. Blonde hair of the wig she wore falling over her grey eyes from under the red lacy of the black fabric hoodie she wear over the Loli stage custom. No harm done in a little one night performance anyways down in this place. It’s the unit world after, also long as she killed her presences and sound no one here would know she was an Umizo anyways. The place was already packed by the time the group of girls took the stage, enough of these ‘people’ had stuff in their system of one type of poison or another. Rumor be from the group about the person who hired them on as the nights performers? It was some body’s birthday party, booked this ‘little’ club for the whole evening.

Thrill of getting caught not really high on this little ‘princess’s agenda tonight.

Having fun? Now there was nothing wrong with that. After all, she did know how to work a crowd.

” Inside your dreams, is where you keep me.
To do it profitly
Nobody knows but me those freaky things,
You do when you sleep.
I can make your x-a-rated, sex-a-cited, fantasies real
I’ll have you wrapped around my fingers,
boy, with my sex appeal”

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PostSubject: Re: Hachisu    Wed Dec 19, 2012 12:31 am


Sent by: Miko
Time: 10:00pm

You'll never guess what I've got. Drinks on me tonight. Bring Aiko, too, please.



Sent by: Miko
Time: 10:01pm

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PostSubject: Re: Hachisu    Thu Dec 20, 2012 11:04 pm

It had been a long time since she had been in here. Here, where someone could forget who they are, where they came from, where they were going and everything in between for as long as they wanted, it was oddly refreshing. Muting her presence, she slipped by unnoticed. Well… mostly unnoticed anyway. Aiko paid no heed to the looks and gazes she tagged along with her as she made her way deeper into the club. Waving off the hostess who had asked her for a table, Aiko followed the sound of her sacrifice’s voice through the throngs of people to the dance floor.

And instinctively you come back to me,
cause your an addict and you'll have it.
You don't want to be free.

Yup. Just as she had thought. Granted, Aiko had checked every other area that Ayane could have been at, mostly because she knew her sacrifice needed air. And Aiko had long since learned by now, that the threats of the Umizo family meant next to nothing when your sacrifice was the actual head of said family, but still. There was an unconscious urge, long sense beaten into her to make sure she headed the elder’s words. At least in some sort of way. Even if she knew Ayane could defend herself without her fighter being there, even if she knew and completely understood her sacrifice’s need to just get away from everything and let go of the burdens that weighed her down, Aiko still had a job to do. She still had a responsibility to keeping the head of the Umizo family safe. And down here, depending on what was moving through the crowd tonight, being safe was always a toss up.

She stayed towards the back of the room, knowing that Ayane would know she was here. Aiko didn’t want to crowd her sacrifice, but in her defense, she rather enjoyed watching Ayane perform. Because she did it so well. Anyone else, even those who thought they knew Ayane Umizo, would believe that the woman on the stage, and the woman attached to the name were in fact two completely different women.

If you, If you make it.
Baby, i'll grant your wishes
Don't you take me for granted.
Cause my love will disappear like magic.

Ayane was truly gifted. There were times, in the beginning, that even Aiko had doubted that the woman before her was her sacrifice mainly because Ayane’s masks were that complete. The Isolation fighter couldn’t help but be jealous…well, maybe not jealous. Envious was probably a better term. She was envious of how easily Ayane could slip a mask on or off. Aiko had never really mastered the multiple mask technique. Only one really, and that was when Aiko had to pretend she was the perfect, submissive, adequately trained fighter when in the presence of the elders and/or any other part of the Umizo family. But really, that was the only mask she needed. And the only mask she cared to carry.

Uh-Oh under my spell now.
let go, is taking you down.
Just when you figure me out
My love will disappear...

The words of the song had Aiko’s lips twitching. They were oddly fitting. If only her fans could hear them, really hear them and understand the meaning that the bright eyed girl knew lied behind the words, she had to wonder how they would react to their so called ‘princess’. She speculated that a lot of them would be shocked, gossip about it for a few weeks, maybe even months, but depending on their level of dedication, they would either believe it or not. But seeing as Ayane had a very loyal fan base, Aiko was confident that most of her fans wouldn’t believe the truth even if the facts hit them in the face.
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PostSubject: Re: Hachisu    Fri Oct 11, 2013 1:12 am

The person who created this thread is no longer a member so this one can go.
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PostSubject: Re: Hachisu    

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