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 Multiple Role Plays

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Should the Water Line be added?
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PostSubject: Multiple Role Plays   Fri Sep 05, 2014 11:55 pm

Hello LR Members~
Kyo here with another poll to another concept I am willing to introduce to you all. It is a multiple thread usage called the Water Line. Now before you vote I want you to read this and understand there are rules and regulations to this Time Line. When you understand it then you cast your vote. You can not change your vote so please keep this in mind. But like all too good to be true ordeals this has catches so read carefully.

Water Time Line: This allows you to have a character in more than one place at a time.

Keeping track of your own timeline: You, as the User, are responsible for placing your Water Time Lines in your character paths. If these Rps are part of a main line then you must list the order daily in the character paths. The MOD and the ADMIN are not responsible for this once you begin doing this alternative path. If the Water Time Line is not Storyline related then you must add a section to your character paths called: Random Role Plays or For Fun. That can be listed in any order. You have to keep in mind your RP setting and you should list them first before role playing begins.

Example: RP Setting - Kyo by now knows Heaven and Natsumi. Here he wants to actually try a friendship and not screw things up again. This is just for fun!

Example: RP Setting - Zealos knows Heaven and discusses problems with the School Districts Music Program. This is Storyline Related and is after The change in the School District Leaders RP.

Amount of RPs at a time per character: Each character can be in 4 RP's at one time. If you are found to have one character in more than the allotted number you will be asked to close the latest one down and your number will be reduced. There is a chart and staff see this daily. First offense is 60 day probation and if you are well behaved you get all 20 Thread Posting back. Second offense doubles the days but you lose one slot permanently for said character you made the offense with. Your slate is cleaned the beginning of next year. But this clean slate is subject to change.

1 character= 4 Role Play Threads
5 characters = 20 Role Play Threads

Break this rule and your overall number will be reduced!
5 characters = 15 Role Play Threads

Kyo has made a 2nd Offense of Rule breaking with Masa.
New Character Slot chart 5 characters = 19 Role Play Threads
Masa loses 1 Thread

Dead RPs: If your thread is non-responsive for 60 days, 2 months, your thread will be locked by the Mod or Admin. You can request to have it opened once more but again because you let it die for so long the number of role plays will be reduced.

Description Lines for Topics: A Serious RP should have the [closed] tag added to it and in your first post a list of characters involved. Most topics should be [open] so all may jump in. You can not have more than 5 [closed] topics to your name.

Open Topic Additions: When you create these topics and they are open you have to pm me the link to the open topic thread. I will not be going around adding them like I do main storyline plots.

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PostSubject: Re: Multiple Role Plays   Sat Sep 06, 2014 11:09 pm

I fully support this idea. I have been Rping for years now (as everyone knows) and I know very well how inspiration can rise and fall at the drop of a hat. With the liquid timeline, it's easier to keep interacting with your character, even if you feel no inspiration for the thread you're currently in.

This is also helpful if your RP partners are busy and can't reply as quickly as you want. This way, your thread with busy person A can still be open, and while waiting for them to reply, you can RP with person B, C and D all at the same time.

As someone who has used Liquid timelines both in my personal writing (i.e. writing a scene that's later on in the story while the inspiration is there) as well as in both Forum and Tumblr RP, I find it extremely easy to maintain the timeline for my character. So if anyone is worried about it being difficult, don't be. It's really a lot easier than it sounds. And hey, sometimes if I have multiple characters in multiple times, I just write them in my little RP notebook (Tina knows what I'm talking about, lol I still have the loveless notebook we started FOREVER AGO) and I maintain a personal record of where and when my characters were last.

Long story short, I fully support this, and I hope everyone else will to. I think it is just what we need to kick this forum into getting active again.
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PostSubject: Re: Multiple Role Plays   Thu Sep 11, 2014 8:09 am

I agree with Lys. Though I can spot the potential for trouble with the water timeline gig, Rose already has pretty much got that covered. It'd definitely allow more flexibility, especially if you have a partner like me who can't come online as often as we'd like and is holding up a thread. So basically all that Lys said because she said it better Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Multiple Role Plays   

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Multiple Role Plays
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