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 General NPC's

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PostSubject: General NPC's   Sat Sep 27, 2014 6:24 pm

General NPC's
Support all no matter what

There are NPC's everywhere. Those who own shops and hold secrets and give us our mail everyday. The people our characters have limited interactions with and they are only found in this one location in our small fabricated world. Aha! But they all have one thing in common. They assist any one and everyone. Bad or good no matter what their type maybe. These people are only in this said location and are used by everyone. Here are the guidelines for General NPC's:

  • Always Open Threads/Selective Threads- You will mostly find these people in Always Open Threads or in Selective Threads made for specific people. They tend to run common shops, businesses and government offices. 
  • Replacement- Any NPC can be replaced. You Must contact original Thread Creator about position.
  • General/Selective NPC's- Some of these NPC's can be generally used by Everyone. Some may have the NPC serving a purpose and it will state if only the Creator can use them. This must be posted in the Shop/Business as well as the Profile in here. You can only have 2 Selective NPC's with a business. Remember they can not be used for anything else. Just their business when people enter.
  • All Business- You must write the Characters name as the topic and their business in the description if Selective. If General it should be named after the business and Staff should be in the description.
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General NPC's
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