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 Flutter Hearts

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PostSubject: Re: Flutter Hearts   Mon Nov 17, 2014 10:50 am

When all was said and done, Haru could admit that talking to Kyo had actually ended up sort of … fun. Though her security team probably would’ve blown a gasket at the fact that she was talking to a complete stranger unprotected, but they weren’t here now were they? Nope. They weren’t so she could do as she pleased thank you very much.

The time had certainly passed quickly enough and before she knew it, she was being called over to collect her order. They looked perfect, all cute and delicious in their box, and she couldn’t wait to give them to the girls. She was sure they’d love them. She thanked the staff and paid what she owed. With that done and on her way out of the door, Haru prepared to say goodbye to her new acquaintance.

She smiled and replied,” That’s good. I’m hoping you’ll go back.”

She couldn't help but giggle when he mentioned the aimless wandering. This guy, man.

Yeah, maybe I’ll see you around. Who knows, we may bump into each other again sometime. And with that in mind, goodbye for now,” she said cheerily, even managing a little wave since she had a good grip on the cupcake box.

Soon she was out of the door and headed home.

[Haru has left Flutter Hearts and is heading ….]

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PostSubject: Re: Flutter Hearts   Wed Nov 19, 2014 12:42 pm

Kyo watched her leave and waved as he heald his treat. He walked out the door and took a deep breath of air. "I feel like walking now." He said as he looked at his treat and smiled a bit. Kyo looked left then looked right and decided a walk would be nice. He needed to familiarize himself with the area. "Let me just walk and see where I end up." he said as he began walking away.

[Kyo has left Flutter Hearts Bakery and is heading Chapter One Bookstore]
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Flutter Hearts
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