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 Personal Story NPC's

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PostSubject: Personal Story NPC's   Fri Sep 26, 2014 12:17 pm

Personal Story NPC's
Moving ahead or regressing for a time.

We all have characters and many come from unique families and a lot carry a past which tends to haunt them at times. Regardless we have people who associate with our characters whom don't need a full character profile. In gaming they are known as Secondary Characters and Ensemble. These characters will mostly affect just the character and the people close to them. It is a great way to develop them in your Character Story Development board. Here is the Guidelines for having said characters and how you should use them in your storytelling here on the forum. Keep in mind these are suggestions you can do more than normal or just enough to get by and make things spiced up a bit.

  • All by yourself- Just as the name implies. You created this character and only you can Role Play this NPC.
  • Surprise surprise!- These types of NPC's should be used only when said character is around. They can not appear in others story lines unless there is a connection. If they will be in more character Story lines and are involved in a bigger story plot they need to be moved to the Group Section. Use them when you feel like being evil or when you feel you need to go around and spice up a much needed thread with your character. Be spuratic, be unique and always have fun.
  • Relationship- This character should have a unique tie to your actual character. They don't always have to be purely evil. Could be an annoying ex lover who is still infatuated with them so they run. Could be an old school bully that loves picking on them. Maybe a younger sibling that loves to cling to them all the time. A best friend who is a clutz all the time. Think of many things and try many outlets to find that perfect person.  
  • Be Open- Sometimes people will give you suggestions to make your NPC better so be open and always be willing to try something so they don't grow stale.
  • Isn't Forever- These characters are only to help your character's story line along. They should not be overly used in the forum and they should not be in an RP for very long periods of time. Should come and go on a whim and eventually they should disappear completely when you have no use for them anymore. You can kill them off if you feel it would be best to do so.
  • Removal- When you are ready to say goodbye to this NPC please remove them from here and from the Face Claim List.
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Personal Story NPC's
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