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 NPC Guidelines

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PostSubject: NPC Guidelines   Sat Jan 05, 2013 1:48 am

Non-Playable Character Guide

Welcome to the NPC Section of the Forum. We have people we Role Play with who interact with our characters in surprising ways. But we sometimes have preplanned characters that will help us move our characters stories along. They are the characters no one is playing for us but they are vital to help our storytelling. But there is a twist, like always~, to having various NPC's in different types of roles. Each have a purpose making NPC's more unique than normal. Below will be the links to their guides and their brief explanation. Take the time to read and see where your NPC's fit in the category.

What is an NPC?
An NPC to put it simply is a Non-Playable Character. Someone you can't use as a normal character to walk around and fully Role Play with. These NPC's are here to help move your story along and give your story telling more depth. The thing is these characters can only be Role Played in one location or around that particular character for a brief amount of time.

(i.e. Gin will only be seen within his shop, Kiyomi's Beauty. But he can RP with anyone who heads there for flowers or secrets if you know the password. He must be in or around the shop.)

Roles of an NPC
General NPC's- There are NPC's everywhere. Those who own shops and hold secrets and give us our mail everyday. The people our characters have limited interactions with and they are only found in this one location in our small fabricated world. Aha! But they all have one thing in common. They assist any one and everyone. Bad or good no matter what their type maybe. These people are only in this said location and are used by everyone. (Found in this Section)

Group NPC's- Sometimes we create characters with other people and at times our NPC's may be shared. These bonds are unique because one persone is treated one way and the other is treated another way. NPC's should act like people and they should like such. One may love the sister but hate the brother. One maybe best friends with the buddy but is the boyfriend to the other. Many combinations can be made and others are developed as they help move your Stories along the way. (Group Section of NPC)

Family NPC's- Now some people create characters and their families are Role Played by other forum members. But if Family is a massive part of your characters life then why not create their NPC list. You can't role play the whole family but having others is a good choice and creating a list for the rest is even better. (Family Section of NPC)

Personal NPC's- We all have characters and many come from unique families and a lot carry a past which tends to haunt them at times. Regardless we have people who associate with our characters whom don't need a full character profile. In gaming they are known as Secondary Characters and Ensemble. These characters will mostly affect just the character and the people close to them. It is a great way to develop them in your Character Story Development board. Here is the Guidelines for having said characters and how you should use them in your storytelling here on the forum. Keep in mind these are suggestions you can do more than normal or just enough to get by and make things spiced up a bit. (Personal Section of NPC)

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NPC Guidelines
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