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 Primary Gate

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PostSubject: Primary Gate   Thu Sep 16, 2010 2:01 am

The road to the mansion is nothing more than a dirt path through the woods that is off of the interstate a little more than 10 miles from the outside of town. It is very easy to miss if you are not carefull. The road is only wide enough for one car at a time to go through, so please call before you turn in to make sure that no one is leaving. This road goes on for about three miles before you get to the gate.

This is the gate that allows you onto the property. The iron gate is coupled with walls of white concrete ((not shown since I couldn't find a picture)) all that stands about ten feet high and encases the entire 150 acre property. The Iron gate can only be opened by a remote control that Slven hands out. Once the gate opens, you immidiatly go from a worn grass road to a path of fine white pebbles.

This Path is only large enough to allow one car through at a time. It is narrow so please drive slowly. The white path eventually leads up to the Garage.

((pretend it's white XD)) The garage is the only Modern, Western looking building on the lot. Visitors usually park their cars right outside the double doors where as Slven and Yuri's cars are housed inside. They are the only two who own Keys. Please keep out unless accompanied by either Slven or Yuri.


The Primary gate and the garage are at the bottom edge of the hill that the Mansion sits on. The white pebble path splits off away fromt he garage and ends once it meets a stone stair case leading up to the secondary gate. The secondary gate is always unlocked, and once through this gate is another white pebble Path that leads up to the Front door of the Mansion.
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PostSubject: Re: Primary Gate   Fri Jun 17, 2011 11:01 pm

His hands slide around the wheel as the engine sound cut out. Amethyst eyes staring forward ahead at the row of motorcycles that belonged to his fighter’s ever growing fetish. There was a lack of vehicles in the garage, it meant the other had not returned yet. The blonde didn’t have to look at his watched to know that the time was well passed what Slven was instructed. No much of a surprise it was rare that the man ever followed anything to the letter; it was why he had a need for the doll. Perfect extensions of his self will that would be followed out to how it was spoken. Then again… with how much time he spent in the room himself, Yuri could not say he had followed out his own ploy to the letter. A short visit, to return to this house and deal with the matter he must as a made up man called Malik. Dance to a puppet game made up by himself for an audience of a single invisible being.


The load echo of the horn finally made Yuri realize he had banged his head into the wheel. Pushing himself, the blonde turned and grabbed his brief case off the passage seat when he opened the door of the mustang. He needed to clear his mind of the last few hours, forget something he should not be thinking about and make his way through the next several long hours of the night. If anything he could hide later in his ‘office’ to find the end of a long bottle.

[Yuri has left the Primary Gate and is head for Main house: Enteryway ]
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PostSubject: Re: Primary Gate   Fri Jul 15, 2011 11:24 am

The ride was silent for the most part, the true silence only lasted until Syra got sick of the silence and turned on the radio. She couldn’t help but be annoyed when Slven turned it down to a point where she could barely hear it over the combined noises of the road and car. But well, it was better that absolute silence, which the three men within the car seemed to unconsciously agree to contribute to. At least with the Headmaster’s dog, she could understand. Most headmasters’ assistants were reserved and quite unless spoken to. Even if something felt a bit off with this one. Almost like this whole suit and tie thing wasn’t really his thing.

She had also noticed that he kept the dark hat pulled over his face. At least he had remained doing so until they…..left the city limits? Her chocolate orbs narrowed as she, for the first time, began paying attention to where they were going.

”Uh….where are we going?” The corners of his lips pulled up in amusement. He always forgot how much fun it was to drive first timers out to the mansion. The slight prick of fear and panic on their voice that they couldn’t hide, no matter what. Gods that was so entertaining. Glancing over to her, his smirk turned to be more mockly innocent as it widened.

”We’re going to meet the headmaster.” He stated as if it was obvious, because well…it kinda was. he had to bite back the chuckle when her eyes narrowed in both confusion and revulsion at the obviously insulting tone in his voice.

”So you’re telling me that Japan’s Seven moons resides in the middle of nowhere?” she asked, her arms crossing over her chest as she glanced in the side mirror. The city’s buildings were quickly disappearing, and there was nothing but a two lane road and trees for miles in front of them.

Slven decided not to warrant that question with a comment and turned his attention back to the road. It didn’t take long to hit the turn off, and when he did he had to bite the inside of his cheek to keep from laughing at the girl’s barely suppressed ”What the hell…?”. The path through the trees was worn down enough for the ride to be smooth.

”are you going to answer my question?” she demanded. She was perfectly willing to admit that this creeped her out just a little. They were in the middle of the woods, miles from even the most remote part of civilization. This fighter could pretty much do whatever the fuck he wanted to them, and no one would know the wiser. For as far as the world could know, he could be bringing them out here just so he could kill and/ or torture them. Perhaps even both. She had been told that the Japanese Headmaster was a bit on the odd side, but this……this was nothing like she had ever thought it would be. Ever. Her eyes widened when a solid concrete white wall appeared out of nowhere. This was getting more and more bizarre.

Slven did smirk this time, honestly unable to anything other than let that coy little smirk flash across his face. ”Are you ever going to be quiet and enjoy the ride?”

”Why should I? is it going to be my last?” she snapped back as Slven slowed down the car and pushed the first button on the remote that was attached to the overhead visor. That opened a black iron gate. From there he proceeded through and followed the fine pebble path that led to a small solo standing white building. Slven pushed another button and that opened the door to reveal the building to be a garage. There were three other vehicles that she could see, and two that were over in the corner and covered with car covers. A motorcycle, a sports car that she had only had the luxury of drooling over via television, and another, older black sports car that she recognized as an American mustang. Her eyes turned back towards the driver, asking herself once again just who this guy was.

Slven sighed as he parked and turned off the car before getting out and walking over to open Sasha’s door. ”Please step this way. We’re late enough as it is. Don’t touch the cars.” he called out, his vision switching over to where the woman had gotten out and was looking over his Silver pride a little too closely for his comfort.
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PostSubject: Re: Primary Gate   Sun Jul 24, 2011 4:27 am

Rhys sat very quietly in the back of the car. This was his very first time meeting the HeadMaster of Japan. His Masters Gerald and William always stated great things about him and that once they could afford to send Rhys out to Japan he was going to be studying under some great people. Of course money was never really an issue with the Fransico's but they never dd discuss why they took so long sending him over. Rhys debated this whole thing until the radio came on and broke his thoughts. His lavenders returned to being focused and he sighed softly to himself as he looked back out the window.

Syra asked where they were going and Rhys watched as the city limits did get smaller and trees just grew to enormous heights. Who in the world would think of living this far from the city and commute daily??? I am sure he has his reasons but isn't this a little extreme? Even for a HeadMaster? Of course where he was from they lived in a small area and he did have to commute just to go to the store for the specialty items their grocer just didn't carry. Lavenders watched as the brush and tress whipped past them at high speeds and his thoughts wandered to his training sessions. All the forestry brought back those memories of a scrawny little boy trying to learn his first spell that almost nearly killed him since he went out of control. Can't say they were his best memories but hey he did begin to get better until he developed his technique. Even with that one anything can go wrong in 1 millionth of a second.

He was barely listening to the woman as she spoke but it seemed that she was not pleased on being driven to an area so far from lights and civilization. Rhys was completely opposite of it but he was going to keep that to himself and not share that with anyone in this car. He didn't know any of these people but over time he was going to have to. Trust was going to be a major thing he was going to have to work on. Some people he just clicked with and others he had to put up barriers for. That also made him question this HeadMaster of Japan's legendary Seven Moons. What was he like? Could he even be trusted? and most of all was he hard to work with?? So many questions but Rhys scratched his head and combed out his hair trying to remain focused. All questions will be answered in due time anyways.

Soon they came through a yard. Once they parked in the garage Slven told them not to touch anything and as Rhys got out he was careful enough that not even his tail coats brushed against the other vehicles. He followed the man as close as possible and was a bit happy that he was finally going to be able to meet the very man the Fransico's talked about so highly. Now he can finally see for himself if this man was all talk or was actually this great he had built himself up to be.

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PostSubject: Re: Primary Gate   Mon Sep 12, 2011 9:18 pm

He had spent the majority of the ride with his eyes closed leaning his head against the window. He should have probably been watching what they were passing by, after all this was his first time in Japan. There were lots of things he had read about the place in the past, when he first met the man he was going to meet. Not that he had much interest in the culture, or history of the architecture of the buildings, all together it was the same as any other place on this world. People who live in battles for land and what not, killing each other over something stupid then never ending cycle of the life humans lived. Aleksander listened to the silence of the car, enjoying the quiet nature after the long flight from Germany, listening to some baby crying for what felt like hours on end not having much sleep at all since, [though he would not admit it out loud] that it was a rather unnerving change.
What felt like a life time ago, he had been caught linking information to the revolt known as ‘Seven Suns’. Or that is what everyone would have though, for very few knew what had been really happening back then. Revolution covered over by a simple revolt, divided the smaller factions against the world wide system of the Aristocrats would have been suppressed just as easily as the rogue fighter system had been. But under the disguise of the bloodhound, Malik had accomplished what had been taking generations of error to bring about. It had been just the simple misguided nature of the thing; the man did after all do what he had been sent out by the moons to do, eliminate the power units in the Seven Suns. But no one had ever said anything about taking it over for another purpose. The young teen did not believe in the original function where Fighter units were given the freedom to live without restriction of laws, to subject the Sacrifice unit into property that was suspendable; it truth only resulted in wild fighters, an abomination that would cause far worse damage to any place then a nuclear bomb with a simple infliction of a word. It would be irresponsible to allow such a faction to continue to exist, grow anymore then it had. Give that it had gotten so big, the faction had started to intercept fighters well before they were found by the Moons, even worse was when the targeting of trained unit locators were being murdered. So in right the secret creation of a Bloodhound in Japan was well supported by the over branches of the Moon system, kept hidden from the Aristocrats at its beginning for the world wide Headmasters were not sure how it would go over but the neglecting of the blood families within their own politics was making the matter worse.

It was all that it seemed was needed, an oppuritiny that came knocking for the broken factions that were against the ruling function of the Blood Families couldn’t pass up. Aleksander didn’t understand at first why the man who sold his soul to become a killer would do such a thing after all if he was caught it would have been since as Japan using this instant as an attack on the unit world. The bloodhound was given limited assistance from the other countries for when though the Headmaster’s agreed it was necessary to fix the growing issue, it was also something that could make many of them fall in the lines of treason against their own nation. But the lack of cooperation did faze the man at all, it seemed it had been his ploy all along. There was other factions after all, broke apart because by country the issues were not the same as internationally so there had been no large effort as Seven Suns had turned into… But Malik.. Malik had lit the way that many followed, the Aristocrats had ruled the lives of the Unit world long beyond their time, in the manner of fitting a feudal rule. Divided and not equal or the same, but only in the sense Units should remain in the shadow controlling the world from behind that which was ‘normal’. But the families had long since abused their reason of existence, in turf wars that had long left scars among those who were not part of those families, the creation of the ‘tradition’ unit structure which turned Fighter Units into objects to be owned and polished, and even destroyed the original use for the creation of the Seven Moon system. Though him, under the disguise of the Seven Suns, it would all change. It was to those factions Aleksander had been feeding with information that Malik had been cut off from spending such lengthily time hacking into the systems of the other schools, into the power house of the other Aristocrat families. He had done it all for that cause…

Not for some sake of wild fighters…

But no one was supposed to know that. Seven Suns disappeared as suddenly as it reappeared and no one knew the better about what had happen World Wide. The first of many major stepping stones to come, and it was well worth the thought for these last few years of being in a prison. After all there were many in there that had been captured and imprisoned by the Aristocrats for similar reasons. He had survived….

The car hit the gravel and mix colored eyes opened up to see the trees traveling by the car fast. Sitting upright he had straightened out his pants and run a hand through his white hair. The redhead fighter Slven had brought with him looked about as confused as the blonde German girl did when the car turned off the main round. The blonde sacrifice had told him his fighter had bought a place out in the middle of nowhere, he hadn’t been kidding. But it was probably one of the only ways that either of them could find someplace secret and quiet enough to suit both their needs. Though now it brought back to mind the thing he had been ignoring… His own Fighter… the fighter of Sin, being so close yet…

Still so far..

It was alright, he was here in Japan, he would be found again. First Aleksander needed to deal with what was at hand, find out what he would be given and allowed since he was still serving his ‘time’ for his crime use no longer in the confine castle in Spain.

When Slven brought the car into a garage he undid his seat belt, feeling the moments of nervousness getting worse but making sure it wouldn’t show. He hadn’t seen Malik since he left England what felt like a very long time. Though unlike his companion prison guard, he wasn’t as surprised with all the cars and motorcycles that were in this garage.

It was Slven’s thing after all.

Thanks…” Aleksander mumbled under his breath as he got out of the car to the blue haired fighter holding the door open for him. There was a slight nodded from the other when he shut the door behind him. Stretching a little, the young teenager walked out of the garage to look up the heavily treed area and the slightly hidden path up to what could only be the house. Frowning he looked back to the taller fighter when he came out the others in tow. “ I thought he was kidding about the ‘haunted Mansion’ thing…
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PostSubject: Re: Primary Gate   Tue Mar 06, 2012 1:32 am

{{Slven has moved everyone from the Primary Gate to the Main House: Entryway and Living Room
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Primary Gate
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