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 Outside Gardens

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PostSubject: Outside Gardens   Thu Sep 16, 2010 10:20 pm

This is the house as seen from the gardens. The gardens take up the entire back of the house and weave into the forest as they go on. Coming out from the living room, there is a small open space that is usually used for basically anything. Sometimes to meditate (or in Slven's case) his own personal Training ground. Moving further back is the Koi pond.

The water of the koi pond is regulated to stay at a constant temperature of 75 degrees fahrenheit, and the pond is probably the biggest feature of the garden, weaving through it and around the house. There is a small bridge over the water that follows the path that also weaves through the garden.

On the western side of the house, the pond actually comes up right to the house. Please do not feed the fish, as this is a task that Yuri likes to take upon himself. There are a total of 30-40 koi fish in the pond. This is actually where the pond ends, as this is the side where the forest takes over.

There is a large waterfountain that supplies the warmed water near the very back of the property next to the Sakura tree. The Koi fish will often conjugate near this place during the winter. There is a smaller waterfall (not shown) closer to the living room door, that also supplies the koi with the regulated water.


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Outside Gardens
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