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 Mobile Emporium (Ended)

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PostSubject: Mobile Emporium (Ended)   Sun Dec 05, 2010 5:54 pm

Yaso swore under his breath, kicking an invisible pebble as he stepped into the little shop. Phones lined the walls, pedestals glistened with new models, posters showed acclaimed models and idols talking on various phones with perky little smiles and words screaming 'if you have this phone, you can be like me!'

He knew these walls well. Every single phone store had the same exact layout, same phones just different colors, different shapes. He hated these places. Loathed them... But once again, his newest phone quit.

It decided the battery wasn't needed and after he'd dropped it only fifty times it busted to the point it couldn't fit back into the stupid little slot thing... He grit his teeth as he eyed the phones behind a glass case.

"May I help you, sir?" the perky young woman asked. Her uniform was pressed, hair pulled back into a tight pony tail and a fake smile plastered on her face. Her smile wavered when he shot her a particularly sour look.

He dumped the remnants of his phone on the counter, "It broke."

"Ah...I...see...We don't fix phones, sir..."

"I know that you don't." he bit back. "I need a new one. Like it."

"This model is out dated as of three months ago."

"Not the same one, one like it!" he growled. What part of that didn't she understand?!

"Sir...we do have a standard phone here, in either periwinkle blue or mauve."

Did it look like he wanted 'periwinkle blue' or 'mauve'? "I'll look myself." he muttered, shoving away from the counter. He'd wanted Reiji to come...but...he was here alone. His eye twitched a bit and he made a noise as he slowly moved around the store, eying each phone with a critical eye. How was he supposed to figure out which phone to get...? He didn't want one with all sorts of bits and doo-dads. He wanted a phone. Just a normal, mobile phone.

He picked up one of the displays, nose wrinkled, his black hair hanging in his eyes. It looked normal enough... It was thick though, and when he touched a button, it slid out, revealing hundreds of other little buttons. What was this??? He put it back and picked up another. He just wanted a phone, was that so hard...?


Yaso finally managed to pick out a phone without a million buttons and a slide out dingy or a voice activated hoo-hah. The lady behind the counter grudgingly programmed the device and sent him on his un-merry way.

Yaso's nose scrunched a bit as he studied the new device, the little plastic bag dangling from his fingers. "Where the hell is Reiji?"

[Yaso has left the MALL and has gone to a RESTAURANT ]
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Mobile Emporium (Ended)
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