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 Shivani's Apartment [Located Above Café Süsse Festlichkeit ][Private]

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PostSubject: Shivani's Apartment [Located Above Café Süsse Festlichkeit ][Private]   Sat Sep 18, 2010 1:12 pm

Shivani's two room apartment is located above the sweets cafe Café Süsse Festlichkeit . It is a small two rooms that she rents but it is by all means big enough for herself and Yanio. [Plus all the spiders.]

The Stair case that leads up to her apartment is located in the back of the building, right next to the kitchen interance of the cafe. The store owners do not like strangers hanging out behind their cafe, so SHivani must have 'introduced' you passingly to them in order for he owners not to grow suspension about your appearance there. Once entering the apartment you are welcomed by the small but roomy kitchen

Upon turning out of the kitchen into the connection room is the only real seperate peice of commonity furniture in her apartment. A traditional japanese style table that can sit up to six people. Shivani as a dislikement for technology so she does not have TV, radio, or even a computer. The cellphone was enough being forced on her.

Seperated from the main rooms by shojis, is Shivani's bedroom. Simple a well kept in traditional japanese standards. Even if Shivani is German she has taken to the culture around her. Sitting next to her bedroom unlike her old studio apartment is an attached full bath.

there are a pair of Shoji doors that also close off the bathroom for privatcy if there is someone else in her home. There is a decoritive screen behind the bath of an outside forest.

Yanio all grown up in his manly waysXD
-Shivani also three tarantula spiders that roam around her studio apartment now.

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PostSubject: Re: Shivani's Apartment [Located Above Café Süsse Festlichkeit ][Private]   Wed Jan 04, 2012 8:58 pm

The door to her apartment opened with the ease as she pushed the unlocked door opened. Stepping inside of it, Shivani moved in a simple motion to remove her shoes on the hard floor in front of her door as she pulled the keys out of her pocket. The heavy feeling of the spell that lingered with in these ‘humble’ walls pushed down on her senses, as the clicking time limit began the moment the door swang open. The chime of the keys clicking together echoed more in her ears then anything else, the doll’s mid was elsewhere listening to the little mouse make tail and run away now that ‘he’ probably figured out he had been allow to walk away from the entangling web that was looming to cut his retty little butterfly wings. Yet…

This meet the records were inconsistent.

She laced the keys on the counter, making that looming feeling on her own trap spell threatening to release on her dissipate. Karasu was a fighter, that was the record she had been shown by Yuri when he was assigned to bring in that individual. It was however a ‘never quiet done’ project of his during that time a after all there were other things to worry about. Pawns to move, traps to make, she herself had been playing the messenger to the rebellion.

The face was the same, the ring was the same as it had been back then when she had watched ‘him’ or then it was a ‘her’. But now, the once fighter was now a sacrifice. Shivani turned to look about her apartment as she slide her phone out of her pocket. Typing in something to remind her to later inform the headmaster of her ‘findings’, before her mind clicked over to the automatic orders given to her earlier today.

She was to keep Zealous away from the main house for the might so that business could be conducted. He felt the less who know about the young child’s situation the better, even if it met keeing the teal haired fighter out of the loop. Not many knew about the function of Seven Suns, though Zealous was around for the most of the game play, neither did he. Shivani was the Queen who moved the pawns to war for Yuri’s command. Zealous was a tool at first….

Who in some way got caught up in the tangled life of the blonde haired heir to a bloody throne.

Shivani peeled off her jacket as she walked into her room, undoing her bloodhound uniform until she was standing in nothing more than her underwear. Looking at her reflection in the body length mirror that was in the room, vacant steel blue eyes looking back; thing frame, pale white skin short blonde hair. The only mar on her skin the bandages around her arm to hide the scars of the past. Tonight was a simple game of cat and mouse, that would have to be altered to keep the blue haired fighter’s interest. She turned her eyes away as she walked to the closet, to pull out the makings of her disguise for the evening. She had been trained to function without a watcher for a very long time now. To act and become assimilated in her surrounds to not hold anymore awkward faults, she would still make the good faulter so the other did not think so. Walking into the bathroom she turned on the water to the shower.


Standing in front of the mirror once again she adjusted the thin fabric of the red dress she was wearing, strapless and falling deep in the back to show of the creamy skin, her petite frame and curves shown off at the right angles with the short skirt to reveal her thin legs. The black fabric of the fingerless gloves she was wearing covered up the scars on her arm very well, but went with the look, classy gold and metal mixed bracelets around both her wrists. Brown colored eyes looked up into the mirror as she fighter the short brown hair. But so that there was some flow in the front, yet the short hairs were spiked up in the back with the encouragement of lots of hair spray and some mouse. She fixed the small spiky choker around her next before turning away from the mirror and walking out of her bedroom. Yanio rubbed up against her legs, announcing now that he himself had returned in from the open sliding doors that let out to the roof of the café. She didn’t have a balcony here but it didn’t keep the little black cat from wondering around. It was dark outside now, outside the cold air tickling in, or should be the weather forecast said it would be in the low sixty upper fifties for the night. Not that the doll every understood ‘hot and cold’. None the less she petted the cats head before continue to pick up her keys.

Or well shoo away one of the three spiders that lived wondering around the apartment to reclaim her keys and activate the looming feeling once more.

She had spent enough time making up the disguise for the night, now it was time to see if Zeal could play the game or even figure it out during this little hunt for a very poorly trained mouse. Slipping on the red Stella heels, Shivani exited the apartment and began down the steps of the upstairs to return to the café base floor.

[Shivani has left Shivani's Apartment [Located Above Café Süsse Festlichkeit ] and is heading for Café Süsse Festlichkeit ]
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Shivani's Apartment [Located Above Café Süsse Festlichkeit ][Private]
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