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 Underground Overview

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PostSubject: Underground Overview   Sat Jun 01, 2013 8:50 pm

The Hidden Gems of the Underground
(Name may change due to the Nakamura Family Head)

Downtown Kibō. It's the sun and the moon and the differences are so dramatic between day and night. One must experience to believe it to be true. But seeing this view is only the surface of the Koi's scale which we see. You must experience the other side of the coin and dig into the meat. I mean for you to search along the unmanned routes and stumble upon The Hidden Gems of the Underground. The Nakamura's may own the Territory but the Units from all walks of life enter this hidden zone to be free and a little naughty.

To find these Hidden Gems seek out the alleyways and wander down the path of the lifeless and discover the unknown areas you won't find on any locale map. Take for instance Pearl Alley* who is home to the best unknown restaurants in town. All along this street you will find foods exotic and domestic. Rare and describable yet leaves a unique feeling in your mouth it has you coming back for more. The hard to find dishes are served here and even a few of the illegal ones. So come and explore the spicier side of delectable cuisine.

None currently have characters working here.

Another Gem many Units love to frequent without all the chatter and normal buzz of the night life is Sapphire*. This is the Bar scene that houses the inside gossip on whats new and who is who that everyone wants to know. It is one of the best areas to check on the inside scoops of Families and even the Government. Besides catching scoops these bars house the best premium Sake you will find in Japan and even the best of the best across the world. Some are a bit pricey but the taste is something you must try for yourself.

None currently have characters working here.

Topaz* Alley is where you will find the other markets and shops selling more than just their front door items. Most require you know a password or code of sorts before you can even get into their Secret Stash. This area is not only popular with the Unit world but it is also the highest selling spot for the Yakuza's that roam around here once in a blue moon. The shops here vary in size and looks. Keep in mind this is the back of their original store which faces the streets of the city. Some of these special shops are in other locations throughout the city as well good luck finding them though. They are harder to locate but their wares are of superb quality.

None currently have characters working here.

Amber* Alley is home to the inns which is a restricted zone. The owners here have a nullifying barrier around the area which dulls your rings to be numbed to detection. One of the safety protocols they all implemented when the city was expanding and the small wars were more frequent than now. They deny to turn you into the police or the Academy unless you break their number one house rule: No Spell Battles! You break it and they will expose you fairly quickly. Other than that you are a welcomed guest. Enjoy the different inns and their amenities.  

None currently have characters working here.

Ruby* is also known as the Red District. This area has special Host Clubs and even a few sex shops. But these pretty faces are more than just looks and sexual favors. They have information that you may seek of course with a price. So if you are looking for that juicy favor with chunks of info make sure you look for the right place. They will make it worth every Yen.

Host Clubs
Club Midnight Bliss

Opal* is the nightlife scene in Kibō. The Alley way here is a string of paths from behind their businesses. Most require that you go through the front unless you are a VIP member of their club. This is the best place to scope out competition, party and just be wild without a care. Please make sure you read each Club's house rules because if you break them the Club Owners and Staff are not held responsible for your outcome. Like Ruby Alley you may want to befriend the staff and even the owners. You never know what info they may freely share with you.

NightLife Clubs and Parties
Obsidian Dragon Club (Located at the end of the bustle in the Warehouses.)

There are warehouses that cater to all the wares of the city. Some are old and unoccupied while others were reconstructed. Imports and exports are held here and even some secrets. Please be careful around this are due to all the truck trafficking.

Territory Information:
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Underground Overview
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