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 Asphyxiate fighter [Assistant to the headmaster]

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PostSubject: Asphyxiate fighter [Assistant to the headmaster]    Sun Sep 12, 2010 6:29 pm

Full Name: Raiden Grantz
Nickname: Rai, Rairai
True Name: Asphyxiate
Partner's Name: Elkie, sacrifice [Deceased]
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single-ish. Is on and off again with Shivani Tanaki.
Orientation: He doesn't even know
Age: 26
Birth Date: 17/6
Occupation/Grade: Assistant to the headmaster.
Dreams/Life Goals: To forget

Hair: Short- mid length blonde. Will some times grow it out like he did when he was in his teens.
Ears and Tail: Long lost, against his will.
Eyes: Green, needs glasses occasionally.
Height: 5'6"
Build: Slim with muscle tone. From his old days he had to be in peek physical condition and finds it easier to keep it that way. His training regime is very strict, unless he falls into a mood and gets very very drunk for weeks on end and becomes moody and unstable. Then he gets angry at every thing and lashes out at his training equipment.
Name location: Running vertically down the nape of his neck.

Raiden lived his early life happy, unaware and blissfully ignorant to the horrors of the world. During  childhood he laughed a lot and genuinely smiled. People would comment on what a polite charming little boy he was.

Now people call him moody and brooding. He is a shadow of a human who once sort out normality, but now wants nothing more than to hide from the world he now knows.

Diagnosed with severe depression as a teen during the month he was pulled out of the Academy, he started loosing interest in every thing around him. He felt as if nothing was his own, every thing he once thought was his was ripped violently from him. Over the years at the Academy he became reclusive and any one who came near him experienced his mood swings and emotional instability.

After years of training, during and after the Academy he started putting up fronts. He was polite and charming when he needed to be. What people didn't see was when he ducked off to hide behind a door fighting back a mixture of emotions that would range from extreme anger to sadness to feeling numb and slightly out of it.
During his bout with his sacrifice he near lost his mind. He may have barely survived the severe pain of the break, but as he slowly recovered he felt more and more emotionally unstable, though he tried to hide it by forcing himself to be numb to every thing.

These days he tries to present himself as calm and professional, but he is still rather emotionally sensitive. With the few people he trusts he is some times chatty as they help him to forget or to stay in the present moment. Other times he is quiet, struggling with his inner turmoil of his former days that haunt him daily.

When he is drinking, he gets slightly out of control. His anger bursts forth and most of the time he goes on rampages and destroys his things.

Raiden grew up in Germany to two normal parents, neither of whom where apart of the sacrifice and fighter world. He grew up a happy child, who went through his moments in life as most children do. He got into trouble for the dumb, thoughtless things he some times did and other times he was praised for the things he did well at.

He attended a private school where he was taught to play the piano. It was here at the school, he met a girl called Natara Adnineo. They became best friends spending every waking moment with each other, although she never told Raiden of the sacrifice and fighter world. It was through Natara, he met  Shivani. Pushed together by Natara, the two started a brief romance, hanging out every day, holding hands shyly. But soon he was whisked away as that summer his parents received a letter from the German fraction of Seven Moons. The letter was soon followed by a person who took the family to the school. After the meeting, Raiden's parents felt as if they were left with no choice but to enrol their son.

The bright faced boy arrived by hired car at the gates of the Academy excited for his first day at this strange new place. A sharp middle aged woman told him what he was and how he was to act, that nothing belonged to him. A few months down the track and he slowly started to fall back emotionally and slowly became reserved.

After he arrived at Seven Moons, he became quieter and withdrawn from the world as he was scared of his unfamiliar surroundings. It was all so different, and other children here acted like it was a race. And you weren't ahead and winning, you meant nothing. The boy, by out of both choice and force became a friendless solitary and slunk back into the shadows.    

The little happy go lucky child he once was was crushed forever beneath the quiet and lonely persona. But beneath the quietness, was rage and hurt. He felt as if he had been stripped bare of all he knew or thought. He felt isolated from every thing. Friends and family seemed so far away.

During one holiday he went home to spend time with his family. But his parents became scared of their quiet and brooding son. His personality had changed so much over the course of a year. Pulling him out of the Academy, they sent him back to his old private school and was sent to therapy. Which was when he and his family were told of his severe depression. His mother and father tried to help him. But Raiden wouldn't help himself. In his mind there was no point, nothing made him happy any more. He had lost interest in every thing he had once held close to his heart. Before long the Academy had coerced his parents to give him back, into their clutches.

Once back Raiden became moodier and emotionally volatile. All the pent up emotions he had been holding back was channelled through his into training. He started feeling angry for no reason and got so frustrated one day that he blew a classroom up. Others started taking notice after that. Teachers started training him harder, some saying he had potential. Not long after the explosion people crowded about him, but for him nothing changed. Raiden locked himself off emotionally to the world.

He was trained more intensely to fit his name, he learned to crush the very life out of living things. One teacher taught him a spell that pulled the very oxygen out of peoples very cells, this made them writhe in agony as Raiden found out when he was ordered to test his new word spell on a prisoner. He watched in horror as the mans body bubbled and went a sickly grey colour. It took a full 20 minutes for the man to die. By that time the bubbles had popped and blood was trickling out of the wounds. This was another turning point in Raiden's life. He learned that he was a fully fledged killing machine that had evil powers.

At first, what he had done repelled and horrified him, knocking him out of his emotionless stupor. He desperately started searching for a ways to feel and be how he used to be. To feel some thing again, to not be this disgusting monster he had become. To be normal again.

After a a few years of being a student in the Academy, he was sent to a remote place called Neuschwanstein Castle. A place that spat out highly trained, emotionless killers. Raiden had no idea why he was sent there, but he never really questioned it all he wanted was some thing to break away from being numb.

He was trained hard, he was forced to do things that made him more and more desperate to be normal, to rid himself of this hell. It was not long after he felt he could take it no more, Shivani, the girl he had met when he was younger was suddenly there. But she was different, like a puppet but none the less she was company for him and some how the two picked up where they had left off, he trying to restore some normalcy into both of their lives. He told himself that he was doing it for Shivani. But in moments when he quietly watched her train. He knew it was just for his own selfish being.

They spent years training with a small group of others to become the schools elite. On their trips occasionally back to the academy they could hear the whispers of the other students. 'Death squad'. And thus became their nickname. Under the instruction of the strict dark hair woman, who Raiden later found out was the second in command at the German Seven Moons they went on missions capturing rouges as a team, in pairs or even by themselves.

He was freshly 20 when Shivani and himself were sent to the office to meet some one. Raiden found a man around his age there, one that he found himself instantly attracted too. Which he found strange considering he was with Shivani. Raiden was ordered to assist and keep an eye on Shivani who was assisting a sacrifice called Malik (Yuri) Tanaki and his fighter of the Nightmare Unit. He was ordered as her kill switch.
He knew what she was and some of what she was capable of doing. He argued against it for a day or two, trying to grasp on the last few threads of the fading normalcy he had tried to create. He was shut down and eventually saw the truth of the matter. He, they thought was the only one capable (because of their relationship and the way Shivani mirrored him) of shutting her down if the need ever came.

Raiden, the fail safe in case Shivani went wild, worked closely with Malik studying and infiltrating a rogue group called Seven Suns. Malik, with the help of Raiden and Shivani slipped into Seven Suns by using Raiden's true name as a false true name for himself and controlling Shivani. This went on for years as they swiftly took control of the situation and disposed of the rogue units that made up Seven Suns. Having long given up on the ideal of normality, Raiden started building the façade that he was happy or at least getting there. For a while he convinced himself that it was so.

Until he received a telegram one night at the place they were staying, it stated that he was to come go to Seven Moons immediately.  As he arrived through the doors of the Academy his ring seemed to balance out and the wire, glowed and tugged him towards the Head Masters office. There was an unknown female sitting there, pink hair smiling brightly at him as the fighter entered the room.

This turned out to be the worst time and worst human being to ever step a dainty little foot into his life.

He soon found out that the female was his sacrifice, a pink haired girl called Elkie. Who had a very happy and bubbly personality. She infected others with her smile. Her laugh rang and passed to others she talked to. And after a week Raiden thought he had maybe found something normal. Some thing to ground him. They moved at a fast pace, bonding as a unit. Soon she asked him to live with her in her house. She convinced him it was the best option as he had no place of his own.

After a few months, little things started to shatter the supposed new normal life. She hated that he had been with Malik and Shivani and soon after he moved in forbade contact. She became overly possessive and jealous, every time he went out by himself, she would stalk him. Every time some one looked in his direction she came up to them and threatened them, embarrassing him and the other person. Her actions started bordering on psychopathic. For her enjoyment she hunted and made him torture normal units, while she watched squealing in joy over the pain that was being caused. He tried to step out of line but she would force him to torture himself till he passed out.

One night she decided that he was never to go out to the world with out her, so she drugged his food. After he fell asleep she chained him up and put a collar on him. For too many long months she hid him away from the world, and on many nights she ordered him to bed her. And so he became submissive and loyal as he was ordered. He had no choice but to do as she ordered, or her consequences were worse than he had ever been in previously. He wished for death many times, but she kept him barely alive. The thing that really drove him to the end and into the depths of his tortured mind, was when she brought home the disembodied heads of his parents. She had, out of jealously and fun gone and killed his only family.

Raiden was lucky enough that after what seemed like an eternity in captivity. Some one wondered where Shivani's kill switch was after many call outs. and Malik finally raided the house and found him locked away, chained, beaten and on the verge of becoming an animal. Elkie came home as the two were releasing him. He barely remembers Malik trying to carry him out as Elkie and Shivani fought. He was told after that Shivani stabbed Elkie before she could utter any command to Raiden to make him unwillingly help her.
Raiden can remember the screaming and the pain like it was yesterday. It felt like every muscle, every fibre of his being was on fire and slowly being pulled apart. The screaming pulled him out of his near unconscious state. After a small scuffle with Malik, Raiden slowly pulled himself towards the hellish woman.

Elkie gurgled on the floor as he weakly wobbled to her, kneeling beside his other. As she opened her mouth Raiden put a hand around her over her mouth stopping any words. In exhaustion he rested his head beside hers on the floor still kneeling over her. In her ear he uttered soft words, a hand slowly worked its way to the woman's throat. "Die." He coughed, squeezing harder and harder.
He doesn't remember much after that. He passed out from the sheer pain.

Days later he came to. He was cared for and under went intense mental and physical therapy. Most of the time he just felt numb. Like there was next to nothing left of him. Usually he just listened to Malik talk and occasionally nodded as if he was taking every thing in. Weeks passed, he couldn't shake most of the numbness away, but the blond felt that without Malik talking or his instruction he wouldn't know what to do with himself.

It took a while before Raiden was healthy enough mentally to make decisions for himself and to start reverting back to some one with individual thought.

Under instructions from Malik. He flew to Russia to keep an eye on a group that was rebelling against the Seven Moons there. He went there and defeated the small group of Fighters who had decided that they were better off with out their sacrifices.
The year and a half he spent there went by like a blur, it was then he realized he was missing some thing. Most of the time he put it down to the break he had suffered.

He realized that in the short time he had known Malik, he had some how fallen in love with the man. But he knew that nothing would or could ever come from it. He knew he could never satisfy the blond sacrifice in any sort of way other than to serve him as another extra fighter.

Finishing in Russia he received word from Malik, ordering him to come to Japan. He helped Malik with what ever was left to help with the take over of the Japanese Academy and not soon after he was made assistant to the Headmaster, to help Malik out with the day to day running of the Academy.

Now he is either working at the Academy in Japan where he now lives or is at home in the country side being reclusive.

These are optional fields. If there are other fields not listed below, you may add them.

Origin: Germany
Race/Ethnicity: Caucasian
Language: German, Japanese, Russian, broken English
Blood Type: B
Weight/Body Structure/Physical Faults: Has a small tattoo on his chest. A lot of scars caused by training and his old sacrifice.
Family: Parents are in Germany. [deceased]
Career/Past Careers: Assistant to the Head Master. Worked dismantling Seven Suns.
Hobbies: Plays the piano when he is calm.
Likes: His tattoo's he has on his chest. German food. Drinking.
Loves: Malik will not tell him], and his grand piano that his parents brought him as a child.
Dislikes: The war that is going on inside him, messy things and annoying kids. People who waste his time.
Loathes: Elkie, his old sacrifice.
Fears: Malik telling Raiden that he hates him.
Strengths: Works very well alone, is able to keep a secret
Good qualities: A hard worker
Turn on's: Try and get close to him and you might find out.
Turn off's: Try and get close to him and you might find out.

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Asphyxiate fighter [Assistant to the headmaster]
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