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 Blank Fighter

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PostSubject: Blank Fighter   Tue Oct 01, 2013 3:59 pm

Full Name: Jenoiu, Meiko
Nickname: Mei, Koko
True Name: [Blank Fighter]
Partner's Name: N/A
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Engaged by arrangement to Hizaki, Jin
Age: 19
Birth Date: February 6
Occupation/Grade: College Student [Medical]. Part-time Nurse at her Family’s Hospital
Dreams/Life Goals: To be able to choose her own path; wants to sing or play musical instruments

Hair: Red [Tends to look slightly brownish in certain light]
Eyes: Amber
Height: 5’6
Build: Slender, with very distinct curves, and has a rather pale completion like a porcelain doll.
Name location: N/A

There are many sides to Meiko.. Most of the time Meiko is a kind, generous person never asking much from others but being more then happy to help out even if there isn’t anything to gain in return. She has a ‘charming’ personality around some individuals, saying just the right at the right moment to win anyone over. She is also a little bit old fashion, never speaking out of place keeping quiet unless someone includes her into the conversation.

But as a Fighter, Meiko’s cute, winning personality gives way to a very cold, uncaring personal. Any emotional expression is kept behind an empty face, never even flinching when she is hurt. Ruthless, merciless even when the opposing unit begs for surrender, Meiko would rather tear them to ribbons. All the while with a dark smile upon her face.

”My life was never my own to live from the beginning….”

Meiko was born into a sub house within the Aristocratic family, Jenoiu, a single child without any siblings. Nothing was really special in her early childhood years, she understood the expectations of her family, knew about the ‘unit world’, home schooled by her mother and even started light training as a fighter sense it was what her family had been known for among the Aristocrats even though she had yet to awaken to her namesake. Something that she understood that came in her family at a very young age. She was for a most part quiet child who played by herself since for reasons unknown to her at the time, she rarely saw any of her family members, never even having met the head family until around her sixth birthday.

When her seemingly peaceful life was torn apart.

It was a lot to try and make someone so young understand at only the age of six. Most of it until her teen years would be nothing but something that terrified her in the tones of the adults. Before, she had been shunned by the family, a failure at a genetic experiment [given her entire family were in the Medical field one way or another] to force the ‘awakening’ to happen at an accelerated rate. The other six children born at the same time as her had already been awaken to their namesakes as early as two years old, while she, until her sixth birthday, had not. Though things seemed to turn around on that day, when she was able to contract to the world that her family belonged to.

As the first BLANK.

Before the very end of the following week, Meiko found her parents without a word to her packing up some of her things. They never told her what was happening or way, rather set her on her way along to the head family. Now, after six years of a ‘peaceful life’ as a single child to her parents of a sub house, Meiko was now the adopted daughter of the Family Head, with an older brother. A dream come true for a little girl who hardly had no friends, now to have an older sibling. But it was nothing more than hell. The Head Family Heir, Valshe [5 years older], hated her, and told her she wasn’t adopted at all by the head family to be his sister, but his servant. He would pull on her red neko ears, kick her under the table at dinner to make her cry out [given that she was told never to speak at the table for the current Head viewed woman were to be seen not heard]. Valshe even went as far into destroying her toys , taking some reverse pleasure making his younger sisters life hell.

All the while during this horrible start in her ‘new’ life, with her ‘new’ family, the once light training she had been receiving from her parents became tenfold as the head family tired to catch her up to her other cousins level. From the moment she had awakened as a blank, the head family seems to have planned out how the rest of her life would be lead out. She was paraded around after a while in social gathers that all the Aristocrat families attended at one time or another.

Why Meiko wouldn’t know until later.

When she turned eleven, the once happy little girl became a silent withdrawn individual hiding from sight when at all possible since her ‘older brother’s’ punishments got worse for his bad days or horrible decisions would always really be her fault. Even her level of training didn’t pleasure her adoptive parents. She seemed to be more and more of a failure in their eyes, a failure for something she couldn’t understand. It was then the decision she would be sent to the Seven Moon’s Branch in Italy. For a moment, as she stepped on the plane leaving behind once again her family without any thought, Meiko sort of started to thinking her life might once again return to what it once was before, back before she awakened into the unit work.

Though….. once again, she was proven wrong.

Italy produced results from the encouraging its students to torment enough other. If you were weak, you would be broken, mind, body and soul. If you died, nothing was thought of it and you body was discarded never to be heard of again. The training Meiko went though would serve the very perhaps of breaking her mind and soul to rebuild her as the ‘perfect ideal blank’, trained in to live and breathe as a ‘traditional fighter’. Italy would take from her things she would never tell anyone, things far more than just her ‘innocents’. Four years, she would live within the walls of the Italy Branch, graduating in the top ten of her ‘class’. Something that had made her adoptive parents proud, deeming ear to ear when they restarted their renewed ideals of using their ‘daughter’ as a barging tool to strengthen their families influence and power. Meiko would return to Japan just before her sixteenth birthday, but not the empty shell one would expect.

She returned the image of a perfect daughter, kind, quiet, well manner never speaking out of turn and well educated individual. A wonderful smile upon a porcelain completion even to match, something view as perfection within her ‘families’ desire of what their daughter should be. The proper characteristics they would exploit in their unseeing creed for power since the vacate spot developed with the death on the Knatsu line. Wanting to branch out farther into the medical research field, her parents set their eyes on matching her with one of the sons to the head Family of Hizaki.

Currently, Meiko is in her first year of college, studying to be a nurse since it is expected in her family to work in one of their hospitals. Also, after a short incident with her older brother, she no longer lives within the main house of the family but a condo of her one. The reason for this has never been told.

These are optional fields. If there are other fields not listed below, you may add them.
Origin: Japan
Language: Japanese, Italian, French
Blood Type: AB+
Weight/Body Structure/Physical Faults:n/a
Family:Jenoiu, Valshe [Adopted brother, Family Heir]
Career/Past Careers: Nurse
Hobbies: Playing the Piano or any instrument, drawing, photography
Likes: Sitting outside [no matter the weather], bitter sweet things
Loves: Playing the piano, singing when she doesn’t think anyone is listening
Dislikes: Sickly sweet things,
Loathes: Stupidity
Fears: Being locked up in an enclosed room in the dark.
Strengths: Meiko can make the corrected decision over a matter very quickly, gets things done before they are even required.
Bad habits: Biting the inside of her lips when she is over mad or worried about something, but never tells anyone what it is.
Turn ons: Self confidence, individuality [those who don’t ‘go with the flow’]
Turn offs: Stupid people/ or slow, the self center or self-righteous individuals


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Blank Fighter
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