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 Fight Club

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PostSubject: Fight Club   Thu Oct 10, 2013 3:35 pm

Fight Club

There are areas within the amusement park where only a part of the unit world may enter. Sort like a secret training ground where anything goes and your greatest enemy is your mind. Only the brave come to test their strength against their opponents here Fight Club. This was built by Fighters built in Greatness known as the Iron Fists to test ones abilities against not only others but against theirselves. Many have come but very few have stood on the top of Fight Club as the Don. Why not take a peek inside shall we? (Please note you have to register for your fights before hand.)

(You can only use the Topics that are provided to you. Please keep in mind this is a no holds barred and if you test your strength against another you are only at 50% capacity. Your sacrifice can not feel nor hear you due to the damper system around the area. Fight at your own risk!)

Ring of Crows

This is the Underground Fighting Ring located under the admissions office. The ring of Crows was designed for the fight to be below the viewers. Many fights start here before moving through other areas of the park. Are you tough enough to fight against the others who have earned their feathers?

Ring of Royal Thrones

Once you have earned your feathers you move on to the Royal Courts. Fighting for your sacrifice is something you must do and what better way to show you can protect them than in front of the Royal King and Queen. Each Opponent must prove their worth to the Courts in order to gain their Thorns. Are you as deadly as they claim or are you another pansy growing in the gardens of commoners?

Ring of Laws

Across the Lake is another arena built by nature and reinforced by man. The only place where your massive attacks can occur without the worry of involving anyone. The area is laced with cameras so we will watch the fight in another room. Will you follow the laws of nature or defy them to bend to your will?

Ring of the Iron Fist

The rules of this land rule with an Iron Fist. In the government to the home. From the Yakuza to the enterprise. All have earned their way to the top and now it is your turn. Will you become the next Ruler?

Even though our fighting rings have its chambers of blood and tears we still prefer to take care of everyone. Regardless if you passed the first level or failed at the third on your way out you will get a coupon to the Lily Spa. For winners and Top Score holders you get vacation packages and more for you and your unit. So are you the best Fighter out there? Come on and try the Fight Club. We won't tell a soul~
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Fight Club
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