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 Destiny's Ridge Overview

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PostSubject: Destiny's Ridge Overview   Tue May 13, 2014 12:58 pm

Destiny's Ridge
Where Higher Learning is Inspired~

Welcome to the buildings of Monarch Enterprise. Where they showcase the many interactions for children and adults alike. Now many are wondering why have this in an amusement park. Monarch teamed up with the owners of the amusement park during it's rebuilding stage and asked if they could build studio rooms on some of the lot. They would donate a large sum of cash to help the park finish rebuilding. The passion for setting up higher learning was necessary to inspire people to join fields in need of people who care to end corruption and problems. Thanks to these programs some people have discovered new interests that school only scraps in class courses and others developed a love for learning more. So come learn, innovate, inspire and make your own footprint in this world.

There are 5 exhibits here within this section. There is A/C and Heaters so do not worry about suffering in the buildings. They are stage studio built so no natural light comes in. There is to be no food or drink allowed within the buildings. Water is allowed but must be bottled. These exhibitions are visitors so please do not damage their items. If your venue would like to host an exhibition please talk to a rep in the admissions office.

If you plan to post in this section, Open or Private, you must post a picture and description of an Exhibit. I will add that info on here and that slot will be occupied for a month of our time. After a month the slot will become free. Aristocrat houses can also host something in the slot if they wish. You never know hosting something very educational may boost people to vote and work under that house name. The only rule is that it must be educational. There are outdoor lots located between the exhibits but those must always have an [Open] tag.

Monarch Enterprise Exhibitions

Studio 1: Vacant
Alley: Vacant
Studio 2: Vacant
Alley: Vacant
Studio 3: Vacant
Alley: Vacant
Studio 4: Vacant
Alley: Vacant
Studio 5: Vacant

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Destiny's Ridge Overview
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