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 Rogue Refuge {Obsidian Dragon, second and third floors}

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PostSubject: Rogue Refuge {Obsidian Dragon, second and third floors}   Thu Feb 21, 2013 12:15 pm

Hidden away in a quiet corner of the Obsidian Dragon's main floor is a locked doorway, behind which lies a set of stairs that lead up into the second and third floors, to the hidden Refuge the Kobayashi cousins set up for young Rogues who are just discovering their talents and are vulnerable to other Units. It is here that they bring their "strays," Units they find as runaways or victims of assault. Here, they care for the youths, teaching them about the Unit world and helping them learn how to mask their Rings, how to defend themselves and, for the Fighters, how to control the word spells.

On the second floor are the living quarters:

The stairway opens up into the living room, where the residents spend the majority of their time.

Through the door to the right is the dining room.

There are two bathrooms. One for the guys, and one for the gals. Each bathroom door has an "Occupied" sign hanging from a nail on the outside, which is turned to indicate if someone is taking a bath.

There are seven bedrooms currently. Only five of them are occupied so far.

The third floor has been turned into a training area. Here is where lessons are given to the Rogues who need them.

"You must be able to control yourself as a Unit piece. Your Ring, your Spells, your Will. All these draw attention from those who would harm you. And, so, all these things, you must learn to hide. Discretion is the key to survival."


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Rogue Refuge {Obsidian Dragon, second and third floors}
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