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 Character Storyline Development Guide

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PostSubject: Character Storyline Development Guide   Sun Mar 23, 2014 7:30 pm

Hello Everyone and welcome to the Character Storyline Development Guide. This is an instructional guide to help you set up your own thread where other members can look and chat about potential character development which will be in the Role Play Sections of the forum. This section is to help you build deep bonds and rivals with each character and for some who wish to develop a story time line for their characters so they don't fall too out of track or have room for rearranging things. So here is my example of what I am looking for in your guides but keep in mind you add the depth of information you wish to give of each character. Give enough so everyone knows what you are looking for. This section should be text as Out of Character. You can use the character talk color or not. That is your preference.

Quote :

Dokaku Masamune

/Blank Fighter/ /Age:22/ /Expose the Unit World/ /Love's to Play/

Unit Partner: Masa needs some one who can tolerate his very vulgar and rough around the edge personality. The partner doesn't have to be his lover but they have to have a disdain for the Bloodhounds and some craziness for a little destruction. Even if it is organized compared to his random acts of chaos. You can not slow him down at all otherwise you are on his black list for death.
Potential Partners

Friends: You have to prove your worth to him in order to hit this list. Showing a distrust for the Aristocratic families is a good start. Not like the Bloodhounds is a huge bonus along with your dislike for the military affairs. He loves to drink and scope out potential "toys" to harass when he has the time or is in the mood. He loves to fight or rough house and needs a sparring partner all the time. He is a loyal dog if gain enough of his trust and if your ring, once he recognizes it, goes off as a sign of trouble he will come to aide you not caring for rules or danger. You don't have to be a smoker but a drinker and someone who loves to be around more so at night or loves to hang out. This is routine he does often either in the Underground, Downtown Sectors or at his 2 homes.



Sparing Partners Only



Zealos Kajira

Lovers: Not much into the mushy kind of sex. Masa likes it rough and will experiment from time to time. You can't be mushy at all and you have to deal with some medium amounts of pain. Doesn't like public affection and hates to cuddle. You have bonus points it you enjoy rough housing during sex and earning your spot for positions. He will tend to compare people so your sex has to be amazing for him to come back to you. He does get tested so no worries about him spreading anything.

Sex Partners


Character Story Development: I have a few personal things with him that will be RP heavy. He has his mother who wants him dead. Some personal battles with Zealos and Aristocratic houses to shatter. If you would like to work with some ideas with him please let me know.

Character's Name: Self explanatory
Character Image: An image of said character. Nothing too massive that will outstretch too many comp screens.
Unit Name: If they have one place it  if not place Blank and heir preferred position
Age: Need to know the age
2 Free sections: You can add two sections of your own. I went with Masa's love life and his goal.

Unit Partner: If you have a partner for this character link their profile to their name here. If you don't have a partner for this character then write a description of what kind of person you are looking for to bond your character to. You can go through other characters to find a potential bond and if things don't work out you move on to the next one. Once you bond to a character then you will be added to the complete unit list. Keep in mind again for blanks you have to have the name of your unit carved into your flesh by your Partner to make the bond concrete.

Friends-ArchNemesis: Everyone needs friends and some form of a social life. This society thrives off of it for personal intentions or corrupted egos. Someone helps you along your characters path to becoming great. Everyone should have a friend like ladder where people your character associate with will work their way up or down. Friend ladders can be named to the characters' taste. Masa has Loyalty as his top where Kyokieta has Pack. The more friends move up that friendship ladder the more perks said character may give them. Enemies are towards the bottom and rivals should be in the middle if you choose to have them. There is a such thing as friendly rivalries and chaotic ones. The Arch Nemesis is the person they truly can't stand and wish for the death of said person or ultimate downfall. Depends on your character. This ladder in turn helps build not just relationship charts but also deep storylines. We see why characters react to certain people and it gives us a sense of realism making this world much more realistic in turn giving us great stories to read. Link the character profiles to the names in the desired chart.

Lover(s): If your character has a lover or lovers then link their profiles to their names. If they don't describe the type of person who would be right for them. If they are only into certain genders please specify that in the description. One statement must be made clear: Their partner does not have to be their lover. Some choose to go that route but it is not mandatory at all. Your characters should be free to choose whom they love regardless. Even if it is a person not of this forum or a regular human. If their profile is on another forum please link it if the forum allows guests to view profiles. If your character is dating or marries a regular human the Secret Society should remain as just. If they release information however they will be penalized as well as their lover.

Character Story Development: This is where you add valuable information about your planned character development. For Masa he will have a battle with Zealos later on so anyone can develop their characters before, around, and even during that event. Another one is dealing with his mother and other characters can pitch in by helping to keep him in a low profile or set him up for a massive downfall. This is where you organize your events and plan with others about what you want to do with said character.

Alright if you want to add other things to your development page that is fine. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please post it here. Other than that I hope this helps everyone to develop their characters together and create much more interaction.

Happy Development Everyone!

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Character Storyline Development Guide
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