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 Support Character Guide

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PostSubject: Support Character Guide   Tue Apr 08, 2014 11:47 pm

Welcome to the Support Character Guide. Here in this particular section you will notice other Creators post up profiles of characters they wish other people to Role Play with them. Here I will break things down on What a Support Character is and how you can get one for yourself or post one for others to take.

Support Character: A support character in this aspect refers to a character that is listed here to be used/played by another Member of the forum. They have a specific profile already set and images if the Original Creator has set those in place. These characters are vital parts to anothers Character Development. Some were set before the time set for the forum. The vital is usually stated in the context and then you can Role Play them by their presets. This gives members an opportunity to connect with others who either don't have a character set yet or they wish to to have either a Unit or Lover relationship with someone's character. These characters were created as presets so please do not alter them without the Original Creators Permission.

How to obtain a Support Character
Most of these threads are using the Character Profile Guides. You have to read the profile posted in order to understand the character, the person they were created for, and the requirements of obtaining said character. If the Creator of said profile accepts you Role Playing as this character you will lose a character slot.

If a character peaks your interest you must contact the Original Creator and discuss your interest of said character. If over the course of the conversation they feel you are not qualified then you can not use their character. If you try you will be punished. If however you are allowed to use the character you need to be given the profile code and you will have to post them in the pending profile. Once the profile has been accepted the Original Creator must delete the profile from here.

How to create a Support Character
If you would like someone to Role Play a character for you then this is the place to be. I would suggest creating a profile as if you were building it by normal means. You can give suggestions of character images what you want them to mainly play the character. Make sure you are precise in what you want so the people who view it knows. Once you get a PM about a character you can go through your own method about how to approve the person to play as them.

Once they are approved you must send the code of the profile:
This is where the profile information goes.
Then once the profile has been approved you must delete the profile here in the Support Section. Then you are free to Role Play and have fun!
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Support Character Guide
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