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  Fearless Sacrifice

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PostSubject: Fearless Sacrifice    Sun Nov 07, 2010 2:26 pm

Full Name: Takumi Matsumoto
Nickname: Taki-chan (his sister calls him this)
True Name: Fearless Sacrifice [Name hasn't appeared.]
Partner's Name: Emiko Matsumoto (Will claim Rhys Fransico after she dies.)
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Age: 14
Birth Date: December 21
Occupation/Grade: High school first year
Dreams/Life Goals: Wants to become an airplane pilot. Goal is to become a better sacrifice than his sister is a fighter.

Hair: Black, looks purple under direct light.
Eyes: charcoal
Height: 5'8"
Build: slim
Name location: None as of yet. {Will appear on his left cheek, horizontal letters descending from eye-level to just below his jawline.}

Takumi is a fairly intelligent guy, but he's currently going through his rebellious phase. He doesn't like doing things that he cannot see a logical reason behind. He also feels that emotions are useless distractions from reality. (Despite this, he gets annoyed pretty easily.) Headstrong and sarcastic, he doesn't bother to try to make friends or enemies. He's incapable of feeling fear.

Born to a family in Nara prefecture named Matsumoto, Takumi was the youngest child living in the family home. His older sister, Emiko, and his three cousins--Kasumi, Haru and Yoichi--were his playmates. However, when his father died in the line of duty (he was a police officer), his grieving mother took her two children and moved to Tokyo, where she'd grown up. Emiko and Takumi had trouble adjusting to the new environment at first, as they missed their cousins terribly, but--

*Ahem* "Can I talk now? You're making this sound...weird."

^^; Sorry.

"Whatever. Look, moving to Tokyo was fine. It was Arisu-san refusing to let us contact the rest of the family that took a while to get used to. Seems she had an argument with grandmother or something like that. Anyway, it really doesn't matter. The fact is, Arisu-san's mind started deteriorating, and fast. She blamed herself for father's death. Ended up hitting Aneki when she turned eighteen and said she was moving out. So, naturally, Aneki took the seven-year-old me and left home."

Just to clarify, Arisu is Takumi's mother, and Aneki means 'older sister.'

"Don't they know that?"

Not all of them, no.


Is that your favorite word or something?

"Shut up and let me talk, would you? You're the one forcing me to tell you all of this."

"As I was saying, Aneki had a bit of trouble taking care of me at first. About a year later, though, she received a letter from our grandmother, explaining that our family was one of several in Japan with a legacy of producing what they called Units. She said that, if we wanted to survive, we'd have to attend a school called Seven Moons, and that Arisu-san had not wanted us to do so."

"Which is funny, since she moved us closer to the school, instead of farther away. Wouldn't that have made sense?"

"But that doesn't matter. None of it matters. Arisu-san remarried after Aneki enrolled in Seven Moons, and we moved back in with her and her new husband, Shigeru-san. And, now that I'm old enough to attend, he's enrolled me there."

Even though your name hasn't shown up yet?

"Arisu-san thinks I'm a Blank. Shigeru-san thinks I just haven't triggered my name yet or something like that. They're both certain that I'm a Sacrifice."

And...what about your ears?

"What about them?"

...You don't have them...

*shrugs* "So I experimented a bit. It's not that uncommon."

...Okay, then...

These are optional fields. If there are other fields not listed below, you may add them.

Hobbies: kick boxing, playing rock music on the piano
Likes: logic puzzles, airplanes, black
Loves: his family...most days
Dislikes: idiocy in all it's varieties
Strengths: good memory
Good qualities: Usually thinks before he speaks.
Bad habits: He's beyond reckless.
Turn ons: intelligence
Turn offs: smokers, boozers and druggies

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Fearless Sacrifice
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