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 Li Wong (Sacrifice]

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PostSubject: Li Wong (Sacrifice]   Sat Jan 05, 2013 12:26 am

Full Name: Li Wong
Nickname: Wong-sensei
True Name: Bemused (Blank)
Partner's Name: Moon-sensei
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Married
Age: 45
Birth Date: June 6, 1966
Occupation/Grade: Physical Education Instructor at Seven Moons
Dreams/Life Goals: To always be by Ichigo's side.

Hair: silver
Eyes: varying shades of grey
Height: 6'2
Build: trimly muscular
Name location: carved into my left thigh horizontally

He's an easy-going and relaxed kind of person. He lightens the load on Moon-sensei's and Nokamura-sensei's shoulders as often as he can. He's very protective of them both and acts as a balancing force between Moon-sensi and Hitomi-sensei. He seems to brighten a room with his presence, and he knows it. He's still thankful everyday for the luck his mother had in finding Moon-sensei to take him away. He also seems to be the only one that's made her laugh - a feat claimed to be impossible. He worries constantly about either Moon-sensei or Nokamura-sensei leaving him for someone better, and this causes him to push himself (sometimes further than he should).

My mother met Moon-sensei shortly after I was born. Moon-sensei was 17. She never told me too much more. All I ever knew was that we came from a line of Blanks, and she had found my way out of our enslavement to another line: I was to be claimed and taken away from this country by a foreign Fighter. She taught me the ring that would help me find the girl again, as well as some basics I'd need to know. She kept me hidden from our masters, though only she knows how she managed that.

I was fifteen when she was killed. Seventeen when I found her: Moon Hea Jung, the Bemused Fighter, and my salvation. We were in Beijing, and I found her at a gallery. She had been standing there, lost in thought, when I released the ring I'd heard and learned. She was silent for a moment, the she started to cry. I went to stand beside this woman, twice my age, knowing that I had indeed found her after all. I didn't look at her, but instead at the building as I introduced myself. I waited until she spoke before looking at her; I could feel myself smiling. I knew it wouldn't be a bad thing to belong to this woman, after all.

She took me back to her hotel. It was stupid of her. What if I'd wanted to hurt her or something? Of course I knew what she had to do to claim me, and I led her through the steps. She didn't seem to care about the positioning too much; she chose a place on my body at random. She picked my left thigh, which made no sense at all. She carved it in deeply, horizontal like she was writing it. In a way, she was; she was giving her Name to me, since I'll never have my own. She's lucky I respect her so much; I mean I was half her age, and she gave me the power to control her. If I have been anyone but me, that would have been (probably) the most dangerous and stupid thing she could have done.

I was lucky if she let me go to the bathroom alone or sleep in peace; she didn't want to let go of me, but then again, I wasn't exactly fighting it either. I didn't want to be anywhere but with Moon-sensei, since I now belonged to her. We went to the place I had been staying at; it was a flop house where any number of transients lived for any length of time. She hated it instantly; it was obvious, but to me it was just a place to crash when I needed one. I forget how many days we spent locked in her hotel room talking; they all seem to run together. Then one day we checked out and boarded the plane. My first sight of Arai-sensei was unforgettable. She frowned at Moon-sensei, and later yelled and ranted at her. The bandage on my thigh was kind of hard to miss, so we just had to deal with the consequences. At least she held her silence until we were in her home.

I have never seen her rant that long about anything but art; it's astonishing when you think of it like that. I pointed out that I had never had a partner and could be trained to fit perfectly with Moon-sensei. She didn't relent, knowing that we could both be punished or killed outright for me taking her Name. Later that same week a letter from Headmaster Ritsu arrived. It told her about her teaching position and all that, but the shocker is that it also told her to register her new Sacrifice (me!) for the coming year. I have never been so shocked since; everything was going to be alright. I never questioned it; I was where I belonged, and that was all that mattered to me.

I have been by her side now for twenty-eight years. I became an instructor of Physical Education here; still a mystery to me how that one happened, but I'm not arguing it. I have seen the Headmaster change and stayed uninvolved. No one who was not present when it occurred, or informed for whatever reason, realizes that I am not Moon-sensei's original Sacrifice. We don't hide it, but we've been together so long that it's no longer a question that anyone asks. Oh, I'm sure that there are some that look down on us, but it doesn't bother me. I'm happy, she's happy, and that's just fine with me.

As for her marriage to Tsubasa: it was a mistake that they ended quickly, thankfully. They were lonely and old or something to that effect. Nothing changed but the fact they were now Mr. Hitomi and Mrs. Moon. They kept everything simple and civil (especially the divorce after a month of marriage). I'm surprised it lasted as long as it did, but they did divorce, and now everything's back to the way it's supposed to be.

Speaking of marriage, I've known Ichigo for as long as he's been teaching here; he is the Health instructor, after all. He's twelve years older than I am, and I entered the school when he was a teaching assisstant in France. We've been together the past seven years. I keep him sane. He needs the help after all these years with Melvin and Liv (and their monsterschildren). Neither of us remember who made the first move, but I proposed to him two years ago. We're married and happily so, regardless of what any law says, has said, or will say.

Spouse: Nokamura Ichigo
Race/Ethnicity: Chinese
Language: English, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, French, German
Blood Type: A+
Hobbies: giving Ichigo a massage, making Moon-sensei laugh and smile when everyone not part of the close circle is gone, changing out Vinny's explosives for harmless powders when he won't see it
Likes: sour candy, jazz and blues, solving puzzles of all sorts, youtube
Loves: googling everything, Ichigo, Moon-sensei (in a sisterly way), and running
Dislikes: liars, cheaters, forums, bullying
Loathes: lazy people, shorts, shirts, perfumes and colognes
Fears: losing either of the two people most important to him
Strengths: He acts as a balancing force between Moon-sensi and Hitomi-sensei. He seems to brighten a room with his presence, and he knows it (and uses it).
Good qualities: He's not arrogant. He can make Moon-sensei laugh (or at least smile). He's a calming and realxing kind of person, very easy-going.
Bad habits: calling Moon-sensei "Moon-chan" when in battle, as well as or "Moon-nee" when he's trying to get her to lighten up, snoring loudly, drumming his fingers, pushing himself too far (to prove he's good enough for Moon-sensei and Ichigo)
Turn ons: I don't think you need to know that.
Turn offs: Please, have some respect for my privacy.

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Li Wong (Sacrifice]
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