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 Deceit Sacrifice [Bloodhound Sergeant]

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PostSubject: Deceit Sacrifice [Bloodhound Sergeant]   Wed Dec 08, 2010 11:38 pm

Full Name: Satoshi Kimimaro
Nickname: Sato, Kato, his split personality
True Name: Deceit.
Partner's Name: Malus Dolose
Age: 20
Occupation/Grade: Art Student.

Hair: His hair is black, and switches colors through out the year to a lighter blue. During the summer his hair is darker, during the winter, it’s lighter. His hair comes down to the nape of his mid-neck, but sometimes he’ll take to cutting it short. His reason for growing his hair out was due to the inspiration of Kyros.
Clothing: Although he is a young man, his attire can sometimes come of as one of the older times. He loves to wear clothing that makes him appear older, which can sometimes help him. He's very fond of wearing hats. He sometimes wears a eye patch just to do so.
Height: 5’9
Weight: 150
Name location: Originally, his true name, Nameless, was across his collarbone. But it disappeared, so as of now he doesn't have one.

He’s smart, caring, he’s calm, but is paranoid. He wants to prove himself, so he wont feel useless. He gets along with pretty much anyone, unless they cross the line and push his buttons. He hates to see someone in trouble, so he mostly goes and helps, sometimes getting himself in situations. He’s very devoted when approaching situations, he never wants to stop until he’s completed it, mostly his artwork. He is very loving, like said before, but he also has trust issues.

(Kato Personality) : In this state, he becomes a ruthless person. He will attack anyone that steps across his line, like Sato, but his line is much shorter. The wrong words said to him in this state will end with the other in some sort of pain. Kato also hates Sato, claiming he's weak, he even claims he should be the soul taker of the body, trying to pry Sato out of the body.

His father left when they were young, so he grew up hating him. He was born in Greece, but after his fathers departure, they moved to Japan; his mother had family there.

He lost his ears at the tender age of 5, being molested by his uncle. Due to this molestation, his mother went crazy; she couldn't dare to think that her dear twin brother would do such a thing to her son. Because of the trauma he received from first being molested by his uncle, then by his mother going insane, Sato grew a new side of him, a second personality. His second personality is ruthless and merciless, and not afraid to cross any line to get what he wants. This side of him even has a name, Kato.

From age 4-6, he was really close to his cousin. But when her mother found out about the molestation, she took her away from the rest of the family. He wasn't able to see her again. He always thought of her as a sister, even though he hated her father. To this day, he doesn't know what ever happened to her. His mother moved his family to a different part of Japan, and soon after, her abuse against him began. When he was 13, the word Nameless appeared over his collarbone, and his mother accused him of getting a tattoo. She threw him out of her house and onto the streets, but not before trying to remove said “tattoo” violently.

While he was left on the streets in his youth a blonde, known to him as Malik, came to his aid. Malik told Satoshi what the word across his collarbone meant, that it was there for a reason. It was a name, his name. He taught Sato all about being a sacrifice, everything Sato knows he can thank Malik for. Then the older disappeared, leaving Satoshi to fend for himself again. Still, in the year he had known the blonde, he had come to look up to him greatly. Sato and Kato both are both dreadfully devoted to Malik in any way needed.

The landlord of his apartment complex allows him to stay with no pay. Simply because Sato reminds her of the son she lost in a war. She gave him her son's full wardrobe, which ironically fits him perfectly, even down to his shoe size. To pay for his apartment, Sato does handy work around the complex for her. Sometimes even cleaning around her house, and taking care of her pets when she's away, which is basically a lot. She's only seen about once a month due to all the trips she takes.

When his mother became more ill, His older brother Yako moved in with him. At first he was against it, but he couldn't turn down family. Even if said family use to fight him. His brother helps with the harder work around the complex. He only truly sees his brother when he wakes up, and when he goes to bed. But he does find messes all over their home, left for him to clean.

Three years after he left, Malik returned, with many stories for Sato, and for Kato as well. He told Kato secrets only his most trusted acquaintances knew. Half a year later, Sato was filled in as well.
Two years after Maliks return and a year after he took over Seven Moons, Satoshi was named Sergeant of the Bloodhounds.

Satoshis first fighter was a young woman whom Kato didn't approve of. At all. Long story short, he broke her mind, driving her insane, and she was out of the picture. His second fighter was a young man named Eru, who Kato did approve of. But Kato was seeing more and more ability to become a fighter. Then the name disappeared from his chest Nameless was gone, and a Blank emerged.

It all made sense to Kato, while Sato was stunned. Nameless. One without a name. Malik had conditioned him to be a sacrifice. But Nameless only meant Blank. Kato was ecstatic. Despite approving of Eru, he cut ties. There was no name anymore, so there was no bond. And he could be a fighter now. He took a sacrifice, another young woman, but Yuri returned and saw what was going on.

Then the sacrifice died, though it meant nothing to Kato, because Malik had found him and told him his plan. He would work with a fighter again, a one Shivani, which meant he would return to being a sacrifice. Kato was less than pleased, but seeing as Sato was the original personality of the body, his will was just a bit stronger. Satoshi returned to normal, which he was so glad for, as his body had never been trained to work as a fighter in the first place. And he has stayed a sacrifice sans namesake since.

These are optional fields. If there are other fields not listed below, you may add them.
Likes: Art, Painting, Unit Battles. Cats. Writing. Oranges
Kato Likes: Fighting, Bringing pain to others. Tearing them down.
Dislikes: His brothers for being annoying. His father. His uncle.
Kato Dislikes: Happy people, Anyone who annoys Sato. The smell of paint. Oranges.
Other: When Kato is released, his voice becomes deeper, his eyes become narrow, and his words become cold. He also has scars all along his collarbone from where his mother tried to remove his name, before it disappeared on its own.

He attends an art school. He wants to become a Manga Artist. He was teased growing up for him not having ears, people calling him words a boy at the age shouldn't ever hear. He likes to take strolls to ease his mind. Sometimes he'd sit near the ocean at night, could be found building a sand castle, or simply watching the water.
His mother is ill, and his brother constantly gets in trouble, making their mother more ill. He has separation anxiety so he tries to prove himself to anyone, so they wont leave as well.
He doesn't really have any friends at school, only the teacher who appreciates his artwork.
Satoshi looks up to Malik greatly. Kato sees him as someone to prove himself to. Taking martial art classes so that one day he could defeat the other in a fight fist to fist, etc. Though he has a long way to go to challenge the other in a spell battle.

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Deceit Sacrifice [Bloodhound Sergeant]
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