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 Devoted Sacrifice

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PostSubject: Devoted Sacrifice    Sun Jul 22, 2012 4:06 am

Full Name: Tsukiyoko Delaine
( her first name roughly means “child of a moonlit night”)(her last name means “descendent of the challenger” which Celtic/Gaelic in origin)
Nickname: Tsu, Yoko-chan, or just plain Yoko
True Name: Devoted
Unit Position: Sacrifice
Partner's Name: Fubuki Kanzai
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Orientation: Straight
Age: 19
Birth Date: October 31
Occupation/Grade: Student and also works part time at a small pizzeria/Second Year of College
Dreams/Life Goals: To have a good relationship with her Fighter and to be a veterinarian. Possibly even to meet her grandparents on her father’s side.

She has long hair that seems to be forever changing colors but it’s most often purple and her hair is so long that it reaches the back of her knees when she has is out its usual ponytail, bun or, braid. Tsu loves to dye her hair and it’s usually in the craziest color that she can find but sometimes it resembles colors that could be found in nature. She has had her hair dyed for so long that she has forgotten it’s natural color but she thinks that it was red. She has bright hazel eyes which she considers her best feature. She is very tall for an asian girl as she is about 5 feet 8 inches tall and is very slender. She still has her ears and tail which she dyes to match to current hair color since she despises not matching. You will usually find her wearing a dress or a skirt but sometimes wears jeans when she goes to work. She hates high heels preferring to wear flat or low heeled shoes.

Hair: Was originally red but color varies since she dyes it often. It reaches the back on her knees when loose. It is currently purple.
Ears and Tail: Dyed to match whatever color her hair is at the time.
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 5 feet 8 inches
Build: very slender and somewhat delicate looking
Name location: across her chest, just underneath her collarbone

Tsukiyoko is a very sweet girl who rarely has a negative word to say about anyone. She is very kind and will lend a helping hand to those who need it. She is usually extremely polite but will speak her mind if the situation calls for it. Tsukiyoko is sort of shy but she is slowly coming out of her shell which has taken a great deal of work and she still has a long way to go. She doesn’t usually get angry enough at someone to hold a grudge against them but once you do make her angry enough, it is very hard to make her let go of that grudge. She can also be very stubborn and this often gets her into trouble. She is a very strong-willed person who doesn’t back down easily when threatened and is very loyal/protective to her loved ones.

Tsukiyoko lives with her mother, Irene, her father, Toki and her older twin brothers, Kaien and Kukaku. Her mother is from the southeastern United States who met Tsukiyoko’s father when they were studying at University together in Tokyo. They had run into each other in the hallway after one of their shared classes and they just hit off so well that after they graduated they got married. Her father's parents did not approve, not in the slightest. Many harsh words would be passed back and forth until in a final desperate move to hurt him, they disowned their son. This is why she and her brothers have their mother’s last name since her father wanted nothing more to do with his parents after his marriage. They have never met their grandchildren and have no intention of ever meeting them. And while she knows that her parents and older brother Kaien wouldn’t approve of her wish to meet them someday but Kukaku has been helping to try and track them down.

Her older twin brothers love to play pranks on people and they drive Tsukiyoko crazy. In fact tormenting their sister is one of their favorite pastimes and they will freely admit it if someone asked. However, if someone else attempts to bother their sister, they will not hesitate to put the person in their place. They truly love their sister and worry about her when she pushes herself to hard and triggers her illness. In other words, overprotective brothers ahead, so those seeking her romantically please do be careful.

When Tsukiyoko was still a little girl, only about five or six years old, she began to get violently ill. Her parents took her to the doctors who told them she had some incurable illness that they didn’t know the name of. They gave her some medication to try and fix the symptoms but could do little else. She is usually fine, unless she overworks herself; then she could become very ill and have to go to the hospital. Most people would see this as a terrible weakness for a Sacrifice and as as such would drastically weaken her effectiveness in battle, so she uses it to her advantage. She will trick her opponents into thinking that she is at her limit and when they let down their guard, she strikes. It has been a rather effective strategy in the few battles that she’s been in and it usually works on the inexperienced or those who don’t pay attention. This technique has also earned her the nickname, “The Trickster”, though it's unlikely that many have heard of her unlike her mother.

She actually had no idea what the Fighter/Sacrifice system was at first so when her true name first appeared on her chest underneath her collarbone at age 17; she was terrified, needless to say. Luckily, she went to her brother Kukaku to see what it was and he understood immediately what had happened, being a Fighter unit himself. He easily heard his precious sister’s unrestrained ring and immediately began to help his mother train her using what little knowledge that he had kept from Seven Moons since he had only been at the school for a short time. He taught her everything that he knew about what to expect from a Fighter and she is doing very well for a Sacrifice without a Fighter unit. Their mother, Irene, had taught him (which is why he left Seven Moons) and she has begun to teach Tsu as well. Irene, an experienced Fighter, is well qualified for the job. Their father Toki is not in a unit but he is aware of what it is and what it all entails; Kaien mostly pretends that kind of stuff doesn’t exist.

Tsukiyoko doesn’t really like Seven Moons because the former leader of the school, Ritsu, made her so uncomfortable the one time that Irene had brought her to meet him that she wanted nothing to do with him after that. Neither she nor her brother (Irene has some idea but she’s waiting for more information) is aware that he has been replaced due to their lack of contact with the Unit/Spell Battle world.

As of now, she is in college and whatever spare time she has left between going to school, work, and finding her paternal grandparents is spent trying to find her elusive fighter. While she hopes they will be happy together, as in get along happy, she can’t help but worry they will either find her illness a problem or be extremely cruel to her. It is fears that not even her brother, nor her mother, can assuage considering they don’t have a unit partner of their own either and have no experience with complete units other than combat. This fear has come to a head recently since she thinks she heard her partner's ring at her school. She's not sure if she's ready to meet them but like everything else in life, she'll do her best to face it head on.

These are optional fields. If there are other fields not listed below, you may add them.
Origin: Tokyo, Japan
Race/Ethnicity: Half Japanese/ Half American
Language: English, Japanese
Weight/Body Structure/Physical Faults: 155 lbs/None, unless her lung disease counts as a fault.
Family: Irene Delaine- mother/spell battle teacher; Toki Delaine- father; Kaien Delaine- eldest brother; Kukaku- older brother/spell battle training partner
Career/Past Careers: Currently is working at Nobutaka's Pizza Palace
Hobbies: reading fantasy and mystery novels, playing video games (rpgs mostly), writing, and listening to music.
Likes: to sew and loves to embroider things, to make people laugh and tells a lot of jokes.
Loves: meeting new people, her family, and friends
Dislikes: being made fun of for still having her ears
Loathes: being pitied for her illness, someone threatening her loved ones.
Fears: her Fighter not wanting her due to her illness.
Strengths: A good heart and strong will
Good qualities: Kind, a willingness to help and, as her name would imply, her devotion
Bad habits: can be very stubborn and doesn’t like to be told that she can’t do something just because she’s ill
Turn ons: a nice smile and great personality. A good sense of humor doesn’t hurt either.
Turn offs: cruelty and hurtful teasing
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dancing you will ever encounter...same goes for modifying it without permission (outside of the information fields).

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Devoted Sacrifice
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