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 Melvin Gilbert Barnes [Sacrifice]

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PostSubject: Melvin Gilbert Barnes [Sacrifice]   Sat Jan 05, 2013 12:28 am

Full Name: Melvin Gilbert Barnes
Nickname: Barnes-sensei, Vinny
True Name: Illicit
Partner's Name: Nokamura-sensei
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Married
Age: 56
Birth Date: February 6, 1955
Occupation/Grade: Science Instructor at Seven Moons
Dreams/Life Goals: Retire with my lovely wife in the country.

Hair: white
Eyes: dark brown
Height: 6'4
Build: scrawny
Name location: hollow behind my right ear

He's mischievous, bipolar, destructive, and dedicated to his wife. He like breaking the rules, but loves bending them or finding loopholes even more. He's almost always grinning or laughing under his breath (he's kind of creepy because of this). He usually smells like a mixture of chemicals or explosives. He's not mean, though he likes to mess with people's minds. Vinny prefers the nickname "Vinny" to being called "Barnes-sensei" or simply "Sensei" (those make him feel old). He loves science, in all of its aspects, including the philosophical and religious implications, though he's not particularly religious himself. He can get carried away and must be reminded about the matter at hand if he gets off topic (or the time if he loses track of that instead). He's not flamboyant or extravagent, nor does he intentionally draw attention to himself (explosions just happen to be his favorite past-time, and they draw attention like you wouldn't believe).

Born to Charles and Aleesha Barnes, Melvin grew up in a fairly typical middle-class Canadian home.

I'm taking over. This chick's boring. Here's how it really went down.

I was born on February 6, 1955, to Charles Barnes and his wife Aleesha. We're Canadian and neither rich nor poor. I always had a habit of ignoring my mother's rules - punishments had to get really creative, and I still rarely ever listened. I learned that there is a time to listen, but that came later. I wasn't the worst student the school had seen, but I was pretty damn close. I almost flunked out of every class, but my father was extremely (read: insanely) strict when it came to education. Honestly, I only made it to higher education because he pushed me so hard. I don't hate him for it, since it led me to my passion.

I met Liv in college. I was a general education student; she was a lit major. We hated each other on sight. I liked hanging out in the chem lab - you know how boys are about explosions, or is it just me? No matter. I caused my first real explosion (all earlier ones were paltry attempts at best in comparision). Liv came running to help out, and gave me the roughest first aid I've ever received. Man, what a woman, even then I knew it. I became a science major, chem specialty (physics minor). I don't want to remember the amount of time I spent before I earned any kind of degree. Then it was out into the work force.

I was a pharmicist's assisstant; it wasn't glamorous or even fun, but it was an income. I was the poor sap that all the elderly customers knew and talked to constantly; it was a pain in the ass, but it landed me closer to where I am now. There was a science teacher that always came in; he was close to retirement and usually had teacher's assisstants teaching class while he "supervised." It was "suggested" to me that I become his latest in a string of TAs. I'm no fool, it had more to do with my degree than the pharmacy counter; I agreed and never looked back.

Grief, I was really young and cock-sure back then. Discovered I had a knack for teaching what I knew best. Eventually I went back to school at night and earned another degree, this time one that basically said I was qualified to teach science (win-win situation: I get to play with explosives, and they get an enthusiastic teacher). My tendancy to bend rules or get around them not withstanding, teaching really does suit me. That old teacher retired, and I was shipped off to a sister school. What the names of the schools were, only my resume knows. Any way, the sister school was in the US, so I had to get a work visa.

Here's where the fun begins. My name appeared right as I crossed the border. I began teaching at a private school in Maine, but the money wasn't as good as I'd expected, so in my (ha) spare time, I looked for other teaching positions. I applied for several, but no one had an opening. One reccommended its sister school in Japan. I dare not guess what happened to the last science teacher, but I was able to get in fairly easy. Later I found out they were desperate, and I was the only applicant. I went home to tell the folks I'd be living over in Asia, and they celebrated (my good fortune they said; I'm betting it's getting rid of me). Liv heard through the grapevine that I was leaving for good and came over for one last shouting match (we both enjoy these quite a lot - always have).

She proposed to me as she was leaving. I say proposed, but what she said was more along the lines of "be at the church at this time tomorrow or I'll hunt you down and hogtie you to the altar." We've been shouting at each other for the past 30 years, and they've been the best 30 of my life. Isn't she the greatest? She even makes a fuss and gives me rough (almost as rough as the first time) first aid after every explosion, and she even named the gun for me. Of course, our two kids (angels the pair of them) are miniture versions of her. It's a very happy home.

Back to the story. I married Liv on August 16, 1981, and we moved to Japan (and Seven Moons) on August 29. By the way, Liv loved the idea of our anniversary being the 12th anniversary of (the second day of) Woodstock. We've been here ever since. We plan on retiring out in the country in a tiny little village when we get old. Oh that reminds me. I met Ichi when he joined as a teacher here (about 15 years ago). Boy was that fun! Learning how to work as a unit and teach the students at the same time - I always laugh at those memories.

Spouse: Olivia "Liv" Barnes
Race/Ethnicity: Canadian
Language: Japanese, English, French
Blood Type: B+
Hobbies: messing with people's minds, fiddling with explosives
Likes: doing what he shouldn't, sleeping, Felicity and Jeoffry (his children)
Loves: explosions, bending rules until they break without getting caught, his gun-o'explosives (named BAE by Liv, Big Ass Explosions), Olivia (Liv)
Dislikes: following the rules, crazy people
Loathes: being caught breaking the rules
Fears: being locked up in an asylum, losing his wife of 30 years
Strengths: great sense of timing, sense of humor, is passionate about what he teaches
Good qualities: he knows when it's okay to cross the line and when it's not, his wife
Bad habits: turning his favorite explosives into bullets for the gun he's never without

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Melvin Gilbert Barnes [Sacrifice]
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