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 Moon Hae Jong [Fighter]

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PostSubject: Moon Hae Jong [Fighter]   Sat Jan 05, 2013 12:30 am

Full Name: My name is Moon Hea Jung
Nickname: I am called Moon-sensei.
True Name: It is Bemused.
Partner's Name: His name is Wong-sensei.
Gender: I am female.
Marital Status: I am recently divorced.
Age: I have lived for 62 years.
Birth Date: I was born on November 24, 1949.
Occupation/Grade: I am the Languages Instructor at Seven Moons.
Dreams/Life Goals: To live peacefully.

Hair: It is grey.
Eyes: They are light brown.
Height: I am 5 feet, 6 inches tall.
Build: I am neither thin nor fat.
Name location: It is vertical, going down my left shoulder.

She is very prim and proper, often called a prude. No one at the school has ever seen her smile, even though Li claims it has happened. She is very possessive of her chosen Sacrifice. She has a very intimidating presence and is strict about the rules. She has a soft spot for Li and Ichigo, but hides it rather well. She does not like to get involved in politics, believing they open a participant up to too much.

Since you simply must know my history, I shall inform you. There is not much to tell, so this will not take much time. I was born in Egypt, my parents were of Korean origin, and they were traveling missionaries. Moon Baek-Soon was a priest who spent a little too much time with little boys, and his actions forced us out of more homes than I could count. We moved from country to country, always spreading "the good word," as the nonsense was called. Moon Min Hee was an instructor of English and the Bible; I was in each of her classes. After it was discovered that I had a natural gift for tongues, my parents encouraged me to learn the local's language, regardless of where we were or how long we would be there. My parents were arrested while we were in Japan; I was fourteen at the time and made a ward of the government. After a year, I was appointed a guardian, Arai-sensei.

I lived with her and attended a local school until the word Bemused appeared on my shoulder. It was quite startling, but then Arai-sensei showed her own Name to me. I was relieved I was not alone in this queer occurance. I insisted on staying in a regular school until the end of the year; I would be transferring to a High School in any event, and I saw no reason to transfer earlier than planned. During this time, I met a girl. Evidently, she was searching for me; this older girl was my sacrifice. I was overjoyed, though how we managed to get along confused others. Our personalities clashed terribly, but she was my best friend.

When I transferred to Seven Moons, she and I had some classes together. We trained hard to become stronger. She had the ambition of becoming the next Headmaster, and my own was to please her. Some one caught wind, perhaps a rival; either way, Namie was taken from me. They executed her in the dead of night, and I felt her die. I didn't know what would happen to me, but evidently it would have been the same fate. Arai-sensei sent me away, out of the country with one of her art exhibits. She must have known what was going on, but she never said a word about it.

I was in China - Beijing of all places! I had to make sure her work was properly cared for and place correctly, but that still left me time to explore. I was seventeen, so I was always being fascinated by something new. I had gotten lost while I wandered around. Somehow, I knew not to approach anyone just yet, but there came a time where I had to ask for directions. Surprisingly, the woman I asked knew what I was. She led me to the gallery after making me promise to come back one day for her son.

I never saw her again, that trip or any other. I returned home to Arai-sensei and Seven Moons; apparently she'd convinced them to let me live, since I was left alone. I graduated from the school and went on to earn a degree in teaching; I worked hard and fought to receive one in each of the languages I spoke. It was a unique set of skills I was determined to make the best of. Just over a decade passed in that manner, but the promise I made was never far from my mind.

I returned to Beijing that summer, like I always did. I'd given up trying to find the boy, but I still came back because I couldn't forget. I was the only one who knew about it, so if I had wanted to, I could have broken that promise. Instead, I held firm and continued my yearly trek. I was thirty-four and had just applied for a position at Seven Moons, but I had to leave before recieving word in response. I did contemplate applying at schools in Beijing just in case I was turned down, but I never got the chance. I always visited the gallery from that first trip, wondering how I would find the woman again, or her son for that matter.

I had been standing there, lost in thought, when there came an echo of my ring. I hadn't heard it in so long that at first I didn't recognize it; when I did, I began to cry. A boy I'd never seen before approached me from the back, coming to stand beside me. He didn't look at me, but instead at the building as he introduced himself. I still don't know how he knew it was me, that I was the one to come back for him. He waited until I spoke before looking at me; his head was crooked, and he had a smile half-cocked on his face.

I wanted to slap him and kiss him at the same time. Instead, I took Li back to my hotel. He knew what I had to do to make him mine, and he led me through the steps. It was both easier and harder than I'd expected. I chose a place on his body at random; I never thought to make our Names match in placement, after all, everyone already knew that my original Sacrifice had been killed. His thigh seemed to be one of the less painful places, and I think subconciously I wanted some part of it to match because I chose the left one. I carved it in deeply, horizontal like I was writing it. In a way, I was; I was giving Li my Name, since he did not have one of his own. However, I was also giving this child half my age the power to control me if he so chose; a dangerous move on my part.

I would not let him leave sensing range; he was too precious to me now. We went to the place he stayed at; it was a flop house where any number of transients lived for any length of time. I hated it and was more than glad to be taking him home. I forget how many days we spent locked in my hotel room talking; they all seemed to run together. Then one day we checked out and boarded the plane. Arai-sensei knew I had done something irresponsible when she saw us walking toward her together. She never could have figured out what it was if Li's leg hadn't been bound under his shorts - a fact revealed some when he walked. I was the recipient of an accusatory look, but she held her silence until we were in her home.

I had never - and still haven't again - seen her rant that long about anything but art. Li pointed out that he had never had a partner and could be trained to fit perfectly with me. She didn't relent, knowing that we could both be punished or killed outright for him taking my Name. Later that week, I received a letter from the Headmaster at the time informing me that I would begin as an instructor in my chosen languages when the new school year started. It also told me to register my new Sacrifice for the coming year. I have never been so shocked since; everything was going to be alright. I was being granted leniency and a teaching position. I never questioned it; politics rob you and leave you too vulnerable.

I have been teaching now for twenty-eight years. I have seen the Headmaster change and stayed uninvolved. I have taught the children and adults coming to me for guidance, both in languages and in our world. No one who was not present when it occurred, or informed for whatever reason, realizes that Li is not my original Sacrifice. We don't hide it, but we've been together so long that it's no longer a question that anyone asks. I am sure that there are some that look down on us, but it does not bother me. I am happy, Li is happy, and we bump along just fine - to put it inelegantly.

As for my marriage to Tsubasa: it was a mistake that we ended quickly. He had never been attached to Arai-sensei in that manner, and we were both growing lonely in our old age. The ceremony was simple and straight-forward; I kept my name, and nothing was signed off as joint but the certificate. We were married a grand total of a month before we realized how large a mistake it was. We divorced and are back to our previous relationship: Arai-sensei's Sacrifice and her ward. Now, that is the end of this whole discussion.

What was that?

My thoughts of the current Headmaster?

What did I just say about politics?
Malik was a student here for some time, when students were allowed to live here on this campus. A lost soul of sorts, but probably one of my few very attentive students I have had in a long time. Wonderful German accent, but probably only developed from the time he spent in Europe. As a headmaster, he is very.. how do I put this, more open to the ideas of his staff unlike his predecessor. Though I cannot say I take too much of a liking to his ‘bloodhounds’.

Spouse: N/A (previously Hitomi Tsubasa)
Race/Ethnicity: Korean
Language: English, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, French, German, Swahili, Thai, Korean, Welsh, Greek
Blood Type: B-
Hobbies: watching Korean soaps, translating texts into another one of the languages she speaks
Likes: reading the same book in several different languages
Loves: accents
Dislikes: pizza
Loathes: mixing languages in a conversation
Fears: losing Li and her job
Strengths: learning new languages quickly (roughly six days if left alone with a speaker)
Good qualities: she is always learning, she understands that she should keep below the radar when it comes to Li or to politics
Bad habits: impatient with slow learners, demands grueling practice session from everyone
Turn ons: I would rather you didn't know.
Turn offs: Please do not ask that again.

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Moon Hae Jong [Fighter]
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