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 Blank Fighter

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PostSubject: Blank Fighter    Mon Feb 11, 2013 3:23 am

Name: Kyokeita Whitebang
Nickname: Kyo (Common), Keke (Mother's Nickname), Bang (Father's Nickname)
True name: Unknown
Claim Sake:
Partner's name: Doesn't have one yet. (Doesn't know anything about the Unit World yet)
Birthdate: Nov. 22nd
Age: 19
Dreams: Free his family and town, find a partner he can trust, be the best protector he can be, attend school and get a degree, Own a pet, Live on his own....It's a long list of dreams.
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single but has a crazy Ex chasing him...
Orientation: Bi
Occupation: Right now I am on a hunt to find out how to stop some men from harming my small town near the base of the mountains....

Build: I am about as lean as a swimmer I guess. I am cut to an extent just not as much as I would like to be.
Ears and Tail: Okay this is a long story but they are dog like in nature. As far as the story goes you will see that in my Bio....
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 185lbs of muscle
Name Location: I don't know at this point.
Eyes: I have Ice or Cyan colored eyes. Due to an early childhood injury my right eye no longer functional so a patch is worn.
Hair: Pearl white in color. It ends at my mid-back and sometimes during the winter I will allow it to grow out. Easy to maintain and a hassle to deal with since it grows so fast. It is thick and choppy. No matter how you look at it. I wear it mostly down but I will wear it up on occasion.
Name Location: One has never appeared or been marred on my skin

Let's describing myself? Well for starters I am very hotheaded. A trait I picked up from my old man so it seems. I sometimes yell but I am more so the rude stare down kind of guy when that temper flares up. My face will literally show how pissed I get. I don't need to always have my way but I don't like being wrong. I do have a smart mouth and question authority a lot. My Senior Officials can let you know from the Guard Duty I used to do. If I felt it was against a just like code I would question it and if it went unanswered I wouldn't do it. I know it is bad but I won't go against a gut instinct and my own views. I have been claimed be violent but that is only against people that ask for it. Hey they knew it was coming... My mom says I am very passionate in what I do. I can agree that I am passionate to an extent. I am not sure how far passion actually goes though. I am Loyal and very trustworthy once I figure out I can trust you. It is not that I can't trust is more so not many outsiders come to my small village unless it is to visit the hot springs. We become this tourist attraction once a year. So yeah.....need to work on gaining my trust.

Alright first the boring stuff. I was born to a small village called Lamiont (Lamb-me-ont) which is at the base of the Japanese mountains. Now this spot is only famous once a year because of our healing Hot Springs as they are called. Many people from around the world come here when the volcanic levels reach their peak and the waters are pure. Because these hot springs call many people here I was told that Bane, my father, had to make strong restrictions on how many people came and how long their visit was here since we are not very large. My mother Zalphina I was told would use the Hot Springs all the time and in fact I was born in these waters in a separate pool for my family based on tradition. Well once I became of age to wander my cute self outside I was always into something. Not my fault we lived with nature I wanted to figure out what things felt like. Granted I was a child but that didn't stop my dad from punishing me at all. Bane runs this small town and it isn't like it was by choice. It was something his old man pushed upon him before offing himself. Even to this day we are unsure what cost that old man to do what he did but that is all in the past. But due to my grandfathers past actions dad has become a very bitter war hero. He always has a taste for it when he is highly upset. When I was running around he was strict with me all the time. "Don't do this...don't touch that.." That sort of thing. I am unsure if it was because I was his only child or if it is because I am his son. I can never ask my old man a direct question without him giving me some sort of marching orders....

But if none of you have guessed it by now mom raised me practically by herself as dad was a Guardian and Protector of our village and Hot Spring Resort. He has been in a war before when we had those civil ones popping up constantly. Everyone wanted land and other things which my grandfather was not willing to give up. My dad fought in all of them so that is where his military hardened background comes from. As a child I just see this man as bitter and down right a bastard. So when I got older and mom left me with dad to have a "bonding" moment I was always acting up. Dad would place some sort of punishment on me all the time because I wouldn't listen. I think when I was around 6 or 7 we had this family move into the area. Of course dad did this thorough background check and all but they had a son named Cody. He was forced, by my dad, to be my playmate. Told Cody I was a rude and spoiled brat always in trouble. Now Cody was always the opposite and it annoyed me every time we had to play outside. He wanted to sit while I wanted to explore. So in order to make things interesting I told him to stay thin he needed to run. Call it what you want it got his ass to do things.....

So this running consisted of us playing tag all the time. It was cool because we actually got the girls to play and even some of the older kids from around the village as well. Now of course this was the only thing that kept me out of trouble and in the view of my elders. We all enjoyed our game of tag even when the village had its tourists. But this particular time was a bit me anyways. Some visitors had older kids around 12 or so I was about 8 at the time and like always we were playing tag. Cody ran into a kid by total accident and I mean total accident. If he watched where he was going he would have been fine. But anyways these kids had daggers and pocket knives. The one Cody ran into was the one that tried to attack him but I pushed him out of the way and got my eye cut in the process. I did it out of instinct and because Cody was my friend. After that it took dad 5 years before he could open up the village again. They had to 'purify' my body and ensure no curses or bad omens were placed on that blade so the elders seared my eye shut. Thankfully I was asleep during that process and not awake but after the eye was removed and seared shut I had to learn a lot with working with one eye. It was hard but everyone helped me with it including my old man.

Now my mother was always in a panic when I went outside to play. She gave me a patch that was much too big for my face and I was always teased about it. So at school I removed it and placed it on when I went home. Cody would follow me and we would end up in the living room doing homework together. It was the only peace I had for the day until dad came home and training began. That all started about when I became 10. He would train me like no other and it was harsh on my mind and body. Times mom wanted to interfere she stopped herself in fear that dad would hit her even though he never did. He instilled in me that we are to protect mom and this village with our life. Something that he pushed on me every single day of my life until I was 16 and I became an Officer under his care. What I didn't know was that Cody also was recruited as well but he dropped out stating it was a bit too difficult for him to handle. But before I continue with my Work ethics I want to make a slight detour real fast. Just because I feel it is important to know these things.

First off my Village doesn't have a school per se so I along with the other kids went to the next city to attend school. City life is alright but I guess it depends on where I go. I found nothing of interest there really. So during my secondary schooling there I met a girl and she was beautiful. She was also smart and some reason very into me and Cody which I later found out about. Anyways I lost my ears to her and later on had a few girlfriends along the way. But sadly women sort of got on my last nerves and although pretty to look at they annoy me to date. Doesn't mean I wouldn't befriend one though. After having all these women my first taste of a guy came from Cody probably around 17. Yeah lost my ears around 14 or so a young stud I guess. Anyways after about dating for a year and some change I told him that it wasn't going to work out. Cody was......too needy for me and from then on he has been on my case since then. I haven't found anyone to date since him but I think that is why I am such a distant and cautious kind of guy.

Okay now with that out of the way I can explain about my village and why this whole thing is important. As I was working through my ranks up we usually have a particular group that comes to the village during the Hot Spring Season. Wealthy fuckers for that matter and always rubbed me the wrong way when they bothered me on duty. Always stating who let a kid in the military and other none sense......Anyways they shared a secret with my old man that we have only come across a few times before. They claimed they had powers none have ever seen before and if w told someone they would come back for vengeance. Now my old man doesn't like people so he told no one and I was eavesdropping so I told no one about it. But no one else that monitored them knew about this secret. Just so happens that when I get boosted to Guardian things started to fall apart. 3 months after I get my title it is the Hot Spring Tourist Time. They came back like always but this time with a motive. They froze over my whole village but somehow I wasn't harmed along with Cody and a few others. This confused us and that is when their leader told us we were what they are. Of course being a hot head I told them I am not and they needed to undo what they did before everyone died. The leader proved to me that they weren't frozen but rather encased in a crystal of sorts. Felt cool to the touch but sure enough they are alive and well. Everyone is in a sleeping state of sorts and will remain like this until I come back to defeat them. Since me and a few others didn't fall under their first spell they placed a much stronger one on us. This curse of having our ears and tails! This is why I have my virgin ears and tail again because of these assholes....*throws a fit in the corner*

*5 minutes later* Gah I hate people....Anyways I have to have these until I manage to kill the caster who is the Leader of this group casting over my poor village. He sent me towards this town to find training and answers while him and his horrible crew remain at my village. Eating our food, ransacking our homes and charging outrageous prices for our hot springs.....I am told to return after my training is complete and challenge them. If I win they return everything back to normal and if they win everyone dies.....I am caught in a bind and I am here to find answers to these questions I have about this secret society I have been tossed into....

These are optional fields. If there are other fields not listed below, you may add them.
Origin: Okay I am not sure where this is at so I will just say the Mountain base of Japan.
Ethnicity: Japanese
Language: Japanese
Physical Fault: My right eye is damaged and was scarred shut.
Family: My maternal parents and my Village who I protect day in and day out.
Career: A Guardian of my Village
Hobbies: Exercise and sleeping
Likes: Jerky, Full Moonlit Nights, a Good Fight, Crafting.
Loves: Hot Springs!
Dislikes: Really hot days, Cologne/Perfume, Bane (my father), Dishonoring my family name.
Loathes: This Unit that changed our lives.....
Other: Okay I just want to put this out there but I have this nagging Ex who doesn't seem to understand to leave me be. Even my female exes aren't this persistent. So yeah that may be the only baggage attached to me at the moment but this group is of a much bigger problem...
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Blank Fighter
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